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  1. My shorty responded very well to increasing the recoil spring rate. With a 9# the gun is wild and harry, with a 10# it settles down a lot, and hapiness happens at 11#. You should do some spring rate testing with the load. I'm running a Brazos Thunder comp and the gun just shoots great, no holes it is just 4.25" and no buffer. It makes 1368 fps avg with 7.0gr of AutoComp set 1.160 125gr Zero JHP. Its a Clark barrel with 2K rounds on it. I also put a tungsten guide rod in it, which made it even a tick tamer but still lighter than most guns.
  2. I think I would just shoot my backup gun in the white if I had a broken primary gun. My #1 gun is down waiting on a barrel so #2 is getting run in the half white till #1 is back on line.
  3. Guys I worked the cave at DoubleTap the best powder for FireBalls is IMR7625 about every fourth shot it puts out a huge fire ball. You have roused my curiosity about 3N38 would you guys say it puts out more gas to work the comp than N105 or AA#7?
  4. Alan - My most recent round of testing was at 88 just shy of being hot. In my dot tracking testing the AC tended to bounce a bit and the AA#7 was just up and down very trackable. After testing and before the match I added a tungsten guide rod to balance the gun a little better and put a 11# recoil spring in it, I could not find a 10# what I usually start tuning with. It is a 4.25" shorty cone with a Brazos it tamed it consideralby. Before the match my smith shot it and his only comment was you better crono again no way that thing is making major (172 pf), he could not tell the difference in AC & AA7 either, ok what he said in english is it shot soft like a minor load. Then I handed him my 38 Super 5" with Bedel Ti at 175 pf load in it again much softer than his gun also AA#7 10.5gr. He is shooting TruBlue in his gun, go figure. The true test is on the timer, running drills, that will be the next round in testing soon as I get time.
  5. Your testing numbers are right in with mine and I agree with almost everything you have stated. The exception is in the soft and flat. I found AA#7 to be a little softer and flatter than AutoComp. I am loading 7.0 AutoComp with 125 @ 1.160 and AA#7 at 10gr @ 1.180 with a 125. Both are right at or just above 170 pf. The MagTech SPP I am using were looking a little flat with the AA#7. You can bet the brass is a little streched but I just leave it for the vultures. Sunday at a match I ran out of my AA#7 loads so I had two mags with mixed up bullets, some AutoComp some AA#7. I shot the mix in the last stage and never noticed any difference.
  6. That seems like a pretty healthy dose of HS-6 under that 125gr bullet especially at that OAL. I'm surprised that you still came in sub-major with that load. I know all guns are different, but am I way off base here? It is what it is the Crono tells the story. The sharp recoil of the 115 doesn't go with my shooting style so for now I'm going to stick with the 125gr loads, and in the end it will be either HS6 or AA#7 just need to get both of those up to 170pf and test accuracy. I also want to sample some Silhoutte which works well with 115gr.
  7. Just back from testing and Chrono work. 9 mm Major. Gun is STI with 4.30" no poppel holes with Brazos ThunderCompSX aka a shorty with full length recoil system. 125gr Zero JHP set at 1.140 temp 70 (all 10 shot runs) MagTech small pistol primers. N350 6.8gr avg 1241 fps 155pf ES 47 SD 15 AutoComp 7.0gr Avg 1361 ES 32 SD 10 pf 17212 AA#7 9.8gr avg 1324 ES 18 SD 6 PF 165.5 HS6 8.1gr Avg 1312 ES 42 SD 14 pf 164 3N37 7.8gr Avg 1354 pf 169.250 ES 22 SD ? 115gr Zero RN set at 1.155 HS6 8.8gr Avg 1429 ES 47 SD 15 pf 164.335 Perceptions: HS6 wins for softest and has good dot tracking. Autocomp comes in second, and AA#7 third because of more straight back recoil. 3N37 comes in next with more filp and recoil than the other three but non the less a shootable load. N350 gets no rank since it was way minor. The 115gr HS6 load reminds me a lot of a N105 load in a 38 Super full size gun, very flat with little dot movement, I'm talking stays in the a zone, the straight back recoil is about like 3n37 above. No pressue signs on any of the loads. The HS6 8.8 was strting to take the edges off the primer. The bottom line is with 125gr load HS6, AutoComp, and AA#7 are almost the same its very hard to tell the difference. I did a couple runs on plate racks with rounds mixed up in 2's and 3's and could not tell difference which speaks will of Autocomp since it was the highest PF. If the SD's look odd I loaded these on a Hornady LNL, and I think the powder measure is just a little more consistent.
  8. Holy crap if they are your age, they are into have I accomplished my life goals. AKA a mid-life crises as they approach 40, once they pass 40 it gets better then they enter the pre-meno-pause stage followed by labido death. Timing - well its the beginning of the new year and they have set the goal possibly of trapping a man critter. Just figure out who is the reacher and who is the settler in the relationship then work with it. Have fun and enjoy.
  9. CHA-LEE - I think that you have come a long way in a short time. The better you get the harder it is to improve so you are right you will need to work hard at it to move up. You seem to be a serious shooter so stick with it, there are some top guys in your area take the opportunity to get some training. Motivation is sometimes hard to come by when that happens I sign up for a major match then I start serious practice for that match. Double Tap isn't that far off maybe you should think about it, let me tell you I shot it last year and its a great match. It is a speed shoot with close open targets but lots of speed bumps.
