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    PMAG test?

    Something like that definitely needs pictures. Yes, and this is pretty major considering mags are MEANT TO BE DROPPED! Oh I gotta see this!
  2. JimmyZip

    Reaming the Barrel

    This is sound advice.
  3. You wont go wrong with that really. The BOSS hanger might be better, as suggested, but your choice is still sound. This will get you into competition with a reliable firearm, and some solid gear. Have fun, dry fire a bunch, and you will be happy I,m sure.
  4. I have to use a competition inner/outer system belt like CR Speed and DAA to keep it all together as I have little to no behind. Works like a charm.
  5. We should be out and competing against ourselves, getting better, and competing against our previous outing. Realistically this is an individual sport. You should be competing against the clock, and Murphy. If you put other competitors in your head, no bueno. So being competitive is a relative term. Can you best your best? If so, then you are competitive.
  6. I shoot Glocks now, so I have quite a few, like 20 or more. I load them before a match, and have a pistol bag that holds only magazines. Empties go on one side, and full on the other. With a G17, and a G34, one can never have enough.
  7. MGM? I just buy the big box. I really like the quality of their targets.
  8. Still using thumbs, load all my mags prior to a match. I just buy 10 rounders whenever I see them for sale. I think I have like thirty or something like that. Don't spend any more time loading mags at a match, but if I did, then I'd probably just use my thumbs as I don't have a pistol whose magazines are really that difficult to load by hand anyway. Last round being hard just lets me know its almost full. I load them with only 10 rounds in my hand to start though so I know anyway how many go in it. I've gotten pretty good at picking up 10 rounds at a time and just loading that many. Can't remember a time that I loaded too few. JZ
  9. First, I would get a really good sight picture on several targets before you go for the reload. It seems you aren't really getting your visual "hits" before you are going for the reload. You need to be honest and get good sight pictures so that your brain gets used to making that mental process subconsciously and effortless. You are going to find that there is a sweet spot for each gun you are using. My old TS I could keep the gun way up high, my Glocks, not so much. Run it both ways, high and low and you will find that spot that works best for you. You will rarely though go from the gun just getting a sight picture to a reload so fast. The clock, and your ability to hit that reload with consistency will tell you your sweet spot. Also, change the placement of your magazine in every pouch so that there is as little difference to your times or comfort from the front pouch to the rear. I remember that one from Stoeger years ago and have made it a regular part of my dryfire. Finally, rushing your dry fire will make you sloppy. being smooth and deliberate will build speed.It takes time. 15 minutes a day or 30 will add up over time and you will realize it in your comfort with the platform. Being in tune with the way things feel as you do them makes the building up of speed possible for me, and may help you too. Remembering how it feels when you do it right, and wrong also, went a long way in making my reloads smoother/faster. Good luck, and have fun. JZ
  10. Exactly. We usually know what is in our guns because of where we are in a stage, and relying on another feedback source for input sounds like a poor management of time.
  11. Load 2 and now quads is something that I have been working with. I bought a Chameleon fabrics vest and now am looking to buy some quad caddies for my belt. I never for the life of me thought I could do the quads until recently after I opened up the loading port on my shotgun. Shotgun handling is actually very fun. Wish I had the money to shoot my shotgun all day long, lol. If a significantly challenged person such as myself can do it, I am sure anyone can. By challenged I mean mentally and hell, I'm just not that coordinated. I need to practice EVERYTHING I DO! No talent whatsoever!
  12. JimmyZip

    Which one?

    Calamari raw as sushi. Good stuff. Elk, or Bison?
  13. This ^^^^ I messed with one and had problems after that. Replaced with the stock unadulterated spring and no more mags falling from my gun.
  14. JimmyZip

    This Forum

    In SoCal the past two weekends to work for a friend doing a promotion gig at the Coachella arts and music festival. Thanks to this forum and the Tap a talk app, I was able to put up with the ridiculousness by reading and following along until 4am with my ear protection in. This was my island of sanity in that world of festival confusion. I can now spend the rest of my year with relatively sober people. I did manage to take some folks from the UK out to shoot prohibited, to them, firearms. They had a blast to say the least, and all said hands down that the ARs were their favorite! I can't say I like them more than my Supernova or the 712, but hey, we all like something different! JZ
  15. Not necessarily. I think it sounds like a great idea. They could even ship the gun to each other, and i think there are numerous classifiers that can be used to run the guns.
  16. Charlie was definitely blessed to have had you for his companion. The fact that you paid homage to him here means a lot. I am one of those that believes that our pets have some sort of soul. I hope one time in the here after that we get to spend more time with those that we loved. Pets included. Sorry for your loss, it may be less painful as time goes on, but you will always miss that little guy.
  17. This is what I did a while back. I like shooting production primarily because I just found that I liked Glocks. I like the 10 round break downs, the lighter pistols, the reliability, the inexpensive magazines. I can concentrate on my shooting instead of my gun so much. Good place to go if you just want to concentrate on your shooting and not any of the peripherals you can enjoy, but are not necessary. Reloading is easier too as I just reload 9mm for the most part now.
  18. Really have found this to be a great place to research the mods I have done to my CZ 712. Really was impressed with how much easier it is to reload weak-hand load2 with the port opened up. I don't understand the need for the bigger button on the side for the bolt release, as I just put the shell on the lifter and push down, the gun loads the round, and I'm in business. The Nordic extension, the tube de-burring, the follower de-burring and polishing, have all made this little shotgun fun to shoot! Otherwise looking to put on sights, and this thing will be GTG. Great fun to run plateracks already with this thing and I'm making about twenty stakes with clay-holding tongs and a head on one side and pointed on the other about 45" long so we can get these thing out and practice practice practice without lugging tons of steel in the Subaru! LOL So if I want to shoot the lower recoil stuff that it currently won't quite cycle, I can open up the gas ports? What is the recommended size again? Trying to wade through this before I go to the shop, thought I'd take time and ask, so that I could just do it when I got there. Thanks, JZ
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