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  1. Sorry for the long hiatus. The weird feeding and cycling issue is resolved! Thank you for your help. It seems polishing out the small step across from the extractor solved the issue. What is everyone’s thoughts on weak ejection? I am running an 11lb recoil spring currently and experience a weird stovepipe once every 150-200 rounds. The brass is half ejected and caught by slide parallel to the round below it. Is that an extractor issue? I have the stock extractor spring in it currently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I checked the breechface again and found a small "step" opposite of the extractor like you said above. I polished it down until it was smooth. Hopefully, this will fix the issue.
  3. I feel it with all springs--8,9,10,14. Obviously it less pronounced with the factory spring, but it is still there. I will take another look at the breech face and see if anything stands out. How many coils did you clip? It being a magazine issue seems more and more likely.
  4. I picked up some 115 RN FMJ OAL ~ 1.105 and 115 RN Blue Bullets OAL ~ 1.130 to try. Each round was plunk tested twice as suggested. They all passed, but the "ca-chunk" issue still persisted with all magazines at random. Any thoughts?
  5. Yes, this is my first Tanfo coming from a Glock 34. The learning curve has been steep to say the least. I have been testing with factory ammo. 115 RN FMJ OAL ~1.160" and 150gr Syntech FN ~1.109" After looking around at everyone's reloading suggestions, it appears these may be too long for their bullet profile. Is there any factory ammo that will run without issue? I did not plan to reload anytime in the near future due to living constraints. I have rn blue bullet dummy rounds with OAL ~ 1.115 that cycle well by hand.
  6. No, I've only used the regular power extractor spring with the old extractor. I will try the regular spring with the new extractor and see if it helps.
  7. Hello, Recently, I sent a brand new Tanfo Stock II over to Patriot Defense for their patented tuneup and barrel reaming. They also installed the extended firing pin, titan hammer, bolo, one piece sear, and Xtreme trigger. Out of the box the trigger was PHENOMENAL, both in DA and SA. Unfortunately, the first range trip was plagued with failure to feeds, and a weird "ca chunk" whenever the slide cycled. After perusing the forums here, it seemed I needed to chamfer off the breechface edge and polish the breechface. I got in contact with PD and they confirmed it was
  8. A little late to the party.. A118727 Production Class: B Pct: 60.0695
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