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  1. Blue buffer spring with the buffer in the 2nd hole making the buffer short. Pair with a yellow sprinco for the main spring. Then test the mbx short stroke spacers and match the one that reliably resets your trigger. also run the buffer wet it likes oil. I also recommend taking the buffer retaining detent out. First it gets in the way, second Ive seen the detent break and lock a trigger up mid stage.
  2. @Ryan N 115gn jhp (reduces lead fouling), on top of 4.6gn wsf with a small pistol primer. 1.12 oal..
  3. Install bolt weight try to get 24-26oz total weight dont stand so bladed to the target square your shoulders to the target.. use your body mass more efficiently ie put more shoulder into the gun, while pulling back with support hand get away from tg anything in pcc... I prefer a medium burn rate powder and 115gn.
  4. 510 http://www.tevosports.com/product/tevo-sports-optic-cover/ 512 https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0053TT5AO?ref=ppx_pt2_mob_b_prod_image
  5. A buddy shoots a gen 1 or 2 mpx at 135pf 4.3 n320 @ 1.130 with 124 precision delta jhp
  6. 36k rounds in 11 months 1 extractor roll pin 4 factory Glock 31 round mag bodies 1 buffer tube 2 barrels (1 si, 1 mbx)
  7. @RH45 512c https://www.opticsplanet.com/holosun-hs512c-red-dot-sight.html 512t https://www.optics-trade.eu/us/holosun-reflex-he512t-rd-elite-58069.html
  8. I’ve only seen them post 5% codes on holidays
  9. I agree with lowspeedhighdrag, my 510 starburst in 2 different matches from the rain. I spent the extra for the t model It’s 2 oz lighter than the 510 with its hood removed. Lifetime housing warranty and 10 year electronic
  10. Mbx 13.6” barrel 2.5” mbx comp mro 1/3 scalarworks 25 yards zero 115 grain jhp 4.6gr wsf, cci 500 primer 1210fps 0-3 yards poa 2.75” high or 1/2 over top of head for poi center of head box 5-7 yards poa 2” high top of head on perf for center poi headbox 10 yards poa 1” high for center poi headbox 13-25 poa poi 50 yards poi 1" high 100 yards poi 3” low 200 yards poi 15” low
  11. I have come to the same conclusion. After comparing my times and hf with and without.
  12. @Silverscooby27 Ar gold pcc trigger isn’t adjustable it’s set at 3lbs 8oz. You would have to buy a regular ar gold or sr gold trigger then send it to ar gold for the hammer replacement ($50 charge) to have the adjustments.
  13. I like the answer comp over the dragon. Similar design but the answer has more holes on top also you can plug the holes or open the holes to whatever gives you the best dot track. Better angle on the side ports with their bastard port design. I will say if you’re shooting coated or fmj get a comp that’s easier to clean. Fmj and coated would clog the ports on top of the answer within 500 rounds.
  14. I don’t know what you read but on blitzkriegs site and in the description for the 5007 it states recommended for use in 7.5” barrel and less. The 5051hd is recommenced for 8” and above. If anything call or text Brian the owner of blitzkrieg, he has great customer service and has vast knowledge about what applications pair best with which buffer. https://www.blitzkriegcomponents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RB5007 Quote from second paragraph in description of the 5007 Our recommended barrel length for selecting this buffer is 7.5" or less. For barrels 8-16" we normally use the RB5015HD buffer, however we do have customers who like the feel of this buffer the best even with the 16" guns.
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