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  1. I use aimcam and msa sordins, no discomfort at the Kentucky sectional which was around 9-10 hours match with glasses and muffs on.
  2. Ar gold if .223 hammer height works with cmmg bolt go with it, if not you can pick .308 hammer .004 taller or pcc hammer .008 taller than .223 hammer
  3. you leave out a couple of key details but paint the picture however you see fit.
  4. I had extreme bullet setback in the first 50 rounds I loaded with mighty armory die. I spoke with Wayne twice and he is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful I really wanted this die to work. We got the setback to only 10 out of 100 rounds but imo that’s to much risk for pressure spikes. I know some people have had good success with them but I know a few others have had my experience. Bench test my start oal would be 1.165 and push in to 1.10 with ease. Gun test 1.165 to 1.14s crimp is .375-.378
  5. Plated would be fine I’ve never loaded coated I stay away from exposed base bullets when using a comped gun.
  6. I use jhp because they are cheaper than tmj and cmj. I had bad experience with fmj clogging my apa comp after 500 rounds. After 2k rounds of fmj, I could feel a difference in recoil from my mbx comp starting to have lead build up in the ports. I never had feeding issues with my shooting innovations barrel or mbx barrel in 40k jhp rounds last year.
  7. 4.6 gr wsf with a 115gr jhp and spp is 138-140 out of my 14.5 shooting innovation barrel. Great feel, use it for uspsa and 3g.
  8. It’s completely normal as the mags are stamped and hand finished. You can email Adrian at mbxextreme@gmail.com or myself at brook.mbxextreme@gmail.com here are some photos of my match mags all run flawless without any issue
  9. Those old school sti cuts are what dreams are made of...
  10. double alpha has one coming to market soon
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