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  1. Is this magazine issue on a PreB pistol? They're known to be slightly narrower than the guns built in the last 20 years or so. The 18 round magazines are a hair narrower than the others and generally fit the PreBs without issue. The new nickel plated ones can be thicker and reluctant to drop free on some guns.
  2. I have this mark on all four of my CZC guns. Don't sweat it.
  3. Lots of gun parts are available. It's hit or miss what you'll actually find though. I don't know what the policies are. Some AR parts are verboten, some aren't. Whoever polices the postings isn't very consistent. I've seen older single shot 22 barreled actions for sale, which I understand would be illegal. I guess they look enough like plain barrels nobody flags them. You can get an SKS bolt carrier but not an AR. You can get an AR bolt though. Mags over 10 round aren't permitted, but if you label your 30 round AR mag as a 10rd 458 Socom mag it's good.
  4. I've seen them occasionally on ebay. Usually 3-400 for a complete used slide, barrel, and recoil assembly. You could also look for a CZ 75 SA slide.
  5. I slipped my S2 slide onto a 75 frame out of curiosity and couldn't get the barrel to unlock from the slide. The reverse seemed to work fine: 75 slide on an S2 frame. Not sure where the fitting would need to be done, but I don't see any advantage having the S2 slide over the 75 slide. The breach face to muzzle distance seems to be the same +/- an eighth of an inch. I'd sell the SP-01 Tactical (only because it's a decocker with the FPB) and use it to buy any flavor of Shadow that fits your budget. I'm really enjoying SKU 91762 right now and the S2 is mostly sitting idle.
  6. Don't place your unload and show clear mag on the magnet until the score keeper has recorded the time. Sometimes timers are set too sensitive and if the mag slaps onto the magnet it might register as a shot.
  7. My CZC assembled guns are also missing the date stamp. If you have the test target it should be dated by Eric Zinn. Otherwise my only guess would be to estimate the date based on serial number or call them to have it looked up.
  8. Not exactly the same, but I have switched from my S2 to the CZ 75 Shadow. I put brass SSI scales grips on the 75 and the balance is at about the first knuckle on my trigger finger. In contrast, with the S2 it felt like the gun balanced at the front edge of the trigger guard. The difference in overall weight is only about 6oz, but the balance is very different. It does feel different when shooting too. It took me a couple hundred rounds to drive the muzzle back down on the 75, where I relied upon the weight of the S2 to realign the sights. I had apparently adopted the timing of the S2 and my first couple stages with a 75 were Alpha-Headshot as I wasn't accustomed to the gun cycling slower. The 75, with its palm-centered balance and light muzzle, does feel much quicker when transitioning or getting sight alignment on the move. So yeah, I'm with you on the move to a lighter gun, but I'm still sticking with my CZC DA/SA triggers. Once upon a time CZC was cutting the dust cover on the Tactical Sports to make them lighter and quicker pointing too. Now heavy guns are in fashion.
  9. belus

    Thickest CZ grips

    I recently switched to these grips as well and really like them. I had been using Lok Palm Swells before, but SSI Scales are flatter and less egg-shaped which helps me feel where the gun is pointing. It has made my reloads a little more clunky though as well. They'll get back on track with practice.
  10. I've fallen once with the gun which turned out fine but it did reinforce the importance of trigger finger discipline when moving. I was running forward on a smooth concrete surface in worn motorcycle boots and my feet slipped forward when I tried to stop. The muzzle stayed pointing down range but also went up quite high and could have shot the ceiling of the indoor range I was in. I don't think I swept my feet, but it occurred to me afterwards that it would have been easy. Now I bring sneakers with me to the match so I can change out of all the bike gear.
  11. This is the advice I'd give. The G22 can get very competitive and I think it's really nice to have a front sight that stays in the same focal plane. Especially when starting, the best $200 gadget is a case of ammo.
  12. What about a Pachmayr thumb shield?
  13. Have you changed it at all from stock? I was having issues with the 650 primer system and pining for the simplicity of my old 550. But, I had installed the e-Bay low mass index ball and low power spring which are advertised as spilling less powder. When I replaced them with the stock spring and heavier ball bearing my priming issues went away. The low powered index ball didn't have enough force to reliably index the shell plate exactly under the primer ram and the lifting primer would occasionally hit the edge of the plate and flip sideways. Everything is working well now with Winchester SPP. I'm still in the market for a Super 1050 for brass processing and a 550 for oddball low volume stuff.
  14. I want to second Jack's advice. Double plugging is important to my shooting success, especially indoors.
  15. Welcome to the forums. I suspect you haven't gotten an answer yet because it's not too clear what you're trying to do or what your experience level is. Are you new to reloading, or just new to USPSA? Are you looking for major or minor PF loads? Are you in the USA? If you're planing to use the compensator you might want to rethink FMJ bullets.
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