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  1. LOL AA7 When I went from 10gr to 10.5 grains it tamed the beast. That was 38SC with a 124gr 11.2 gr for a 115. I've shot it in 9 maj with 10gr and it felt good.
  2. There is a point where friction and inertia meet, and when this happens the next round does not make it to the chamber. A 7# may cause the gun to stop feeding. Everyone has to try holes at least once. If it doesn't work out just replace the barrel and try a different comp. If your split is improved by .01 or even .02 this could add up to a full 2 seconds in a match.
  3. If I were shooting at running pigs I'd go for an EOTech or a HoloSun 2 moa. If however you might just want to shoot more conventional game, and I do recall a friend and I bugle up a Sika, he had that Bushnell and he couldn't make him out, I handed him my rifle with a Simmons 44 mag, and he said dam the sun came up and he could make the shot. You need a good pair of binoculars, those little rascals will sneak right up on you so close you can't see them without binoculars. A 3x9 or 3x10 is probably a handicap at 150 yards a good 1x4 with @50 mm would give you a good field of view, stay on 1 till you have a target over 200 yards. No scope will help if you don't know your zero and where it hits at different ranges.
  4. The recoil in stock trim was not conducive to fast shooting, IMHO. There was too much bounce, if it had shot as well as a Marlin Camp 9, that would have been good, but nope it didn't. This specific gun may not be representative of other blow back AR's, having purchased it used, not sure the prior owner didn't muck it up, but he said it was stock, he also said it ran and it did not. The ammo I was shooting could also be a factor, since it only feeds Round Nose reliably, I was using up the Ammo I loaded for Steel in a Glock Open gun, probably about 140pf. Have another 3# coffee can full to shoot up.
  5. I've got 5 of them so I'm gonna say I like them best, if I could I'd put one on my CZ Shadow.
  6. Engineering 101 duct tape or WD 40, I'll go with if it isn't broke don't fix it, or if brute force isn't work you just are not using enough. That load sounds a little rodent methane to me, I'd add a couple tenths and see if it resolves the problem, max load is 4.4gr.
  7. Most of the shooters I see are running stages without reloads, they have 55 round mags, but since I only have 27rd mags that run 100%, I'll be reloading, and I am going to practice your techniques. Thanks for the video.
  8. TexasTactical.org puts on a couple of IDPA matches every month in Bulverde. You could probably make a weekend out of it with IDPA on Saturday and Steel Challenge or Sunday, or USPSA.
  9. From the draw is just one aspect, as is following a reload, add to that you need to practice every common position, like leaning around a wall, crouching in a window, on the move and on and on. The preponderance of evidence clearly shows as you watch shooters struggle to find their CO dot match after match. My own experience making that transition from limited to Open, was within a week I thought I was ready, within a month I knew I wasn't. If you have even one hesitation in a match caused by the dot, well you have not mastered it yet.
  10. Those are all good valid points. I think the myth is that you are going to pick up a gun with a dot and magically be good with it in a couple of hours of practice, oops not going the happen. If one does a lot of dry fire from lots of odd positions and does reload practice I think you could get good in a few months. Just like guitar playing it is muscle memory and that is the same way you build your index.
  11. If you asked me how to find the dot, I'd say look at the target! Exactly your focus needs to be the target then bring the gun/dot into the filed of view. In steel challenge your eyes go to the next steel first as you transition. Tracking the dot only slows you down.
  12. If the field of view is too small that isn't good. I think that our perceptions often mislead us. The Timer can keep us on the right path. Set up a drill and run it with the different optics and let the best time confirm or deny the perception. The drill should be representative to the type of shooting you do, and accuracy needs to be a factor. Don't shoot it with your limited gun, you might be faster.
  13. I've had no problem finding bullets 12,000 in the last month, and powder is plentiful locally. Primers are like flying spotted unicorns. In the past couple of months I've bought 2 optics, a C-More and a Romeo 1, while Optics Planet and Shooters Connection are my favorite places to shop, they both came from Amazon since they had the best price, and it was quick. I'm sure some optics may be scarce, but one thing is for sure, the prices are going to go up!
  14. I've shot a lot of those man on man shoot offs. The last one I shot had two plate racks, one for each shooter and then two small pepper poppers that would fall on top of each other, the action stated with a standard timer. The winner was determined by which popper was on the bottom. Starting position was wrist above. There were a few rules about hitting the wrong popper etc, but it is fairly simple. The initial round was winning 2 out of 3 to progress to the second round, then the third round. I lost in the 9th round, aka the final, the other guy won the Glock, I wound up with a refinish certificate. You can also have the loser's shoot off in a second group to keep everyone engaged.
  15. Maybe you picked up some of my 9 major brass? I use to shoot it pick it up and reload it, but then I started noticing a lot of primers in the corn! Primers would come out during tumbling. I then had a few fall out between the ammo case and loading them in the mags. I went to the one and done and have not had any issues. I don't use Remington Primers, tried them didn't like them went with Federal, Win, and CCI, but I'd buy them today if I found them.
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