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  1. 850-217-3021 call or text between 10am-5pm est
  2. The goal is to find a load that shoots flat with your setup. For me it doesn’t have to be soft or a certain pf just flat. I use Homies recipe 139pf load with a weighted bolt-blitz 5015- blitz weight- jp 308 carbine or yellow sprinco-mbx buffer-blue internal- and the longest mbx spacer in the stroke kit. My load is a 115gr jhp, 4.6gr wsf, cci 500 primer average FPS is 1210. Wsf works my comp that’s a plus, it’s a medium burn rate so I get longer lockup time (milliseconds matter) burns even, Meters within 20fps deviation. The longer the lockup the better the feel and more consistent FPS think cmmg guard or mp5 roller lock. It’s a lot of finding what works best for your pcc.I had the gen 1 blitz weight and had to turn it to .994 to get it to run reliable in my buffer tube.
  3. My advice, get the gun shoot it for 1000 rounds see what your likes and dislikes are. (Change the dislikes). With my qc10 build I found I didn’t need an extended mag release. Ask bmiller if he makes a magwell for gmr13. If you get a good magwell big sticks load faster. Before buying any mags or basepads, wait to see what is unveiled at the nra show.
  4. @RangerTrace while pressing the 36th round in smack the bottom of the basepad. Load your 40 rounds hand cycle 5 rounds out and try it again.
  5. Don’t just follow the pack, make your stage plan play into your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. If you shoot a stage below 80% find out what went wrong and improve on that. I tried the short stock on chest, it wasn’t for me I had a 1-3 o’clock dot track. I’m now loading my shoulder more into the stock, with stock all the way out. It makes a perfect 12 oclock track fast snappy dot.
  6. Started shooting oct 2018 first classification was January 2019 at B 67%, February was A 79% March made M 86%. Since October 2018 I’ve shot over 18,000 rounds of 9mm. I was dry firing 15 min to 1 hour every night from oct until last month when I made M. Live fire I would shoot on Wednesday morning if I was off work. I will get the range at 8am shoot a couple drills till 9:30 then shoot with the old timers on two uspsa stages. Stay and shoot more drills, typically 500-1000 rounds.
  7. @Xfive308 version has worked in 2 of my pcc’s for 1000s of rounds.
  8. Comps make a difference. How much difference depends on the powder you use and your overall bolt/buffer weight, 24-26oz total is ideal for longer lockup. https://taccom3g.com/product/extreme-feed-14-5-9mm-complete-upper-w-4-port-brake/ is the one I would get
  9. @anonymouscuban nice progress, keep pushing!!
  10. Mbx makes a +4/5 for the 31 rounder and upgraded spring.
  11. @tanfoglio1911 I’m sure it will be just as good, I struggled on reloads before getting his magwell. I couldn’t reload big sticks at all, had to use shorties. After I installed his magwell I was instantly and consistently hitting big stick reloads.
  12. I’ve shot 2 mpxs and I’ll take my franken9 all day long and twice on Sunday. One shooter m class has all kinds of trouble with his mpx. Another A class guy his will shoot anything and never had an issue. I don’t like cleaning guns for one and I like having a vast aftermarket product support for whatever part I might be changing that week. Sig mpx offers me neither
  13. John made some difficult stages for a first time shooter today so take that in to consideration.
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