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    TS/TSO vs. 2011

    I have/had both. I don't think you can beat the ergonomics of the CZ or the trigger of the 2011. For me, I decided the trigger was more important, so switched to a 2011. (Even though the trigger of the TSO was great.) I will always consider the TSO to be an outstanding gun and the best bang for your buck. But for now, I decided to delve into the world of 2011s.

    Soft Primers?

    Come on man. I already told you what primers I use. That's all you need to know. :)
  3. So glad I didn’t wait on this and went ahead and got an Atlas instead!
  4. Thanks! My support and just slipped a little too much with the stock grip. That does not happen anymore. Ha ha.
  5. I would not say it makes a difference. I did not use them if I was using the stock springs but would use them if I were using lighter springs.
  6. I have done a couple and it was no different than the normal X5 grips I have done.
  7. Here is a pic. The grip does not look as huge compared to the rest of the gun as it does in this pic.
  8. I got it around the Christmas holidays. It shoots very good. It is a light gun but the recoil is not bad since you have a full size grip. Also, I believe they advertise it as a 3.5-4 lb trigger but mine is 2lb 2oz. Others would not like that light of a trigger on a carry gun but it doesn't bother me though as it is double the weight of some of my comp guns.They do make a 15 round version that has a grip that is about 1 inch shorter than the 19 round version. I got it from gparms.com. The owner of the site is Gilbert Perez and he is very helpful and will answer all your questions. STI mags do not fit. Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
  9. Yes sir. That is the easiest thing to try first. Please let us know how it goes.
  10. That was my guess. I would try to download and after you have used the magazines a good bit, see if it works with a fully loaded mag.
  11. Is this happening with full magazines only or does it also happen with downloaded magazines?


    I actually made dummy rounds and just use silicone in the primer spot.
  13. Yeah, that is about the same as my reloads. Let us know what you think.
  14. I ran 10 and 11 lb springs. Of course, it was with my reloads. Anytime I would run a lighter spring, I would make sure I used the buffer.
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