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  1. If you approach it the same as some would the tea ceremony, then maybe you could get zen with it. I like that I usually clean my garage/shop to the nines before I start. Kind of gets my head in the right place to reload.
  2. I can't find a reason to touch the loading port. That thing is huge. As to trigger, I haven't modded mine as its a SG. I just have not found trigger work on a gun like this to be all that beneficial unless it's just heavier than heck. I just run drills with my Snova just for fun as I train with my other SG which is semi. Haven't had a short stroke issue and the recoil for a pump is soft. I've only got 3k shells through but it's the first gun I have felt so comfortable with out of the box in a long time. It is my favorite. It's a bit loose to run a bit dirty in the bush hunting. It has its flaws yeah but mine has been really great. I sent my dad a message that after this he can keep my model97. I know but that's how I feel. Holds 10 in the tube and eats shells voraciously at practice. I love to shoot it with whatever. Softer the better lol.
  3. Had to go out to the back yard to see if this is an issue, and I gotta ask, could you post an example? I load 2 under my right arm with gun inverted, and even with the gun at less than a 45, and my long legs, I'm not close.
  4. JimmyZip

    .40 TS Guide rod

    Yeah, that cheap plastic is just about what the doctor ordered unless you want to add even more muzzle weight to your TS.
  5. Currently back in CA, and working at a metal fab shop. So....... with that kind of money, I'd just buy the plates and build my own target system. Just steal a design idea from someone else or dream something up. I did just come across some hardened 1/2' 14x14 plates while visiting the folks in WA. They are going to be my SG practice plates by the end of September.
  6. Can I buy a pound of what you've been smokin'? You don't come up with that wording after a cup of coffee! LOL! Just choked on some water!
  7. I have always liked the idea that I buy bulk reloading items whenever I do a side job. I always have components on hand, and can crank out a batch at a moments notice. That was my desire, and that's where I'm at. Another reason is that I can rarely buy in large quantities, what I can reload. I don't go to gun shows all that often, so I like to just have the ability on hand.
  8. JimmyZip


    I thought they were just saying they were anal really loud.
  9. Cool! I love mine even for plinking with a shottie. Enjoy!
  10. This!! Rarely do I hear someone with lots of revolver experience complain about trigger control across platforms. Revolver really trains you to watch that front sigh and to have follow-through.
  11. Yes! That would be uber cool! I wish I had never seen this. I now want this gun. Looks like a fun rifle just for fun! Who doesn't like to reach out and ring steel at serious range? The idea of being able to fold up and pack this rifle is a plus too.
  12. You selling that G34? Production ready? Just asking.....
  13. So good to use this as a drill. I think if you consistently drill in dry-fire practice one sight picture per shot break, it really ingrains not only shot calling and respecting the shot, but also the make up shot times go down. You can see on breaking that shot, you erred because you know where your sights were when the shot broke and you just line up and break again.
  14. Looks like a 5" i'd contact them, I bet they'd run one for not much more.
  15. Check the Phoenix Trinity website. Seems like they have it for 250 bucks.
  16. Welcome, and have fun. I love the Glock 17 and 34. They are what I came to after shooting lots of other platforms. Jut lots of fun.
  17. I dealt with IID here in the past for the same thing on one of my jobs, they lost an underground neutral, and it fried quite a bit of electronics in the houses that were affected, but they made it right primarily because I had records of having asked that they meter the line as I was concerned with readings and fluctuations I was seeing. I would go through my insurance company as stated before. You might be surprised though. Sending bad voltages through a system causing lots of damage to homeowners, that is negligent. Many large utilities would rather just pay and be done with you. Striped1 is right too. You might want to get that checked out.
  18. Going to have to fire up the mill at my friends shop and make some stuff now. I really love to work with metal. Just fun stuff..
  19. I will have been married to my best friend 19 years ago this coming October. We have been through so many things, and still love and respect each other. Congratulations, it is a wonderful thing to be married to your best friend. Road trips, bon fires, floods, sick kids, all are better and easier with your best friend. The memories you collect are just awesome. May you make it to at least 50!
  20. When I have a bad day or a bad stage, I just remember I am not at work, or dealing with home repair or chores, I'M SHOOTIN! Which is by far better than either of the other things. The next day will be better. Dryfire, and relax, you will work it out.
  21. Thank you! Probably could tweak powder recipes.
  22. Feel and time are my best analysts for what you are describing. IF it feels flat, and the chrono puts that load in the correct pf range, you are good to go. Recoil management, that is a different story. If after you have practiced well, and feel you have your fundamentals down, try that load on the clock vs. some factory ammo, and see which is faster for you. I have found that often what I perceive as a hot round when I am shooting for groups, has little effect on my overall performance, as I can't really perceive recoil at speed. Once I start running and gunning, I am shooting my sights, and my plan, and have very little perception of recoil at speed.
  23. Flatness as in recoil or trajectory?
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