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  1. I've used the Infinity one linked above, the XL Techwell, and the Dawson Ice. My SS guns all have Dawson magwells now as I liked it best of those three. If SS were my main game I would have the Stan Chen Gen2 Magwell installed on my pistols. I might have it installed on one this spring regardless. I think a SS magwell's principal advantage is not in adding width to the opening, but in straightening the magazine should it hit the opening at an off angle. To this end, I want a very deeply blended magwell more than one which is wider than the grips.
  2. Its actually on a whole dedicated press without a primer system. I like being able to dump either 40 or 9mm in the casefeeder and process without changing anything, though you can't process a mixed batch of 9 and 40 this way. And I say process, but it might be better described as expensive automatic decapper. The toolhead has four dies on it: Dillon universal decapping die Lee universal decapping die, with FFB RCBS pin conversion Dillon 40sw sizing die Lee 40sw U-die 9mm sizing and swaging are done while loading. It goes much more smoothly when I know a
  3. I use Metalform/Dawson in both an STI and SA single stack 9mm. I like them, but it took a little turning to drop free and it is very difficult to empty a full magazine by hand. They run fine though. I also have a cache of ETMs but haven't used them because it's too difficult to load 10 and I don't have a need to explore more options.
  4. I like a wide gun in spite of relatively short fingers. Having a lot of surface area to grip feels like I have more control. On the S2 I started with Lok Palm Swell Bogies, but had to shave down the right side grip a little so my trigger finger could comfortably reach. I've now switched all my CZs over to the SSI Scales 2.0. I especially like the flat sides more than the egg shape for a consistent index. The big pockets provide a lot of grip without being sharp.
  5. I have a loaded round from the mid 40's. It might be '43. A local guy was shooting it at a match last year and I asked to keep one as a collectable.
  6. If I were your RO at a local match I'd let it slide too, but I'd also warn you about having it for anything larger. I wish we could use a magnet for make ready and show clear in the lo-cap divisions, but the rules aren't written that way. I keep an extra sixth mag pouch at about 5 o'clock on my belt for the barney mag. It doubles as a hanger for my muffs.
  7. I like going places more than I like arriving. I have a couple years to figure out how to rig a side car before my wife and son can go motocamping with me.
  8. These scores used to be hosted by Rio Salado too, but it looks like they've rebuilt their website and I can no longer find an archive. I didn't know Area 2 hosted legacy scores until I used a very narrow Google search. I used to live in AZ so I knew where to look for my old scores.
  9. I started in the internet era, but before electronic scoring. It was paper sheets for each stage and clip boards. You'd turn in your score sheets at the end of the match and wait for the stats person to run the numbers and e-mail you or post the results to the website. Sometimes it was same-day service, but often you wouldn't see until the next day. There definitely wasn't an option of checking your standing mid-match. The results were just a big text file printout with different sections for division or stage breakdowns. This is the oldest archived score I could find of a match I've
  10. I say buy it when you need it. They don't increase in price faster than anything else. I'd also say buy a 550 over the 750, unless you know with good confidence what you're planning to reload and how much. Since you are willing to let it sit a couple years, I suspect the 550 would fit your needs and budget better. Loading with two hands is not as sexy, but it's the more versatile and robust machine. I'm planning to sell my 650 because the 1050/550 combo dominates its niche.
  11. The one with slide cuts is not legal. Rule D5 22. If it's one of the Doug Koenig models go for it. There's nothing special or wrong with the SW 1911s with respect to aftermarket parts. eta: I think the Pro Series is another name S&W uses for 1911's without holes in the slide. Or was there some sloppiness in the title and you're asking about a S&W 945? The 945 is not legal.
  12. I agree with this. 10yd and 25yd are often the same zero on pistols. In south Texas I've never seen paper beyond 35yds or so. Poppers are sometimes set out at ~70yds, but they're big and tall.
  13. This isn't exactly a sight rib, but it's similar and decently cheap: https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1572030A I'm not sure why you'd want one though. If you're trying to slow the slide down get a new firing pin retaining plate and put a smaller radius on it. I like HPs, and my first centerfire pistol was one, but they don't have a great reputation for durability. I only have an early Mk II now and it sees little use, though I've never seen a simpler handgun. It's main purpose is to get disassembled to show new shooters how the internals of pistols work.
  14. This is an important question because all the holes are off center in the same direction. If the bullets were precessing or tumbling I'd expect that feature to be random.
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