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  1. Thanks for your info. I just ordered a sample pack of Brazo's coated 124 gn bullets. Looks like I will be able to load these long. Tim
  2. Hi Can any one tell me if a cz tactical sport barrel can be throated with a standard reamer or will I need a special hardened one.I just picked this up and would like to be able to use a longer oal to go with my other guns. Thanks Tim
  3. Hi I just bought a cz ts my blue bullets are way to long for the cz,my extreme bullets fit just fine. I would like to stick with coated bullets,I TRIED 1.10 and it was still to long to spin. The slide would hit it hard enough to chamber it so its close. How short did you need to go,with coated bullets? I am looking for what you did,please don't tell me to load the shorter until they spin.I am just interested in what works in YOUR cz. Thanks Tim
  4. I just picked up a tactical sport. My loaded blue bullets are way to long for the short throat but by extreme bullets are fine at the same oal. is anyone using blue bullets or any coated ones and how short did you have to go? I tried 1 at 1.10 and it still wouldn't spin. whats up cz?
  5. I had my DVC OPEN done and it works great now. But to be fair it wouldn't shoot anything before going back to them.They are great to deal with. I would try a 6 lb spring first ( that's what I use) it might work fine.
  6. My go to load is a coated 147 gn bullet with 3.1 gns of titegroup Its very accurate and very pleasant to shoot.
  7. Anyone running coated bullets in there major loads. I have been using 124gn eggleston I know that the majority use jhp. Am I the only one? By the way I don't notice any lead buildup in my comp,just carbon. Tim
  8. UPDATE: I sent the gun back for repair after speaking with STI. I have not had the chance to give it a good testing yet but I will say that the service was excellent under 3 weeks to ship it to them and back to me.
  9. Maybe a little off target but I just sent my sti dvc open back for repairs and it was gone and repaired and back in just over 2 weeks. Thankyou sti. If I were you i would call and call back an hour later until someone gets back to you. Good luck Tim
  10. tswisher21

    X5 Blue bullets

    Just as an fyi Blue bullets does sell some of there 9mm bullets sized .356.With free shipping. I have ordered some 147 gn that should arrive this week.
  11. Is a 320 rx full size carry optics legal?
  12. My Lone Wolf conversion barrel works fine without changing anything but mags.I guess I got lucky too.
  13. would any one be loading a 147 gn bullet over autocomp? I am shooting bowling pins and need all the energy I can get to move the pins off the table. I am using 124 gn major loads now and would like to try a heavy bullet. please don't tell me to shoot a 45. my plan is to irritate the 45 shooters wo tell me I cant compete with them. thanks tim
  14. I have a sti dvc open in 9mm. anyone have a good bowling pin recipe? I have been using my 124 gn major loads and was wondering if 147 major would work better. any thoughts. Tim
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