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  1. I can't speak to your combo, but FWIW, I run an STI Lawman with a S&A magwell, and have a great big pile of CMC powermags. They work very well together.
  2. Try some Larry Correia audiobooks. Monster Hunter Series, or Grimnoir are both good. He knows his guns, too. Help keep from taking things too seriously.
  3. I shoot Single Stack. I did shoot one match in Limited Minor, but that was many years ago, and the witch is dead. Er... Make that, "...and the gun is sold."
  4. I'd second (or is it forty-second?) the motion to get one of the good dry fire manuals. Really helps to learn things right the first time, rather than have to learn, unlearn, relearn, rinse, and repeat. Ask me how I know.
  5. I wouldn't suggest it. Lots of people don't have much strength at all in their ring and little fingers, especially on their off hand. If that's the case for you, then you could very easily be taking away 90% of your available grip strength, and using it to work the trigger.
  6. Learning eye movement is interesting, since it doesn't really need to be practiced with the gun. If you find yourself with a few minutes to spare during the day, pick out a doorknob, a light switch, and a power outlet, something like that. Practice flicking your eyes back and forth. Once you've got your eyes moving well, you can start following with the body, with the idea being to use the body to drive the gun to the next target.
  7. I think adding some group shooting back in to your regimen is going to be your friend. I know when, a few years ago, I injured my right (dominant,) hand, I had to switch to shooting lefty. Until the right got healed enough to be a support hand, I spent most of my time working actual Camp Perry style, one hand Bullseye. I started shooting groups I wouldn't have thought possible before. When I started practical training again, the two styles really seemed to cross pollinate.
  8. I put Dawson's pre-cut option on my dad's G17. Went on easily, fit well. I only shot one match with it myself, but worked just fine, I thought. ETA: his was a G3, with the finger grooves, and the tape was nicely designed, with holes to accommodate the ridges.
  9. I started with some random blackhawk pouches that I picked up somewhere, but never liked them, as they didn't hold position on the belt very well, and tension wasn't adjustable. You just got what you got. When I finally decided to buy some decent gear, I went with DAA (Double Alpha Academy.) I got their belt, and the dedicated single stack Racer pouches. Talk about a revelation. I'd highly recommend them. I can't speak to the Ghost setup, as I've never played with one.
  10. I started loading with a square deal, had an L and L for about a week, and now have a 550. The square deal works pretty well, but is a bit of a nuisance to change calibers. The 550 works really well, and is a breeze to change over. The Hornady was a hairy nuisance, so it went on down the road. I've only seen a 650 in use at friends' houses, but it seems like it would be a big fast press for one caliber, but not one you'd want to convert back and forth all the time.
  11. I use the DAA dedicated single stack ones, and would strongly recommend them.
  12. I have pretty severe astigmatism, too, and I found that contacts would usually shift and blur out at exactly the wrong time. Or pop out. Or dry out. Or otherwise make nuisances of themselves. So I just wear glasses. Simple, and you'd have to wear eyewear anyhow, as safety equipment, so why not put your correction in it?
  13. I use my middle finger, but that's because I shoot lefty. I don't know if it's the fastest way, but it's the fast enough way, since the speed limiter for me is always getting the mag to the gun, not getting the old one out.
  14. I just go ahead and drop mine, but they're CMCs with plastic base pads. I have a set with rubber pads, but I've never started using them. No issues so far.
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