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  1. Thanks for the replies. Its cool to hear stories from the past and there isn't much of a written history of the shooting sports.
  2. Half the fun of this sport is setting up new gear. I've always wanted a 610 . Hopefully you will get it set up the way you want. Post picks when its done.
  3. Hello all was looking at all the Past IRC scores and noticed the first winner was Micheal Plaxico. After the first I dont see his name. What happened to him? Also has any put to paper the history of past IRC,s and it competitions.
  4. Looking to shoot L6 Mark?
  5. I had one custom made for me by pat hogue. I wish I would have done it years ago. It makes a world if difference.
  6. My son and I will play a game when shooting groups. We will put a hole in the center and gradually widen it shot by shot.
  7. I've loaded .357 and .358 in 9mm . I just added a little more case flare.
  8. I do when shooting classic . Not so much with a limited set up. With a tighter moon clip and brass set up my limited gun would get hung up till I switched brass.
  9. 9mm works great and love it . The 38s hang up on extraction and the brass is bulged . I am more than happy to shoot it in L6. I haven't tried .38 shorts though.
  10. We'll more than likely just hit western states , northwest Icore and uspsa revo Nats . Just trying to fill in the between . More than likely shoot more at Nrg and prg .
  11. My son and I are making out our 2020 schedule and were wondering if any other Revo shooters in the area will be shooting these matches?
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