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  1. I just scored a few thousand Armscor 9 mm 115g FMJ. I've shot them before but they were blemished. The verdict is that in major velocity they leave deposits of lead in the comp, and their accuracy at 50 yards isn't very good, that said in minor for steel they work very well, ringing the gong at 35 yards no problem.. My minor steel loads are 5.5gr of Auto comp, half way between minor and major.
  2. No love for TiteGroup from me, too snappy, too hot, too dirty. Just about anything works better, my favorite is N320 then WST (because 8# jugs are cheap), for minor I've used AutoComp and I like it. SR7625, HP-38, Red Dot, Solo1000 to name a few. These days like the Obama days you load what you can get.
  3. Get the Redding GRX, I use to run them all thru it but after a while I just put the rejects thru it. Yeah Yeah putting a loaded round thru it might be dangerous but I don't have any holes in the roof, don't stand over it. I have a case pro, and I roll loaded rounds thru it as well, when they fail the plunker. Primers are too scarce for rejects.
  4. Another vote for the Precision 180gr bullets my all time favorite, and 2nd place is Bayou. I load them with WST 4.7gr 1.185. Care needs to be take not to cut the coating, so a little more flare than jacketed. PF runs 172 in hot weather. I also shot a lot of 200gr Zeros over 4.3 gr of TiteGroup, a little less recoil but too many case failures. The trick to loading 40 is the GRX push thru case sizer, other wise you run into a lot of rejects. I roll them in my case pro. My friend and 7 time world shoot winner put me on the precision bullets. (Ted Bonnet).
  5. Its all in the plastic. Get a metal gun. Now that I've had my fun, I'm a B class, but I've played the game a lot longer than some. You can't stop the bounce any more than you can stop the wind. That said the most important aspect is that it returns basically to the same spot. If you have to adjust the position that costs time, if you are moving to the next target it doesn't matter. You could take a job as a diesel mechanic for a couple years to strengthen your wrist or try some different recoil springs. There is one assumption here, and that is that you have shot enough that you are obl
  6. Make sure you are practicing the technique properly. Doing it wrong 10,000 times will not be a happy ending. You can use a mirror or cell phone camera on a tripod. Maybe you are doing the dirty harry thing. When I do practice this I take it all the way to breaking the shot, don't train yourself to draw and not shoot. (talking dry fire here), but it is also good to do wet fire practice. If you are close to either side of 1.5 seconds to break shot, move on to more important skills like movement and positioning, there is way more time you can cut in those skills. Practice other starts,
  7. It takes a lot of dry fire practice to get that gun to come up in front of the dominate eye. You need to do this dry fire in all of the common positions until it becomes natural. It is a lot of work but once done it sticks and it is the best solution, not the easiest or fastest. The kicker is the dry fire helps your shooting as well.
  8. Set up a target at 25 yards if you can hit the a zone 4 out of 5 shots that gun will work, set up a target at 50 yards, that is about as long as we shoot put an 8" pie plate on it and if you can keep the shots on the plate you are good to go. Most new shooters ignore the most import thing in shooting, the platform, if you don't have a good platform the rest doesn't matter. Movement skills, it isn't how fast you get to the next box it is how fast you get there ready to shoot, work on those skills, positioning is huge a few inches left or right will save seconds. My first match I got my as
  9. Another vote for C-More slide ride. I have 5 of them, don't waste your money on the click. When I shoot I finely adjust mine the same way I do the throttle on my BMW wide open. Battery life not an issue on at Make Ready, off at Unload and Show Clear. All but one are on 9 major guns, no ejection issues, get an AFTEC problem solved.
  10. Over the years I've seen lots of different guns come and go in popularity. No doubt if you wanna be the envy of the crowd get a Limcat, nothing looks like one, or if you are driving a Lambo then get yourself an Infinity. But when it comes to the test of time, and an absolutely reliable tool for shooting open I'd recommend Triangle Shooting sports, Benny Hill. The question itself says I'm new to open, if that is true you aren't ready for a custom gun because you don't know what works for you, a custom builder could approximate what works for most but in the end it might not be what works
  11. I run 7.3gr of Sil with a 124gr. 9 maj at 1.165. This load has made major up to temps of 105F, however one cold morning down at the Gator Classic the chrono hit 184 pf. It was a beast that day till it warmed up. I shot mostly STI 2011 but I do have a Glock (keep this on the down low), it runs well with the same load. I've tried about every powder, and Silhouette is my favorite. I've even done 9 maj with Accurate 7, 10gr w/125gr 1.165.
  12. I have a Bedell Comp on one of my guns, and I load it up around 175 pf, just to tame the beast. Titanium, have had to ream it 4 times, over the years. I also added two poopel holes to make it softer. The same gun, different barrel and comp (Dawson's Todd Jarrett) shoots softer @170 pf. No holes.
  13. I think the answer is it dependents on how serious are you? I wouldn't go to the Nationals with a load of kanker brass, nor for that matter the Gator Classic or any other major match. But back to the original question. Yes I would shoot twice minor loaded brass 9m. When it comes to 9 major I let the brass vultures have mine, but I'll pick their brass up if they abandon it. The first step in brass prep it to go over it with a magnet, some of them are not brass, a steel case will jam up the gun to the point it has to be hammered out with a rod. Next to the tumbler,
  14. Nice old school gun. Load up some115gr with 11 gr accurate 7. That comp wants lots of gas. That pro point way more accurate than c-more. Cure the rattle with Accurail. Thigter tha dick’s hat band.
  15. Dawson makes a run once in a while. I like how light my cone comp guns are the bull just a little heavy out front.
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