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  1. @IHAVEGAS linked to this match earlier, which may be a good proxy for LoCap Nats: https://practiscore.com/results/new/78817 It was described as a hose-fest though. I didn't shoot it so I can't really say. The first half of the video is the HOA shooting minor SS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-Zo_kZFQlw
  2. I suspect, confidently enough that I would not put money towards it, that a full length dust cover would be considered prohibited under Appendix D5 #22 Prohibited modifications and features "External modifications such as weights or..." One of the best resources regarding SS rules is the guy who wrote them: @Gary Stevens. Searching his post history I found your question had been asked before. If you want to game SS you could get a 5.4" gun built. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/193456-54-1911-in-single-stack/?do=findComment&comment=2161148
  3. I don't think a full length dust cover is legal. In Appendix D5 section 23 I think this generally means the dust cover is not allowed to be over 3.25 inches, regardless of whether it's cut for a rail. That's the only place I find a dust cover referenced though. Many custom guns are built on a JEM extended frames (https://www.jemguns.com/extended) which are then cut down to the 3.25" requirement. ETA: One of my minor SS guns is an STI HexTac which has light rail but is also tri-topped. I needed an aluminum mainspring housing to make weight, but with that it wasn't hard to get to 42.3oz or so.
  4. Ebay or here would probably get you $100 for both sets of current sights. That's net $60 to have both guns set up the same and would be worth it to me.
  5. I shoot regularly with a guy who uses an open Glock. He has a couple and sometimes runs 9mm and other times 40, both using 17/22 length slides with comps. They both run reliably, but... The 9mm really beats the gun up. I think I've seen him crack two 9mm slides in a 15-18 month span. 40 seems a bit easier on the parts, has enough case volume to make a lot of gas, but you're looking at 24 (?) rounds in a big stick? The slides both cracked under the ejection port just in front of the extractor. I'm not going to play in open, but if I did it on a Glock I'd probably choose 40sw with 135gr bullets.
  6. I'd be really surprised to hear of anyone being DQ'd for using a squib rod in the safety area, regardless of the rule language/interpretation. I'd argue that rules need space to safely repair a firearm and should be interpreted to permit that. 10.5.5 (sweeping) clearly says during the course of fire. 10.5.19 is PCC only. 10.5.20 says course of fire must be over to clear a squib. (repeated guidance in So pistols are pretty straight forward: clear your squibs after the course of fire in the safety area. Regarding PCC, I would argue that 10.5.19 is about handling the gun before and after the course of fire because it is specifically directed at casing/uncasing or moving the PCC from a rack/cart. The sweeping language is to take care of situations where there's somebody between the berm, where the gun should be pointed, and the shooter. IANAL
  7. The zip tie is a good idea. Or a bit of weed wacker string etc. I'll post my thoughts on DQing in the other thread.
  8. That's a tough situation: indoors, another shooter, low PF, single action only gun. Based on where the barrel cracked I think your squib almost made it out. A bullet closer to the breach would have probably burst through the ejection port. I've had two squibs in my CZ and one scare. The first was light powder load and made it partially down the barrel. I stopped because the recoil felt funny. The second was a no-powder load. I also stopped because of a weird recoil impulse, but the bullet didn't make enough progress to chamber the second round. My one scare was not actually a squib, but very light charge that I interpreted as one. Thankfully I was outdoors and able to see some light down the barrel before continuing. If I was indoors I would have stopped myself and put a rod down the muzzle. I attribute the squibs to short stroking my 650. I kind of miss the simplicity of my old 550.
  9. I have an Armanov in 9mm. It's the only case gauge I use. About 15% of my loaded rounds don't pass the gauge. Anything I load runs in my CZ, so the gauge is not really necessary. Anything that passes the Armanov will run in my SS STI. Without case gauging, about 1% of rounds jam the STI while partially fed. I like that the Armanov is holding rounds to such a high standard, but that standard might be too high. Either way, I know a round that passed the gauge will work even in my most selective pistol. (Separately, I need to find someone who can make that pistol less finicky.)
  10. I wish SS was more popular, but I'm part of the reason it isn't by often shooting Production for the extra competition. I also think it's totally valid to compare your SS scores to the Production guys. Lots of local matches are built around 10-round arrays so minor usually plays better in the stage breakdown. I suspect major has the advantage in classifiers though.
  11. Be careful about where your palm lands.
  12. I don't know if a 170mm 40/10mm mag exists. But lots of guys run Wilson 47D mags to feed their 40s so I assume a Wilson 10round 45acp mag would be a good place to start.
  13. belus

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    Remington primers?
  14. I'm really tempted by those too. The only thing saving me is that I don't have the dies or components to reload 40 yet and that's enough of an activation barrier.
  15. I would shoot SS if it was a more popular division locally. I have a nice 9mm 1911 rig ready to go, but the last match had only four SS guys show up and 37 in Production. I think Illinois has a larger SS population than Texas so it's likely more fun there. I'm also in the middle of building myself a SS in .40 to play with major PF again, even though I rarely shoot the division. Ultimately they're very similar to me though. I currently shoot the Shadow 2 about 7% better on a given stage, but I suspect that's just because I have more time behind it. Matches don't feel different in SS vs Production. I imagine they're a lot different in a full-capacity division like CO or Limited but I've never tried those.
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