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  1. Duluth Trading Co. has a work vests you can buy in a Tall size.
  2. They take up less space on your belt, also.
  3. I'm planning on buying some DAA single stack magazine carriers. Does anyone have experience with both the Racers pouches and the magnetic pouches? I'm wondering which I should buy. Thanks.
  4. I was hoping to get opinions about the Double Alpha Mag Pouches. Is the Race Master pouch better than the Racer pouch? Worth the extra money? And is the Alpha-Xip a significant improvement over both the Racers/RaceMasters? What do you recommend? Thanks.
  5. One of my MD's sent out an email requesting shooters send him ideas for stages for upcoming matches. I found some posted on the internet, and sent them to him. I'm wondering now if it considered theft or inappropriate to use stage designs posted on the internet by idpa clubs? Also, where can people go online to find idpa stages that can be used? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Anyone know if these NDZ basepads are legal in BUG?
  7. A shooter told me today that for S&W Shield to be legal in BUG Division, you can only use the flat base pads with no finger rest. Just checking to see if this is true. Thanks. Thanks for the replies. Good information. I printed the diagram for reference.
  8. Ontarget


    This may have been discussed before, but why are many single stack 1911 guns (40S&W, 10mm) that can meet the 165K power factor excluded from CDP Division? If necessary, IDPA could limit capacity in these guns to 8+1. I don't think CDP should be limited to 45acp. Thoughts or opinions on this?
  9. A shooter today had 3 hits on a no shoot. Is there a maximum to penalties given for hitting a no shoot multiple times? Thanks.
  10. Can I use both a red dot sight and a laser (2 optics) on my gun in Carry Optics Division? Thanks.
  11. The shooter never moved forward of the ports. He was adjacent to the barricade and about a foot behind it. "The fact that it was advantageous to shoot the stage incorrectly directly results in an FTDR under any circumstances." Sounds like FTDR would have been the correct call.
  12. Yes, please post if you get an expert SO opinion.
  13. As I remember, the shooter was the 2nd or third shooter to shoot on our squad. Hard to imagine, but he just completely forgot to shoot thru the ports. He shot the stage freestyle adjacent to the barricade. I wasn't sure of the correct call, knowing a flagrant penalty would still leave him with an advantage on the stage. I did not believe FTDR applied to this situation. I checked with the Match Director who assessed 6 procedural penalties, one for each of the six ports from which the shooter was supposed to shoot. If the SO (me in this case) believed the shooter made an honest error and did not intend to gain advantage, I wonder if a flagrant penalty might technically be the correct call, even though it ends up being to the shooter's advantage.
  14. One of the stages at my IDPA match today required 3 shots from each of 6 different ports of a V-Tac style barricade for a total of eighteen rounds. Some of the ports were narrow and some of them were low, so it took some time to complete the stage. One shooter shot the entire stage forgetting to shoot thru the ports. The shooter's error was not intentional. A 10 second flagrant penalty would not add enough time to compensate for the advantage gained by not shooting thru the ports. What would be the correct penalties for the shooter?
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