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  1. 2003 The forum was a lot different then. Good memories. Lots of usernames from the past.
  2. Great show. Some interesting character paths. Billy Butcher is my hero! lol
  3. Nice. Once again the, All Seeing Search Engine
  4. RIP We've lost a good one.
  5. Awesome! Contacted AMG Labs. The orders take between 30 and 60 days.
  6. Ditto. During my long hiatus I moved south. Miss shooting with the crew up north, but it’s been fun and invigorating to get to know the folk in this area too!
  7. I dropped the PACT MK IV many times and I’d say it’s still going strong! The blue tooth to your phone function sounds pretty cool. Thanks all!
  8. The fun factor is awesome. I literally remember dreading going to matches. I think because I was so worked up about how I would do that I was defeating myself before I’d even start! Now I just don’t really care. The other day I had just finished shooting the practice stage. It was the first time I’ve shot a Texas Star since way back. I started and ended all messed up. When I was back reloading mags a fella that was watching said, ‘So what are you trying to do out here?’ I said, “Have fun!!!”. He looked at me a bit, then started to explain how to shoot the star better. The fear I have is that I’ll get to the old timer shooting method (stand and shoot all A’s totally ignoring the timer) before I make it back to where I left off! Lol...
  9. Looking for a new timer. Thinking either the AMG labs or CE pocket pro. I used to have a PACT MK IV that worked great. Looking for a smaller practice model this time. On the AMG labs model; Does the Bluetooth connect easily to an iPhone? How durable is it for drops and stuff? I’m guessing the silicone case is a no brainer. Thanks.
  10. Like many of the posts here I’ve recently returned to the game after an almost fifteen year break. A couple of things I’ve noticed; I’m older! I was in my mid thirties when I was active before. Now as I near my mid fifties I don’t move the same. No problem and the more I shoot the more I move, but it ‘feels’ different. When I was last competing I was working to make A in Limited. I’ve only been shooting again for a few months. Two regular matches so far. I’m lucky that the club close to me has practice stages set up most weeks. I’ve noticed that my mechanics are all still there, but my accuracy sux. I’m not taking the time to ‘see’ my shots. So I’ve had to slow way down. Basically I’ve found that to feel comfortable I need to be right on the edge of feeling too slow. Of course like usual when I’m feeling and seeing the targets my times improve. It’s a result of ‘trying’. Another thing that I’ve noticed is my enjoyment level is higher. Might be due to maturity (though I place no value in growing up!). It seems like before I found myself linking my enjoyment with my performance. Now I just go to have fun. Works!
  11. It was good. Been a while since I’ve seen the last two. Cool that they train so hard and well. Halle Berry looked great! ”It’s not just about a dog!” lol
  12. Do you reload for .40? I used to roll my own, but it’s been years and I sold my 650. Can’t really even remember what my costs were back then. I think the best price I’ve seen for .40 is about .26 to .28 for factory or vendor reloads. Sure would like to find a better deal!
  13. I’ve been known to lead those looking for answers to questions.
  14. Please allow me to welcome this South West Florida FNG to the jungle! Scott is my shooting buddy. He’s inspired me to begin shooting again and I’ve caused him to spend way too much money! Lol. I’ve been away from the sport and forum for a while, but I’m back and hope that I can introduce Scott to the greatest on line archive of practical shooting anywhere, ever. The first recommendation you’ll need is to stop listening to me!!! Lol Enjoy my friend.
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