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  1. When I’m shooting the 512 I don’t notice the housing. If I’m just looking down the 512 not shooting, I notice the housing. The 510 with shroud removed definitely has more of a cmore on steroid type feel when looking thru. It’s going to be preference. I chose the 512 for the enclosed housing. If you look at the 10 day forecast in my area 6 days have chance of rain 4 don’t. Also in sunny conditions I haven’t had glare or for wash out with the 512 or 510. With the 510 indoor or really sunny I would get the emitter reflection but very rare.
  2. go to mbx’s Instagram or Facebook
  3. By chance what is the heal toe drop on those? And tread life?
  4. Same shooter has won every pcc national with a different pcc and ammo every national. Question is what shoes was he wearing? IMO once you have a reliable pcc and tuned load the rest is on the shooter.
  5. I’m honestly more interested in the shoe swap. Why did he drop inov8? Is it because of the color change?(new blue is ugly) are boombahs more comfortable? better traction? do they make his entry and exits faster? Is he able to stay planted better while $&@$ whipping wide transitions? I need answers
  6. @Maxamundo It’s very possible I installed the eclipse wrong, with ar gold I can consistently get .11s. I only tried it for maybe 300-500 rounds.
  7. I agree with the lighter hammer spring, but I was under the impression the heavier toggle springs lowered the trigger pull weight.
  8. I would buy cr speed pouches if they made Chris Tilleys graffiti pouches available.
  9. I wish I would have been given that advice. They say speed is freedom of the soul....after shooting open I agree.
  10. aaron.brekke.73 on Instagram is him maybe contact him there.
  11. I was thinking about what he could have done. Theory I have is he can shorten the stroke more with hiperfire and it’s more reliable. With hiperfire possibly polish the edges and put a couple k rounds thru it. Will probably get sub 2lbs with no take up. Now if you could take the overtravel out of the hiperfire and be sub 2lbs with no take up, that would be a game changer if reliable.
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