  10. Mo Zee - I think your stuck with the wax. If the smokes just too much for you sell them. I have bought bullets because I had a discount cert won at a match and then found they didn't work in my gun. Bullets will sell fast with just a small discount, then take the money and buy something that will work for you. This video of Brent a limited shooter on our team shooting N320 and cast lead bullets. This is a normal amount of smoke. http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=579
  11. Hey you kidding me, even my open gun smokes with Jacketed JHP's no exposed lead or lube. http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=582 click on download movie. +1 on WST I use it with my Precison Moly bullets in Limited. I say let her smoke, it has never been a problem. If you really want a cloud use TiteGroup. Biggest source of lead is the tumbler don't eat the corn, a media seperator is good don't handle the corn. Check out BayouBullets.net gator snot don't smoke, like moly. I bought some just have not had a chance to test them. Price seems good as well. They feel very slick on the outside and my friend says he dropped his load .3 gr and got same velocity as with a moly bullet.
  12. I had a CR speed that is why I love my Ghost. The CR Speed worked ok on my CZ 75TS and even my Edge, but when I went to open it was the pits. So you get the make ready reach down unlock the holster start trying to get the gun out, after a while the RO goes anytime now sweeheart. No didn't happen had to go to safety area take belt off and dink with it for 10 minutes to get the gun out, borrowed a LimCat bought a Ghost and never looked back.
  13. Every time I turn around I'm spending $500 or $600 on bullets or primers or powder, its like a tide going out. The reality is that if you buy components in bulk you can load very good ammo and it costs about 70% of the cheapest stuff at Walmart. So if you bought just as much ammo as you relaoded the cost difference is 30 to 40%. 9 mm is the worst example to compare but my cost to reload a box of 9 mm with 125gr JHP's is about $6.00 and takes 4 minutes on my dillon 650. Wallmart is a 20 minute drive one way. Anyone bought a box of 38 Super lately? I saw some at a gun show $38.00, thats nuts.
  14. Bigpops - Good to hear that you are doing well.
  15. Congrats and Best Wishes. Your going to have a great time on a cruise, the wife and I have done two, no need for a window or a TV. Don't miss the Dessert Buffet they have at Midnight you might just need that energy rush. Not sure where your going but it sounds like Tequila country, that stuff sneeks up on you slow like a big hammer. There was a hitch in the wedding since you got hitched!
  16. Let me just say that the hits are good in these video's the Mental Skills had the day off. http://www.sashooter.com/area8/Ron/ I just started building this web site a couple days ago, so that I could post the video's for my daughters BF, Jordan only his second match ever.
  17. Cha Lee - Sounds like we been on the same train. Thursday I head out to VA for Area 8 Championship, this following the worst two matches in more than a year. After Saturdays match 8 of us at lunch, at the table I asked "Someone tell me you rocked" well we all had the same story line, bad day. Mike this no shoot that, brain skip, bad plan, high primer and on and on. Attitude and confidence are very huge factors. If you have something you have not done well take a practice session doing that, get to feeling good about your ability, now go to the match with Confidence. Follow the Benos advice take it one target at a time, don't think I got to make top 5, just shoot when you see what you need to shoot. 12 stages is a marathon not a sprint. Keep focus on hits and not making mistakes. Don't let the negative in and find something positive in every stage that you did. Ok, maybe not so much advise but what I have planned. Good Luck and I'll check to see how you did next week.
  18. Sold my U die after I got the G-RX. Have run about 3000 cases thur it shot more than 1000 of those with no issues. All were from the reject bucket that the UDie could not handle. Spray some one shot in a plastic bag throw the brass in shake it around run it thru the G-Rx put it back in the tumbler to get rid of the One Shot, toss it in the case feeder and load it. I still drop check every round after loading, thats when you will find one that has split or missed getting a primer etc. Now that my brass isn't fat on one end I can get one more round in the mag, nice to pony up with 22. In 38 Super Comp I use a CasePro 100, cost $400 used, G-Rx seems to work just as well for 40 and its a whole lot cheaper. If you have not noticed 40 brass is getting harder to find, eveyone is reolading and not much once fired hitting the ground.
  19. 9 mm 125gr minor WST 40 S&W 185gr Moly WST 200gr Jacketed TiteGroup (N320 as backup) 45 ACP 200gr Lead WST or N320 38 SC Major - Accurate #7, others N350, N105, IMR7625, IMR4756, TruBlue, HS6 order of preference.
  20. I use WST in 9 mm, 40, and 45 all make good loads, both jacketed and Moly coated lead. 9 mm 125gr Jacketed at 4.4 gr 40 S&W 180gr Jacketed at 5.1 gr 45 acp - 200gr lead at 4.7 gr. 40 S&W with 185gr Precision Moly Coated aka black bullets 4.8 gr. Cleaner than Tight group and less temp sensative. Mild report and fairly soft. I tried N320 in 40 and 45 and it is very clean and more of a push than a snap, took more powder than it should, also $33.00 per pound, WST I paid $111.00 for 8 lbs.
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