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  1. +1 to this, possibly include more info next time. That malfunction is typical of not having a ramp/decent feeding cone or handcycling and not actually shooting. Maybe ask taccom Tim what he suggests? Good luck
  2. Taccom ramp(if they still make them) file you’re own ramp shooting innovations barrel and bolt
  3. https://bravocompanyusa.com/bcm-extractor-spring-upgrade-kit/
  4. remove bolt weight first see how that shoots, then adjust buffer weight. Also try varying gn of powder, see what gives you the best feeling and dot track. At the end of the day everyone is different and perceives recoil differently.
  5. What buffer? Does the bolt have a weight in it? With a fast powder like sp and using a rifle primer you should be able to take the weight out of the bolt. With slower powders removing the weight isn’t ideal because the bolt will open too fast and throw unburnt powder out.
  6. Call and tell them you are a competitive shooter
  7. What is your load data and bolt weight?
  8. I have never broke a firing pin or changed the spring. I’ve shot over 40k rounds on my gen 2 iron city bolt, I’m fairly certain this is the pin they use. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-ar-9-enhanced-firing-pin-116003.html
  9. Not sure how the “Manny” start is legal Always specify safety on and held in both hands, and any other positions you come up with should be fine. Remember, no uprange starts, and no start positions requiring starting in the weak hand. A competitor may start this way if he chooses, but the WSB cannot specify it. PCC Start Positions Troy McManus, DNROI Because course designers need to state a specific start position for all guns, including PCC, there is no default or “normal” start position for PCC. While the handgun rule book lists a default start position for handgun
  10. I’ve shot stationary clays at 115yds with mbx and shooting innovations barrels. I’ve also hit 18” steel targets with both barrels (14.5”) at 300yds. My load was 115 gr eg jhp, 4.6gr wsf and app random brass. Oh and optic was 512t
  11. No particular order mbx jp shooting innovations
  12. Yes same issues, it will damage receiver and break the key on top of the bolt. You either need to use a spacer like Raylan posted above or shim it with weights.
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