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  1. they are great in my 650 and 1050. I only use one in my 650 in station 3 and in the 1050 station 5
  2. @bcp Holosun 510 or 512 cowitness for less height over bore. 45* offsets are slower than learning to aim for hard leans or switch hands.
  3. 2 3/16 and 2 it’s a sv comp
  4. this was 8.5gn hs6 115gn jhp v2 everglade small pistol primer #500 1450fps and 167pf switching to #400 primer got me in the 1500-1520fps range with the same load
  5. Granted I load 9 grenade I only use cci small rife #400
  6. https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2020/3/3/top-pcc-guns-in-2019/
  7. I like lucas ultrasonic cleaner followed by the punch hammer and scrape method
  8. I use atlas high ride ambi, I have big hands and have yet to accidentally flip them on accident.
  9. what does turning the echo down do beside picking up faster spilts? Does it add to the chance of more false readings?
  10. Practice is the best to tool to use for consistency. I tried grip tape it’s a great reference point, but it’s slower if you miss your index point. It is also slower to slide your hand off if needed. Angled foregrips, broomsticks, tactical Timmy cut down vert grips all change where and what position your hand can be in. IMO find you stock position from collarbone to shoulder pocket, set your lop. Then find the best position for your support hand on the handguard and practice hitting that same spot over and over and over.
  11. That’s funny tti doesn’t trust mere mortals to touch their precious pins. I can measure one give you the size. If you can get it from a hardware store?
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