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  1. I'll be honest and admit that I want a little bit of cool factor with the color. Beyond that, at least with prior pistols, that added weight (though minimal) did seem to help with magazines dropping free better. It wasn't a common problem but a hung up reload at the wrong time is still lost time. I also have a semi-familiar feel with the basepads that are on other pistols, so I am looking to keep at least a smidgen of consistency and muscle memory.
  2. What base pads are you running and do they have a gap with the base pad and 17 round mags? Does the gap really matter?
  3. I prefer brake cleaner, the pressurized can helps blast dirt out better and cuts through oil and grease better. But if you want to use a lighter fluid replacement you want to use Naptha, it is the same stuff. Different than mineral spirits.
  4. Please forgive the simple question, but I haven’t really found a straight forward answer yet. I am new to CZ’s, just picked up an SP01 for Production and IDPA SSP. I need to pick up some extra mags and want to add base pads. So far I am looking at Shock Bottle, Springer, and ArmoryCraft for the base pads. The biggest thing I have seen is that most pads leave more of a gap with the 17 rd mags than with the 16rd. Springer seems to be the exception. I am looking mostly at Mec-Gar mags. Other than the obvious 17 is one more than 16 (cue Spinal Tap reference), is there any reason to go
  5. Fudd says "Not dry firing while driving will get ya killed on da streets". Perfect operating practices makes for perfect operating.
  6. Autocomp lives in the neighborhood of Accurate #5, which I've used under 115 and 105 grain Bayou Bullets. At 5.2grs. of AA#5 I get some cornmeal of unburnt powder left, but never clumps or hang fires. 5.7 should ignite just fine with maybe a little residue. Generally a primer either lights or it doesn't, I've never seem one go off but weakly. If it is with both primers I'm wondering if there is some type of contamination with the powder or cases.
  7. I know it's been said before, but Area 8 is strong in revolver. This weekend 9 out of 165 shooters at Ontelaunee were revolver. About another 10 were shooting the Pa. Steel League, but are usual ICORE participants, with a few of them shooting USPSA from time to time. There are at least 8 more revolver shooters I can think of that did not attend either match. My favorite parts of the matches is the amount of guys that come up and ask questions because they keep thinking about trying revolver. Most may never buy one, but it's still fun being the unique crowd that draws attention for
  8. I'll try switching to the bag. Just curious why the change in results from last year when I used the same steps and the same box.
  9. I loaded about 2500 .223 last year without a hickup using the Dillon case lube. Processing brass lately I've run into my 3rd stuck case in less than 700 pieces of brass. First two were L.C. and the latest was PMC. I am using an RCBS FL sizing die, same one as last year and cleaned after first stuck case. I am not sure where the problem is coming from. I lay the brass in a pizza box, spray with a few spritzes of lube, shuffle up to turn over and distrubute lube and spray again to make sure completely coated. After a couple minutes I start resizing. Is there anything I should change?
  10. I was shooting an IDPA match this weekend and had a stage where the mags cost me some valuable time and am wondering if I should look into a replacement, and which ones. I ran to slide lock, inserted the mag and as it seated I watched a round get ejected from the magazine through the open chamber, forcing me into a second reload. The second reload also had the same thing happen. This was the only stage of the day it happened, but is not the first time it's happened, just the first time in a major match. The other problem I have is sometimes when I drop a magazine rounds will come out when it h
  11. USPSA metric target at 100 yards with my 9mm M&P shooting minor loads standing offhand, 5 out of 7 shots were in C zone. There was nothing resembling a group, but at least they hit. I was practicing rifle on a covered rifle line when it started to down pour. Was out of rifle ammo and only had 7 rounds on 9mm left from earlier pistol practice. I didn't feel like getting wet, so I decided to goof around and lob a few shots out to see what I could hit. Apparently more than I expected to. I had no idea what hold over I needed or anything. I would have been happy with a single hit.
  12. I set up a specific load for minor open for my 929 and do notice a difference with the comp installed. It is not the same effect as a 38 super out of an auto at major, but it does help reduce the muzzle flip some with the right load for it. I would talk to Mark and see if he has any ideas about maybe a differently designed compensator that uses the same attachment. My thought is just that the opening in the top of the factory comp is too big and lets the gases out too fast. As a result you get less downward force than a few smaller openings would provide and with the gases escaping faster you
  13. If you REALLY want to shoot 9mm in a revolver for IDPA look for a 547. I am not sure how the prices look anymore, but it is a 6 shot K-frame that you can shoot in SSR. That's right, SSR. It has a special extraction systems that grabs the groove of the case so moon clips are not required. Not sure what you would do for speed loaders though. If it is only for local matches and nothing sanctioned, think about the 929 or the 986 and shoot as not for score. You need IDPA legal gear, but you can use something with a longer barrel or extra shots.
  14. I personally like memory stages because I can usually figure them out and enjoy the challenge. Even if I crash and burn I enjoy the challenge. The problem I have with them is the first shooter has his plan and that is it, by the time you hit the 10th shooter they have their original plan and the plan 9 different guys used. The 10th shooter has more of an advantage, and on a stage that is more likely to affect the final results. Memory stages would be a great one to not allow shooters to see how others shoot the stage, make it a more level playing field. Now, that can be said for all stages but
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