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  1. How do you like the 9mm Clark barrel? Glad you asked. The shorty barrel seems to be fast and accurate and it was deep chambered. The FS 9 mm barrel as you can see in the picture has yet to be tested. It is going to the range today for crono and accuracy testing. It has not been deep chambered and only takes loads out ot 1.170 I'm not sure this is going to be a problem yet, it would be if I tried to run AA#7 or 3N38 as those need to be loaded out at least 1.180-1.190. For the price $100 and they were new in the package I can't complain, but they were purchased off of USPSA classifi
  2. OK guys This is my junk yard dog backup gun. I've been using it to test out some things like compensators and if 9 mm Major is in fact as good as 38 Super. It started life as a Briley and Acapizzio had a EGW comp put on it and some slide work done on it. I did some work on it and shot the Briley Barrel out pretty well so I picked up a Shorty 9 major top end to shoot while I waited to have the Full size barrels, that top had a wierd 4 port comp that didn't seem to do much other than hold the front of the gun down like a fishing weight. I put the Brazos on and it shoots rather well now. T
  3. Joe - My shorty puts the lens about 3/4 inch from the comp, I have to clean it every stage. That said I love it. Its well worth the trouble. But I will say if you have an upright mount and you have mastered the dot, you need to stick with what you have. The only benefit you would get is better head shots and if you adjust POA now well not even that. For those that are struggling or new to open by all means get one and start enjoying your open gun. You also need to modify your grip slightly.
  4. Dat's one good make over of a TruBor. I'm with Ken on the mount.
  5. Alan until a couple weeks ago I was definately against the TruBore Barrel Comp. STI was at the TX State Limited and I noticed that they had changed the design of the true bore comp. The walls of the comp are now perpendicular to the bore line which is going to make the comp slow the slide down more which is good. When it comes to 38 Super vs 9 mm and I have both I can tell you in major it is easier to tune a 38 Super Load to a gun, just a lot more choices. When it comes to brass I think its cheaper to run 38 Super (comp). I use 9 major just one time and I pickup or buy once fired brass
  6. FullRace/Rob/G-man - Sil is one of the better powders for 9 Major, fully agree. I've shot out to 1.190 using STI mag with metal spacer from shooters connection. I did have to form the spacer to the mag so that it set flat against the back of the mag at the top. I prefer the SV or SVI aka Infinity mags for 9 Major these do not require a spacer. They do have two bad traits 1. Expensive and 2. Fit. Its hit or miss on the mag fitting the gun and dropping free, I think the new design has even more issue, so find a good old one. Rubber hammer time or vise. I load my Zero 125gr JHP's at 1.16
  7. I've seen a lot of this. I was getting 170pf in my gun I just kept loading and shooting and shooting some more then with the same load a year later I was 162pf. Some of this is wear and tear on the barrel and some of it is differences in lots of powder
  8. Team Amish can you enlighten us on your impresson of N350? I have a bunch of it but didn't think it would be much good in 9 major.
  9. 12/20/0903-04 ALPHA MIKE SHOOTERSE56.8788 12/31/09 Not to shabby for a "C" Open. Single Stack D: 1/25/0903-04 RIVER CITY SHOOTERS OF SAN ANTONIOY41.7913 2/10/09 This looks like a stage you could move up on.
  10. Took my muglyother to Ten Ring Precision on Tuesday Evening and Alex did a heck of a job on it and caled me Friday at noon to pick up the gun. I won a certificate at AASA Nationals so Ten Ring Supports our sport. Here is a link to Ten Ring Precision. http://tenring.com/ Yes and the muglyother, now rather handsome if I do say so my self. http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=752 http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=755 (the finish is TR-Coat Midnight Blue) More pictures on the gallery enjoy. Send Alex some business be sure to tell him COCO sent you.
  11. That is a sweet looking gun! Someone spent a lot of time on the garnish, it looks great. Now lets work on better hits, those two D's don't look good.
  12. That's one of the things I don't like about the sideways mounts. I tried one on my Bedell for several months...finally had to pull it. I recently bought an old, ugly, used 9 Major gun (that has nice lines) and it's also got a sideways mount...just doesn't feel properly balanced to me so I think it may go to someone who can use it better. R, G-man if those upright mounts were not so odd looking I might try one. Just let me know when you wanna ditch the side more mount, I'm gathering parts for another junk yard build.. The poppel hole gun is finished and going to Ten Ring Precis
  13. I did not notice any difference in the left to right balance. You do hold the gun a little higher. No noticable left/right weight bias, however you will need to reinvent and relearn your grip its a minor adjustment. I had a little more of an issue since I previously had a thumb rest. For me the effort was worth it since I never mastered the upright mount.
  14. Here is my muglyother. http://www.sashooter...p?g2_itemId=737 http://www.sashooter...p?g2_itemId=734 This gun was sold by Dawson to a shooter in round rock and it made the rounds up there with about 4 or 5 shooters, then got sold to a shooter in Florida. Now its back home in Texas. I had the slide butchered and put a Bedell Ti and a poppel hole. The other open guys at Sunday's match commented on how ugly it was, made winning Open Division only sweeter. 38 Super Comp, I had trouble reading the directions on the C-more mount and it came out sideways. http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.
  15. I am thinking thats one of the reasons they make that seater die adjustable. I did not change bullets so I shouldn't need to change seating depth. The powder is preventing the bullet from going any deeper in the case. I had the same issue with AA#7 and I cranked and cranked and cranked some more and they just kept coming out 1.180-1.185. G-man told me to use the U-die to get more neck tension, I think they go down but come back up before the crimp. I'll try that with the next batch but the 1.180 runs in the gun fine. Loading was slow since it would sling powder out and that wou
  16. Kgunz11 - The quest for the perfect load for a shorty major nine is a long one. I have found some nice dirty loads that spill powder all over the loader, but I don't want to spend all my time cleaning the primer punch. 115gr hasn't panned out so my next quest is going to be trying some 121gr loads. As XRE always says it a system, and if you can't get what you want from the powder then you have to change something else in the system. N105 is probalby the perfect powder for a Open gun however they need to make it so it will fit in a major 9. Chunky dirty spilling compressed AA#7 is
  17. Still Shooting

