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  1. That's one of Candis's favorites. And I'd forgotten about Kung Fu Hustle!
  2. No, they said they are working on it and will let me know when it's ready.
  3. My brother is thinking about buying one, and asked me about it. I told him I'm clueless on that one. It would be a carry gun for him. Anyone have experience with that pistol?
  4. benos

    BE Blog

    This week’s topic is on the creative power of visualization… Fill your mind with a living, fluid image of… https://brianenos.com/visualize/
  5. Somewhere else, I have a thread on possibly changing the Classifieds forum to "pay a small monthly fee to sell" - with no minimum post required. If I did that, however... My gut feeling on changing the Classified forum to a free-for-all / no minimum post count... I feel at some point it would become a nightmare for me... members trying to sue me for "deals gone bad." But, I have no actual idea if that could be a reality. If I didn't not have any sort of "you've gotta be a trusted member to sell in the Classifieds" deal in place, could I be held responsible, as the host?
  6. Thanks for the excellent adds, all.
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    Practical Living, The Fundamentals https://brianenos.com/practical-living-the-fundamentals/
  8. We were talking about a list of movies that fit in the "will always be fun to watch" category. Here's a few to start... Add your favorites to this thread. The Royal Tenenbaums The Big Lebowski Oh Brother Where Art Thou Elf Waiting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Blazing Saddles
  9. Correct. TT working on a required software update.
  10. benos

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    If the goal is to shoot effectively and consistently, it’s good to start from the beginning… https://brianenos.com/see-sooner/
  11. Could you tell me some more on that. Where that is? "Invision own app? What does that mean? Also, "communities on android"?
  12. I have not received any news from TT on their new plugin.
  13. For the last 2 posts, I don't know what "removed from my home page" means?
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