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  1. The trick is to be so focused on what you are doing that there is NOTHING ELSE. Especially, no trying, no hurrying or fear.
  2. Has anyone tried searching for this topic outside our forums?
  3. benos

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    The goal of your Natural Point of Aim, especially under the pressure of competition, is to…
  4. I have decided to keep the Forums up for at least another year, after the upcoming August 1. I had a Member who was going to help with the banner ads / Classifieds fees, and a few other monetizing idea... but he seems to have dropped the ball on me. So I will work on it as motivation permits.
  5. benos

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    When you do something, you should burn yourself up completely... 5 to Go!
  6. benos

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    What is important is to understand the operation of your own mind.
  7. benos

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    This week: Group Shooting.
  8. benos

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    SHOWDOWN! https://brianenos.com/showdown/
  9. benos

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    “We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” https://brianenos.com/why-are-we-here/
  10. benos

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    “Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” Or, sights or target focus. https://brianenos.com/sights-or-target-focus/
  11. Just now saw this. Thanks everyone!
  12. benos

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    Man's greatest asset is the capacity to direct attention. https://brianenos.com/mans-greatest-weapon/
  13. Funny timing... I have a blog post coming up on trusting awareness, at some point.
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