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  1. Does it stop the magazine from locking up/getting wedged in if you insert it at weird angle ?
  2. So I just picked up a PT Evo grip, curious why you went with the Limcat magwell and how's it working out for you
  3. Range Panda definitely makes nice stuff, I have a couple of his scope covers and they are great!!
  4. Wow, that is really fast! Please share pics when you get it back - would like to see his finished product
  5. What kind of turnaround time is he estimating for fitting the grip to the gun ?
  6. My buddy switched from RTS2 to the XL and loves it. He's shot 3 matches with it and is going to swap all his out. The bigger window with clearer glass and a brighter dot are why. His bolted right up to the STI mount he had with no mods
  7. Was there a 2 for 1 sale What's a good price for one of these, I see a lot of $599 on line
  8. Steve - one question, after you filed it down so the Cheely grip fit, do you have any idea if a standard STI DVC style plastic grip still fits or would that be "loose" now ?
  9. Hey Nova - Do you notice the N320 being significantly cleaner ? Your WST loads are similar to what I run and haven't had a reason to want to switch it up but you never know
  10. Really enjoyed the match format, and had a blast ! Would have liked to have seen that ?? looking dissident arms shotty in action ??
  11. I have one of the Everglades on order right now, very anxious to try it out
  12. Hey Mike, have you had them do a review of one of your match videos? Just curious how long it took to get feedback and what they said vs. how you critiqued yourself
  13. If it would make you feel better, I'll take one for the team and shoot that Stock 2 and you can shoot my M&P ?
  14. Cherish your victories over him now Scott. Joey commented to me after the match and seeing your son " gee dad remember the days when you could beat me " Kids
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