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      Hi Ron

      Enjoyed meeting and shooting with ya today.

  18. My shorty responded very well to increasing the recoil spring rate. With a 9# the gun is wild and harry, with a 10# it settles down a lot, and hapiness happens at 11#. You should do some spring rate testing with the load. I'm running a Brazos Thunder comp and the gun just shoots great, no holes it is just 4.25" and no buffer. It makes 1368 fps avg with 7.0gr of AutoComp set 1.160 125gr Zero JHP. Its a Clark barrel with 2K rounds on it. I also put a tungsten guide rod in it, which made it even a tick tamer but still lighter than most guns.
  19. I think I would just shoot my backup gun in the white if I had a broken primary gun. My #1 gun is down waiting on a barrel so #2 is getting run in the half white till #1 is back on line.
  20. Guys I worked the cave at DoubleTap the best powder for FireBalls is IMR7625 about every fourth shot it puts out a huge fire ball. You have roused my curiosity about 3N38 would you guys say it puts out more gas to work the comp than N105 or AA#7?
  21. Alan - My most recent round of testing was at 88 just shy of being hot. In my dot tracking testing the AC tended to bounce a bit and the AA#7 was just up and down very trackable. After testing and before the match I added a tungsten guide rod to balance the gun a little better and put a 11# recoil spring in it, I could not find a 10# what I usually start tuning with. It is a 4.25" shorty cone with a Brazos it tamed it consideralby. Before the match my smith shot it and his only comment was you better crono again no way that thing is making major (172 pf), he could not tell the difference i
  22. Your testing numbers are right in with mine and I agree with almost everything you have stated. The exception is in the soft and flat. I found AA#7 to be a little softer and flatter than AutoComp. I am loading 7.0 AutoComp with 125 @ 1.160 and AA#7 at 10gr @ 1.180 with a 125. Both are right at or just above 170 pf. The MagTech SPP I am using were looking a little flat with the AA#7. You can bet the brass is a little streched but I just leave it for the vultures. Sunday at a match I ran out of my AA#7 loads so I had two mags with mixed up bullets, some AutoComp some AA#7. I sh
  23. That seems like a pretty healthy dose of HS-6 under that 125gr bullet especially at that OAL. I'm surprised that you still came in sub-major with that load. I know all guns are different, but am I way off base here? It is what it is the Crono tells the story. The sharp recoil of the 115 doesn't go with my shooting style so for now I'm going to stick with the 125gr loads, and in the end it will be either HS6 or AA#7 just need to get both of those up to 170pf and test accuracy. I also want to sample some Silhoutte which works well with 115gr.
  24. Just back from testing and Chrono work. 9 mm Major. Gun is STI with 4.30" no poppel holes with Brazos ThunderCompSX aka a shorty with full length recoil system. 125gr Zero JHP set at 1.140 temp 70 (all 10 shot runs) MagTech small pistol primers. N350 6.8gr avg 1241 fps 155pf ES 47 SD 15 AutoComp 7.0gr Avg 1361 ES 32 SD 10 pf 17212 AA#7 9.8gr avg 1324 ES 18 SD 6 PF 165.5 HS6 8.1gr Avg 1312 ES 42 SD 14 pf 164 3N37 7.8gr Avg 1354 pf 169.250 ES 22 SD ? 115gr Zero RN set at 1.155 HS6 8.8gr Avg 1429 ES 47 SD 15 pf 164.335 Perceptions: HS6 wins for softest and has goo
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