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  1. Over 13,000 through mine and no marks.
  2. I have seen this question somewhere before but never saw a definitive answer. Do you think someone will be able to stipple the grip of this gun? Some people were thinking that the material that the grip is made of would not allow it.

    AO1 LD Review

    Thanks for the review. I had been wondering about one of these but I already had a TSO and after purchasing and Atlas Titan, I think I will pass on the A01.
  4. It is a softer shooting gun with less recoil. The trigger is also better. (I think a 1911 type trigger that pulls straight back rather than the TSO type is as good as it gets.) I have set personal records with split times in between shots since getting the Atlas Titan. I say this thinking that I got an above average trigger on my TSO compared to others I have shot. (My TSO trigger was 1.1 lbs. when I first got it and may be lighter after 14,000 rounds) The Phoenix Trinity grip system is so much better than what the TSO offers. (I ended up using LOK grips as the stock grips of the TSO were too slippery.) When you hold the Titan, you can tell that it is more solid than the TSO. Can I say that the Titan is that much better then the TSO with the price point being that much difference? I don't know. You can't say that a Corvette is going to be 3 to 4 times faster than a Mustang even though the price is going to be that, but you know the Vette is going to offer more. (BTW, I am a huge mustang fan and have owned 3.) Once again, just my opinion and I really love my TSO.
  5. I have a TSO as well as an Atlas. I will be honest in that I think the Atlas is a better gun. Of course it is a different style gun. One big thing about owning the Atlas is that is has helped me realize how great the TSO is for it's price. No other gun compares to the TSO in regards to bang for your buck. I believe it would take a gun with the price point of the Atlas to outshine the TSO. Of course this is my opinion, and it only has to matter to me.
  6. Funny you should ask. I was going to buy the John Wick STI, but after I saw that I was going to spend that amount, I decided to do my homework. Guess what I ended up buying? Bingo! An Atlas Titan.
  7. I did something similar to my Sig 320 X5. I like it and it is very grippy.

    X5 vs Glock 34

    Shot both. I believe you would enjoy the X5 more. I don’t believe you will find polymer gun with less recoil. I do believe you will want to change the trigger though.
  9. Another vote for the TSO. You won’t regret it.
  10. Just my 2 cents but no way would I buy a RIA for that much when you can find a TSO for that.
  11. Perfectly happy with and love my Atlas Titan. I haven’t shot the other two you mentioned so I can’t make the comparison for you. I would like to hear others chime in who have experience with each.

    P320 X5 Thread

    Definitely worth the money.
  13. I just got a Titan. It is solid as can be. No movement. The slide is so smooth. Trigger is awesome. You will not be disappointed.

    P320 X5 Thread

    Congrats. I don't think you will be disappointed.
  15. I like mine so much for my TSO and I ordered an insert for my Atlas Titan. I just got it in and it has a little snag or it is too tight when I try to draw. If I hold the front of the belt with my left hand when I draw with my right hand it eliminates the problem. I def can't draw the Titan in the same manner as I draw the TSO. It seems like there is a little too much movement of the belt when drawing the Titan. (Never had this problem with the TSO) I am wondering if getting a thigh pad for the holster, to use with the Titan, will help.
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