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  1. Do you reload for .40? I used to roll my own, but it’s been years and I sold my 650. Can’t really even remember what my costs were back then. I think the best price I’ve seen for .40 is about .26 to .28 for factory or vendor reloads. Sure would like to find a better deal!
  2. I’ve been known to lead those looking for answers to questions.
  3. Please allow me to welcome this South West Florida FNG to the jungle! Scott is my shooting buddy. He’s inspired me to begin shooting again and I’ve caused him to spend way too much money! Lol. I’ve been away from the sport and forum for a while, but I’m back and hope that I can introduce Scott to the greatest on line archive of practical shooting anywhere, ever. The first recommendation you’ll need is to stop listening to me!!! Lol Enjoy my friend.
  4. Its like a fella leaves for a few years and they take his birthday away! lol Thanks!
  5. Holy nine year old thread revival!!! lol Thanks!
  6. 3quartertime


    We were all good. Thanks for asking! I'm on the southern lip of Tampa Bay. Irma rambled up the middle and was pretty weak when it got up here. The worse part was many folks were without power for almost two weeks! Hurricanes blow. But I'll take them to live in paradise! ?
  7. 3quartertime


    You guys have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time... ?
  8. 3quartertime


    "McCandles"? Movie reference?
  9. 3quartertime


    Thanks. So does everyone have the 'M.O.M. award now? lol... Who was the first M.O.M? Memory fails...
  10. 3quartertime


    The waves here are pretty good so no need to wander so much.
  11. 3quartertime


    "What I Like?" Stopping by the forum after being gone for a little bit and saying; Hi
  12. John Wick was one of the very few recent flicks that you can tell someone is a good movie and not have to add that the gun play sux...
  13. Absolutely loved this flick. Just serious enough to get past the stoopid and funny enough to get past the serious. I am Groot...
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