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  1. No. If you want a snappier load take the comp off and shoot 115s. I've seen a couple glocks crack their slides shooting major. People don't do it for fun, they do it for points. If you're shooting steel it's unnecessary and extra wear on the gun, assuming your gun can even handle it. Most modern pistols can shoot major PF for a little while, few can do it steadily. You need pretty close tolerances to prevent the gun from battering itself to death and I wouldn't trust that to exist in any pistol that wasn't hand-fitted. Even Tanfoglios are known to eat locking lugs and they're ostensibly built for it. Also you're new to loading for pistols. If you make a mistake and the glock detonates the forces escape down into your hands. Other models have a bit more protection and blow the hood out of the slide. Either ruins the gun, but one lets you come back next week.
  2. I have the brass Scales on the 75 Shadow and really like how the gun balances now. The balance point of the unloaded gun seems to be just in front of the mag release. When loaded it feels like all the weight is carried between my palms. The S2 with lighter Lok grips on the other hand, seems to balance on the front edge of the trigger guard when unloaded. There's a subjective feeling of dragging the nose of the gun around in wide transitions. I also really like the width of the gun with Scales grips. The extra width is pretty low on the grip so it doesn't interfere with my stubby finger's ability to reach the trigger in DA, but it still spreads the recoil through my whole palm. Very narrow guns sometimes feel more violent at the same PF because they wedge themselves deeper into my hand with each shot.
  3. I don't find the grip ergonomics that different, but it does take me a little time to adjust to the different timing of the gun cycling. I currently shoot a CZC 75 Shadow after about 10k rounds through a CZC Shadow 2. These represent the two extremes of CZ weights in the game and I found I prefer the balance of the lighter ones. Another shooter at our club also has a preference for his SP-01 Shadow over the Shadow 2. In my specific experience, the Shadow 2's DA trigger is smoother, but I think that might be down to variations between individual guns more than a design difference. I don't think one model really has an advantage over another. If I were shooting both games I'd definitely get the lighter one.
  4. belus

    BE Blog

    Any connections you might be able to draw between your interests in motorcycling (still on an 800GS?) and shooting/living.
  5. We have a newer C-level Production shooter at my most regular match who has been doing pretty well with his G34: likely to get B-class soon. A couple months ago he mentioned switching guns so I lent him a Shadow 2 and a 75 Shadow (short dust cover) and their associated gear. After playing around for a couple weeks he figured the G34 was good enough and it wasn't worth switching.
  6. The pre-B mags, meaning before the 75B designation, have a matte black follower with a smooth transition to the slide stop pad. They have three witness holes on the left side of the magazine (when loaded, muzzle forward) and one witness hole at the bottom on the right side. There's a rolled dimple rising vertically from the base plate on each side that guides the spring and prevents the follower from moving too deep. They hold 15 rounds and are generally matte blue or possibly parkerized. Sorry that I don't know a source for them. I sold all of mine to some guy in New Jersey years ago. I believe you could put the SP-01 19rd base pad on the pre-B mags and get a flush fit with the bottom of the grip.
  7. I think you're going about this right. Test the waters and experiment with you have available before dropping a lot of cash. If I were you, my next shooting USPSA investment to consider would be a Dillon 550. It'll probably have a bigger impact on your shooting than any other gadget.
  8. I was thinking this one where the previous owner went the extra step to tri-top the slide. You'd want an extra two magazines and mag pouches for USPSA but it's otherwise ready to run. It's perfect for IDPA ESP as is. Window shopping for the perfect gun can be fun but it doesn't change your scores. It's also important to get some regular match time under your belt before you drop a lot of money on gear. Don't outsource your preferences to other people's opinions; experiment yourself and see if changes actually have an impact on your own performance.
  9. Woodsparrow, do you reload? If no then get a 9mm. As some people had suggested earlier, buy the Trojan that's a smoking deal in the classifieds and comes with all the accessories and just start shooting. Your questions are all over the place this week. Maybe open one thread on "Which division should I shoot?" and start there. What division(s) do you currently shoot? I personally shoot 40 or 9mm in single stack, but I also primarily shoot Production. I didn't want to source and stock LPP or tool up to start reloading 45 which drove my decision.
  10. I want to second these. The big open pockets let lots of meaty flesh flow into the grip which helps lock them down. They're flat which gives a nice reference surface for your index. They're wide at the bottom to provide lots of surface area for your support hand, but they're narrow up top to let your index finger reach the trigger unimpeded.
  11. But note that the 550 style priming system is also similar to the 1050's. On the 550, priming and depriming are done at the same station and it tends to get a little messy. I haven't heard as many complaints about the 1050's priming. I would expect the 750's priming to have fewer issues than the 550. I slightly prefer the 550's priming system over the wheel of the 650, but the primer feed stop available on eBay makes them more comparable.
  12. I think this is totally reasonable. Seems like it was a new shooter based on their comment to RO#2. RO#1 missed the call and the opportunity to coach (preferred) or bump them to open per the rules. If I was RM I wouldn't stress about the reshoot and just let the score stand. It's a teachable moment to RO#1 to pay attention to the guy with a loaded gun.
  13. I don't think you'll have much luck with suggestions on this site. Try The High Road for example. These questions are right up their alley. This is mostly a competition based forum and the perspectives and opinions you encounter will reflect that. Not to scare you off or make you feel unwelcome, but if "practical shooting competition" is not your interest, then you might find replies and commentary less than helpful. The HP isn't much discussed here because it hasn't been competitive since the '80s (?, sorry Jack) and doesn't hold up very well against the high volume of shooting people expect in the sport. Its a gorgeous simple design in its own right. The CZ and 1911 are rarely compared because they don't compete against each other outside of maybe IDPA's ESP division. Finally to your question, I don't know what the 1911, HP, and CZ would possibly have in common aside from there being multiple barrel locking lugs tilting from recesses in the top of the slide. They all have different barrel link/cam designs and hugely different unrelated trigger mechanisms. Maybe people just assume there's a relation because of the ball cut recesses in the front of the slide? It sounds more like a list of should-buy guns from 1980's enthusiasts with a bias against plastic. If you want a comparison of Wonder Nines check out this section: https://forums.brianenos.com/forum/211-quototherquot-amp-pistol-comparisons/
  14. Is this magazine issue on a PreB pistol? They're known to be slightly narrower than the guns built in the last 20 years or so. The 18 round magazines are a hair narrower than the others and generally fit the PreBs without issue. The new nickel plated ones can be thicker and reluctant to drop free on some guns.
  15. I have this mark on all four of my CZC guns. Don't sweat it.
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