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    Eliminate unconscious sabotage. https://brianenos.com/visual-flow/
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    A tribute to Bud Enos https://brianenos.com/bud-enos-a-tribute/
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    The Goal of Training is… https://brianenos.com/the-goal-of-training/
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    Eliminate The Unnecessary. https://brianenos.com/eliminate-the-unnecessary/
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    To Push, or Not? Again. https://brianenos.com/to-push-part-2/
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    Thanks boatdoc!
  7. Thanks everyone! Our core group of homies, all fully-vac'd, are going to get together on the porch for a humdinger. Everyone's very ready - it's been too long.
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    3 Principles for Living, or, Care Less Part 2 https://brianenos.com/care-less-part-2/
  9. "Looks like I need to evaluate exactly what I mean by repeatability and what it means to one's improvement versus one's performance. The subtle difference between what you can do and what you're trying to do." I like that a lot. "So I'm constantly thinking how to improve the way people teach themselves." And I appreciate that hugely.
  10. benos

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    Shooting from The Set.
  11. I think that is key... that you can always refer back to it check your progress.
  12. Thanks, and I'm still pondering! It feels like repeatability needs something a little more, to indicate more than something that is simply repeatable. For example, say I can draw and shoot an A hit 1t 15 yards in 1.5 seconds, time after time, but I can also, every time, do that in 1 second. They are both repeatable, but the latter is obviously preferable.
  13. In case the "Zoom" app scared anyone, I edited the opening paragraph in my site.
  14. Hi Brian.

    Is part 2 of the transition drill still available?

     Cheers Mick

  15. I enjoyed your article Rowdy. I often define an effective action as: it must be consistently efficient. I'm currently pondering your "repeatability."
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