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  1. I never let who I am as a person connect in any way to my shooting skill (or lack of it, when that happened to be the case).
  2. The list of exercises you could to do to improve strength is probably endless, but one simple one: every day, hold a 10 lb. dumbbell in your shooting position (with both hands) for as long as you can. Leave the weight in a convenient place, and repeat throughout the day. Time the exercise and watch yourself get stronger.
  3. benos

    What is it?

    I checked the opening post... crazy that this thread started in 2001. Although even that is subject to debate, because in zen there is no belief.
  4. That worked well for me too.
  5. FULL30 https://www.full30.com/watch/MDIxNTc3/brian-enos-on-the-firearm-friday-podcast GunStreamer https://gunstreamer.com/watch/brian-enos-talks-about-his-career-books-website-forum-more-firearm-friday_FEqM7OcmUlMxCPX.html YouTube iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/brian-enos-on-the-firearm-friday-podcast/id1238458014?i=1000447039326 Podbean https://clovertac.podbean.com/e/brian-enos-on-the-firearm-friday-podcast/ -- --Thanks--Christopher Dover
  6. I know this is not what you are looking to hear... And here it comes... But, If you don't learn what it means to call every shot, and then do that, you will never progress beyond a certain point. Trust me, you can learn to know where every shot will hit the target at the moment you fire, as fast as you cannot know that. More on that here. In the end, the decisiveness of shot calling will bring you all the speed you need.
  7. Short answer... my way of dealing with a bad match.... Jot down some notes on anything that contributed to it, then note the corresponding remedy's, then forget about it.
  8. Bruce and Primary Machine are back in the Vendor's Tents.
  9. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks! And that is an exciting first response.
  11. I just uploaded a new version of TT... Let me know if there is any improvement.
  12. I sent your post to my TT guy.
  13. That is definitely not correct. I get replies from my guy every day. They are now working in the ACP... One issue is - Since the forums are hosted in IP's cloud, they can not have FTP access.
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