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  1. belus

    Problems with Shadow 2

    If I ease the slide forward on a round mine might hang up about 1/8" from battery. It needs the full stroke momentum to get that last bit. I'm loading Acme 147 FP at about 1.12. Haven't had any failures across the ~14 mags of various ages and condition that I use indiscriminately. An inch out of battery is huge and your failures pretty rare. Did you recover any of the rounds that the gun jammed on and inspect them? Any weird marks that would suggest the bullet nose dived or the that the case mouth had a crease?
  2. belus

    17 or 22 for USPSA

    These both contain the advice I would give. Start saving money for a reloading setup for either caliber if you don't have it already. A basic Dillon setup will run about $550 and pay for itself over factory in a year or two. If avoiding detailed stage plans and multiple reloads is still your goal in a couple months you could consider a $180 optic cut slide for your 17, a $350 optic, and a pair of $40 mag extensions to run in Carry Optics. All your existing Production gear would transfer over, though 5 mag pouches won't be necessary. If you really like Limited and major PF, then a magwell at $70, a frame weight <$50, and a sight block on a glock 35 barrel for ~$140 would create a pretty competitive limited gun out of your 22. Competitive enough to win local match divisions, and by the time it's holding you back the cost of a new gun won't be very significant.
  3. Six is sufficient with 8 round mags. People generally only wear 5 if they have a 10 round gun. I have six pouches on my SS rig and do the barney load juggle at Make Ready. I also have six pouches on my Production rig, but that last pouch just gets stuffed by an 11 round mag for a simpler Make Ready. I think this is a little excessive, but it gives me comfort on the rare unloaded start stage, and I have accidentally pulled two magazines out of their pouches in a reload on occasion.
  4. I don't think a smaller person needs a smaller grip on the gun. My hands have broad palms and relatively short fingers and my preference is for wide grips on my pistols. I built a 9mm 1911 with thin grips for my very petite partner, but her preference swung towards the 2011 width as soon as she held one. I think our OP is on the right track picking up a Glock, even though they aren't my favorite. I'd encourage him to get one of the MOS versions of the 34 or 17 just in case carry optics starts to look appealing.
  5. I suggested those CZs because I really like them a primarily Production shooter. The SAO triggers can be wonderful. I dabble in Single Stack too, and they all wear 19-20 grips, which is my 1911 experience. I really think you'll find better value via higher quality at a given price point in the 1911. If you're looking to minimize weight for a higher price maybe an aluminum/plastic framed 2011 without a magwell can [get] you there, but I don't personally see its advantage. I've drooled over the Briley Platemaster for years. [edit in brakets]
  6. First, I have to admit I don't shoot Steel Challenge. I plan to pick it up next year as a less sophisticated gun-handling sport to do with my SO. One of the attributes of SC that makes it less attractive to me coming from USPSA matches is the number of different divisions. With no PF requirement, I'd much prefer a division breakdown of based on irons/optics, center/rim fire cartridges, hanguns/rifles. That's nine divisions compared to the current 13? Maybe revolver guys need their own with DA every shot, I'm not sure. Anyways, it's a low-value perspective, but I think I'd like the consolidation of divisions. eta: @lstange has been producing some very interesting graphs comparing major/minor and divisions based on USPSA data. I wonder if he could provide some insight into how different SC divisions actually are based on high-level match results.
  7. Because if you need more than 11 rounds of 9mm your time is already uncompetitive. For Steel Challenge get a 9mm 1911 and shoot it in Limited and/or Single Stack. Then come over to USPSA matches and shoot Single Stack, or go to IDPA and shoot ESP. If you like the feel of the 2011 over a 1911 then get the 19-20 grips from DS Perman. It still saves you money and is a better value. In fact there's a great deal on someone else's 9mm 1911 in the Classifieds right now. I'm amazed it hasn't sold yet: edit: If you're really unimpressed with the 9mm 1911 idea then the CZ LSP with different safeties or this Accushadow Lite off GB would be my other preferred choices https://www.gunbroker.com/item/820064831
  8. Regarding Flip & Catch, I don't really mind it as an RO but I prefer people to just let the round fall. I had an older guy almost DQ himself two weeks ago trying to catch the flying round by swinging the gun sideways towards me.
  9. Its fine for rules and bylaws to change as needed for the organization. I want to know when the citizenship requirement for voting was added and who proposed the idea. They have procedures for both and there should be a paper trail of the proposal and change in the minutes, but I'm struggling to find it. Finally the bylaw should say resident if that's the standard they actually use in elections. Is this a change I would propose through my section coordinator first, or do I approach my area director immediately?
  10. That's not a fair sentiment to those of us who've paid a lifetime of dues and then they change these bylaws without comment or notice in the middle of your membership. I spent a year and half living in South America, and while I wasn't actively shooting during that time, I still would have be eligible to vote for USPSA President under the current bylaws. Even though I was eligible, I would not have been sent a ballot because I didn't have a US address at the time. The bylaws need to be updated to reflect the actual standards they're using.
  11. Okay, if the standard is residency that makes sense. Why does the bylaw say Citizen, and who proposed the change? eta: Just need to add that I really doubt the the number of non-resident members is enough to swing the election. I don't really mind Canadians (or the Mexican shooters we enjoy in Houston) having a say in the competitions they participate in. The dozen times per year the Mexican team comes up here is probably more than the average number of matches a new member has shot and they have more at stake.
  12. belus

