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  1. The not hitting stuff unless they practice could be said for open and carry optics. Imo without practice you won’t get far in any division. If pcc has changed stages where you shoot, thats on match directors and whoever designs the stage. The problem I see and the banter about to directed toward pcc is from people who don’t shoot pcc. In which they shouldn’t care because you don’t shoot against different divisions.
  2. @IHAVEGAS I was shooting a different stage within 40 min max of ending the previous stage, the fastest turn bring 28 min. Thats with a squad of 11 max possible was12. We also had to wait for minimum 3 shooters in squad 301 that we caught on the last 4 stages. The mentioned squad was heavy on production/co/Ss. I only make these points as a open discussion to your 2nd point. We had the most pcc shooters in a squad the only pcc malfunction was to long oal. He had to shoot out the last round to show clear. Another open shooter was had extraction issues on 5 stages, malfunction can happen to any gun not just pcc. I think it might have something to do more with skill of shooter for how fast they turn stages and how well they maintenance the gun. But saying a heavy stacked squad of pcc shooters slows everyone down is a blanket statement. your point 3 that can happen with any class. If deliberate I would consider that a character flaw. I like Ike your 4th point!! i had fun shooting the match and thank you again for being a ro. your stage was ending stage 3 at 11:26 shooting stage 4 at 12:00 and stage 5 at 12:35 again with 5 pcc shooters out of 11 max squad was 12. That’s really good considering you had the 44 round stage.
  3. @IHAVEGAS what stage were you ro on? And that’s odd because my squad had 5 pcc shooters, 2 carry optics, 1 production, 2 open, and 1 limited. I was in 311 and we were the first squad done on Sunday. I also know the only pcc malfunction in our squad came from someone with to long oal and had to shoot out his last round to show clear.
  4. Smoke composite depending on your comp 13.5” hg if you have a mbx comp 13”hg. Tell him you shoot competition for 20% off
  5. Mbx extensions work up to 1.16 tti hangs up at 1.16 only have experience with the two mentioned
  6. Try again max beat vlieger by 4% at Magnus cup and was 2.16 percent off baker’s % . So far youre 0 for 2 in just this thread Pcc advantage what a joke, slower transitions, minor scoring, higher height over bore, Wider leans around corners. I’m curious at to what advantages pcc does have over open? Long shots is all I can think of I’ll give you that one.
  7. Putting rounds down range with a home defense weapon in a game with different scenarios seems very practical.. that’s my point. You complain about it being a pistol only match..when in fact it’s not, it’s practical shooting.
  8. My point is the P is uspsa is practical not pistol. You laid out some very good reasons why it’s practical.
  9. Gamer grip and a towel
  10. Buy quality jp, qc10 or mbx you won’t regret it.
  11. *cough* *cough* some mbx Glock mag greatness
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