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  1. Ive never had a mbx magazine with mbx guts cause a failure. Grams and mbx springs are both .052 wire cut by wolf. Only difference being the 4 coils on bottom.
  2. Bwillis

    170mm mags

    Round count to me doesn’t matter, I change the springs 1-2 weeks before a major
  3. since we are in a competitive sport, enjoy that disadvantage. Ill take my reliable 170s that hold 30, reloadable 29. 155s that hold 27 reloadable 26.
  4. The newest tubes are gen 1 redesigns around old blue. It is possible to use gen 1 tubes with gen 2 and gen 2.5 #9 followers, there is a trick to it.
  5. are they mbx spring and followers if so they don’t need to be filed. If they aren’t mbx they aren’t made for the mags. Mbx magazines use proprietary parts. Same for the “tuning kits” they are for sti mags not mbx mags.
  6. Heavier bullet weight feels sluggish in recoil. Splits don’t really matter but transitions do. The faster you feel shockwave or recoil impulse travel through your body the sensation of being able to rip to the next target can occur. It’s humanly impossible to outrun any bullet weight in a pcc but the sensation of recoil is what causes the delay.
  7. tell him to watch the mbx short stroke video on YouTube
  8. Tubes Gen 1 vs gen 2 change happened along time ago. Did you buy direct from mbx? Because the follower pictured looks like the old follower. The new follower should have round edges on the back corners and the #9 on the side. Also if you’re having issues it’s best to email @mbxextreme@gmail.com before gunsmifing
  9. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-custom-ar-9-enhanced-firing-pin-116003.html comes in the iron city bolt, it’s tapered instead of a shelved and that’s the key. I’ve shot over 50k rounds in pcc and never broken a firing pin.
  10. Buy the 2.6oz short stroke weight blitz offers or shim it forward with quarters or piece of Delrin to desired length.
  11. Drop your powder charge some, they will add 30-50fps if switching from a small pistol.
  12. If you do it I recommend loctite 603 retaining compound
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