    Shadow 2

    Mine has lasted 7-8000 rounds and looks fine. I don't see any reason to remove it. The 75s I own don't have them, nor do I feel compelled to add them.
  13. I think it's pretty shady to have the nomination deadline after the main voice of the sport's publishing deadline. Someone in the org clearly dropped the ball. Even more so when the editorial board decided to run only a single candidate profile. Mike Foley's should have been pulled and the election postponed to accommodate their nomination deadline.
  14. Mike Valentine for USPSA President: I'll be honest I dont have any experience at that level. Currently in work at a large indoor shooting range/ gun store as the Inventory Coodinator. Before this I was the assistant operations manager at a small commercial reloading company. My main duties involve cost analysis, procurement, and pricing. I help manage the retail sales team as well. (This seemed important enough to include even after the post length limit)
  15. I don't use it either... let's see how well I can format this for the Benos Forums. There's a little bit of editorializing here because of post length limits and limiting which questions I transcribe. I think I've hit important ones though. His initial policy post Question Mike Valentine for USPSA President: Eric Wise, thanks for asking. I believe we could do things like give ROs that work level 2 and 3 matches a discount on their membership, hold a match for them and only for them as a thank you, or send those ROs a special thank you package. As for the classification system, we need to move some of the flat footed to inactive status and create new ones with more movement. As for supporting the clubs, working with suppliers to help provide equipment at a reduced rate would be a start. Question Mike Valentine for USPSA President Sorry Ladies, I just noticed this. I believe the ladies program and the junior program are great platforms for our sport to reach outside of our organization. We need to build support for both programs both at a national level, and also at the local level. Question with follow-ups Mike Valentine for USPSA President: the vast majority of classifiers are flat footed and are under 16 rounds. The vast majority of the type of shooting we do is medium to large field courses and are almost never stationary. How does that help to classify your ability to shoot a match? As for the rule books, some people have and easier time reading and comprehending things written or typed on a page rather then on a phone or tablet. I am one of those people. If the people who are helping to work these matches would prefer them in paper, its a no brainer. Mike Valentine for USPSA President: Harrison Diamond ask IPDA how that easily changeable rulebook worked out for them, just saying. I get it but there are still people confused as to what rules they need to follow for PCC because the rules have changed all to often. Mike Valentine for USPSA President: Jon Oum the classifiers themselves are the majority of they system. The fact that someone can shoot only classifiers and move up to be a master or GM without ever participating in a higher than level 1 match is not right to me.
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