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  1. vvshooter

    Southern CA ICORE Matches?

    Apple valley gun club will have a couple this year. Will set the dates in a week or so. Jim
  2. vvshooter

    Enlarging Grip

    Kixx I know this thread is a few months old what did you end up trying?
  3. vvshooter

    2019 IRC

    Yeah uspsa announced that high cap Nats will be the same weekend but in saint George Utah.
  4. Hello all . I figured I would ask here before going to the ICORE Facebook page. We are a small group and most the match directors are here any way so here goes. Next week we start vacation scheduling for next year at work. We have a 2 week window that I have to figure out when to plan for major matches. Does any body have any info about the regional championship matches that they can share. Or at least know when they will be announced? Thank you Big Jim
  5. vvshooter

    2019 IRC

    Thanks Alec I couldn't find the dates. We do our vacation scheduling in November.
  6. vvshooter

    2019 IRC

    Now that we are done with the 2018 IRC. Has there been talk of a date for the 2019 IRC?
  7. vvshooter


    It was a great match. Well run. Thank you mark and Bruce and all the volunteers that made this match. Also thank you to all the sponsors
  8. vvshooter

    Is Revolver officially dead

    Revo might be dead to some but it still lives. It definitely takes a patience and skill set that most aren't willing to take on.