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    Sig P320x5 vs Canik TP9SFx

    Have experience with both and would stick with the x5. I have said many times that I don't think you will find a polymer gun with less recoil. I think the Canik is a great gun for the money and would not fault anyone for using/buying one, but I just don't think it measures up to the x5.

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    Thanks for the help everyone. I had a match yesterday and no problems. Don't know if cleaning the mags solved the problem or not. I definitely have things I can try if I have problems again. Thanks again.

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    Thanks for the suggestions. I went ahead and cleaned the 4 magazines and this is the result. I am ashamed to say it looked that bad. I have cleaned them twice before (First time was after 5,000 rounds) but they did not look anything like this.

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    I should have mentioned that everything is still the same. (Ammo, etc.) No changes to anything in the past.

    Maybe my first problem with my TSO?????

    Disclaimer: This probably isn't an actual problem with the gun but we will see. I have asked a couple of people locally about this, but would like to see if anyone else has run into this problem. I have shot over 13,000 flawless rounds through my TSO. Today, on about 4 occasions, the gun would lock back with one round left in the magazine. I really don't think I was riding the slide as this has never happened before. (I don't know for sure if it was only one magazine causing the problem or if it happened on more than one.) Some things I was thinking that might be the culprit, but wanted to ask around.......1. Dirty magazines? I have only cleaned them twice since I bought the gun. 2. Weak magazine springs as they are the originals. 3. Weak guide rod spring as I have been running the same 10lb Wolff spring the entire time I have had the gun. 4. Dirty gun. I do clean it about every 400 rounds but have never done a complete breakdown cleaning, like removing the extractor, etc. 5. A combination of all the above. Thanks for any info from some of you that may have experienced this in the past.

    GoGun P320 Thumb Rest Takedown Lever

    Sent you a pm.

    Steel Challenge Gun

    I have the TSO. I actually bought a Sig 320 x5 to be my night stand gun and do steel challenge with. I just felt like I could get a striker fired gun out of the holster and get the first shot off quicker than I do the TSO, since it is single action only and the safety must be engaged. Because of that, I think the Q5 match would fit the bill for what you are wanting. (By no means am I saying it is the best gun of the three, I just think it would suit you best if steel challenge is the only reason you are looking at those three.) However, you know what they say about opinions.
  8. The TSO would def be easier for you to just take straight out of the box and start shooting and you can also buy a lot of extra ammo with what you would save over the STI. Just my 2 cents.

    Tested CZ TSO and in love, ammo question

    From my experience it will eat EVERYTHING. I am at 12,500 rounds of factory ammo as well as various reloads and still have not had a failure of any sort.

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Gotcha. That's what I have but there still is a little wiggle to it. Thanks for the info and replies everyone.

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Can you tell from this?

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Gotcha. Do you know when the trigger guard was changed? I bought my TSO new in Feb of 2017.

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Please explain this to me. I bought a used holster with the TSO insert and notice there is a little wiggle. I called DAA and they said it was because the TSO trigger guard can vary in thickness. Does the TS/CM insert fit better with the TSO? Thanks for any info.

    Stiff magazine release

    Thanks for the update.

    Stiff magazine release

    Let us know how it goes. I have always noticed that the mag release is stiffer than another gun I have ever had, but just dealt with it. Really didn't know something could be done about it.