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  1. 3quartertime


  2. 3quartertime

    John Wick

    John Wick was one of the very few recent flicks that you can tell someone is a good movie and not have to add that the gun play sux...
  3. 3quartertime

    guardians of the galaxy

    Absolutely loved this flick. Just serious enough to get past the stoopid and funny enough to get past the serious. I am Groot...
  4. 3quartertime

    Flexmoney has almost...

    I've hung out with Flex a few times so I'm at least 66.5 percent certain that he's not a phantom. But a "clever creation of this forum"? All I know about that is, many times over the years I've wandered by his lofty perch and thrown a hand full of pebbles. After a few butt kickinz I've learned to poke the bear and run!!!!
  5. 3quartertime

    Happy Birthday SiG Lady

    Happy Birthday!!! We know you're still partyin!!!
  6. 3quartertime

    Flags at half-staff for Nelson Mandela

    Nuff said. Good rant... Closed.
  7. 3quartertime

    IM845DV8 10 year anniversary

    Mark has not only been a great member for ten years, but he's been an awesome staff member too!!! Thanks for making this joint rock old man...
  8. Completely missed your 're-empower' ing... Glad you sailed through ready to kick butt and take names!
  9. Up date: Warpspeed writes;
  10. 3quartertime

    300: Rise of an Empire

    Definitely will catch this on the big screen...