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  1. So I had similar issue with "bullet straightness" going into the case with the standard Dillon seating die. I switched to a Redding competition seating die and problem went away. Its design seems to make the bullet go in straighter
  2. That looks awesome ! What finish are you getting on it
  3. Call Matt Cheely - he can sell you undrilled mount, I've had that same problem 517-448-4867
  4. 1.165 OAL with Hornady HAP 125 JHP
  5. Hey Pete - that rig looks great ! I've been eying the Zuca Carts how did you pick the "transit cart" out over the other Zuca models
  6. On his newest version, my 3XL just dropped on, no extra work Older versions you'll need to remove material from blast shield as No Steel said
  7. I loaded Rogers 125 gr purple PC bullets in my kids 38 Super open gun - Major PF - didn't notice any above normal leading of the comp, and not as smokey as the blue bullets
  8. Midsouth has Hornady $53 for 250 https://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item/001538734b250/38-super-comp-unprimed-pistol-brass-250-count
  9. I bought the manual rollsizer from CED in July, I ran it manually for 5 minutes and switched to the drill option and hooked it to my 650 case feeder and never looked back. I'm probably doing 3-4k per month in 9 and 40, very easy to switch back and forth
  10. No regrets with my Mr bullet feeder purchase, way better than sticking those little projectiles on top by hand
  11. I've been using these poly coated bullets in my limited gun https://www.kingshooters.com/bullets-pc-bullets-not-ammunition-/-26-3014 No issues at all
  12. Brazos 1911store.com has close out on Gen1 STI mags, a 140mm is $60 - These run great in both my 40 limited guns
  13. I've had one of these on backorder from immortal arms since December I liked the idea of being able to hook an old drill to it for a motor to speed things up - nice to see the positive feedback on it
  14. Nice, thanks for posting this - I need one in 40 - if they would only get them back in stock...
  15. I have a PT evo grip, went with the PT magwell, dropped right on, no issues.
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