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  1. How do the GRX die and bulge buster work with a progressive press? Can you put your standard sizing die in station 1 and your GRX or Bulge Buster in station 2?
  2. Thanks, Gentlemen, for your replies. I have been using the Dillon crimp die. I'll check my measurements on the crimp. I'm not expert at how much crimp is enough, so I will try to understand this better. Usually, if the rounds fit the Dillon 9mm case gauge, I assumed the crimp was correct. Do you recommend I change to the Lee FCD?
  3. .355 diameter bullets shooting an M&P Pro. I don't see any problems with the barrel. That was measured velocity. 4.0g Win 231 15 shots Hi= 1047 Lo= 985 Av=1016 ES= 62 SD=18 PF= 127,000
  4. These are minor loads at about 1000-1050 fps. 127K power factor.
  5. With some recent 9mm reloads, I noticed minor keyholing on the target. The bullets were RN Blue bullets 125g. What causes bullets to keyhole? Is it a problem with the bullets or with the reloading process? Thanks.
  6. I have been reloading some 40S&W in two different lengths for two different guns. The longer ones I are 1.180" to use with 10mm single stack magazines. So when changing between cartridge lengths, do I need to readjust the crimp die? Or will it be correct with both cartridge lengths? Thanks!
  7. I have a foldable Mac shooting cart. I would like to get a tarp for it to protect my gear from rain. Ideally, a cove that could be secured somehow to keep it from blowing away. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. I would like to hear your thoughts on the Lee U die. Do you like it? Do you use it? Thanks.
  9. Are Sprinco more accurate and consistent than Wolff or ISMI?
  10. "Every shooter in a Sanctioned Match must be classified within the previous 12 months in the Division in which he/she is entered." I'm wondering why this rule is necessary. Is it?
  11. Anyone else sell them besides Red Hill?
  12. I have seen several USPSA shooter using ratcheting gun belts. What problem do they solve and are they worth buying? Thanks.
  13. The 5x5 classifier tests very few self-defense skills and is mostly a speed drill. It is convenient to the point that I rarely see clubs offer the long classifier anymore. I think the original IDPA classifier was excellent. IDPA HQ and staff truly got it right the first time. I wish they would eliminate the 5x5 and reinstate the original classifier.
  14. My current pistol reloads in my 9mm PCC give me a power factor of 147K. I'd like to make some ammo at about 130K, to see if I have less dot movement and less recoil. Could I use a 3.0 ounce carbine buffer with light 9mm reloads and end up with a 130K PF? My current buffer is a RRA 4.6 ounce. Will 3.0 ounce buffers work in PCC's, or is that too light? Thanks.
  15. Yes, I need to practice the 5x5, and your suggestions are excellent. Thanks. The PCC 5x5 is mostly one skill, fast strong side shooting. I don't get to Sanners, 2 hours is too much travel time for me. I shoot USPSA at AAFG sometimes.
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