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  1. When you do get it fixed make sure your loaded moon clips fall in the the cylinder so your reloads are not forced. If there is any resistance take out the oversized ammo.
  2. Judging by mesquite mahem, western states and Arizona state revolver championships I know we could have the numbers to make a good showing.
  3. I was looking through practiscore today and noticed revolver was being let in the match again (area 2). I wasn't aware they were letting revos shoot again but I was wondering how many knew it would be in the match this year . Also how many would have signed up? Currently it shows only 2 revos.
  4. I use ranch moons with Winchester and federal brass with extreme. 40
  5. My win brass is loose in the .35s. What moons are you using?
  6. Thanks for the replies. Its cool to hear stories from the past and there isn't much of a written history of the shooting sports.
  7. Half the fun of this sport is setting up new gear. I've always wanted a 610 . Hopefully you will get it set up the way you want. Post picks when its done.
  8. Hello all was looking at all the Past IRC scores and noticed the first winner was Micheal Plaxico. After the first I dont see his name. What happened to him? Also has any put to paper the history of past IRC,s and it competitions.
  9. Looking to shoot L6 Mark?
  10. I had one custom made for me by pat hogue. I wish I would have done it years ago. It makes a world if difference.
  11. My son and I will play a game when shooting groups. We will put a hole in the center and gradually widen it shot by shot.
  12. I've loaded .357 and .358 in 9mm . I just added a little more case flare.
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