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  1. benos

    Punisher on Netflix

    That was good advice. I'm closing on the season's end of the Punisher, and while I like most all the other shows and episodes, the Punisher kicks serious ass.
  2. benos

    Proper fundamentals yet staying relaxed

    In addition to all the GREAT info Jake and others have posted, while you are shooting and moving - tune into whether or not you feel like you are rushing.
  3. benos

    Forum issues

    That was because of yesterday's upgrade.
  4. benos

    Forum issues

    Let me know if anyone notices and changes, from now.
  5. benos

    Quote for today

    The foolish reject what they see, not what they think; the wise reject what they think, not what they see. Or: The ignorant eschew phenomena but not thought; the wise eschew thought but not phenomena. -Huang Po
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  7. benos

    Cold Hands

    I was very sensitive to cold hands. I always carried an ample supply of hand warmers and gloves. But even with all that, I never felt I could handle my pistol quite as deftly as I could when the whether was warm.
  8. benos

    Forum issues

    Nothing is being worked on, and it's been lightening fast for me every day since the last upgrade in Chrome on a Mac.
  9. benos

    Arm/Elbow Straightness

    Stand up straight and relaxed with your arms hanging normally at your side. Bend over so your torso is parallel with the ground and allow your arms to hang down naturally so they are perpendicular to the ground. Now move both hands together into a grip position - without moving your arms or grip - stand up into your shooting position.
  10. benos

    Forum issues

    It's a million times faster for me.
  11. benos

    Forum issues

    I just ran an upgrade that IP said should help this issue. Off to test it...
  12. benos

    Forum issues

    I've noticed that too. I'll put a ticket in on it. The workaround, on the above, is to open unread content links in a new tab, then just close the tab to return to the unread content.
  13. benos

    What is it?

    Except for that last part, - that is awesome when that "happens."
  14. benos

    Big spike in forum traffic recently

    Okay thanks Paul! And IP said they cannot tell the reason for the increased traffic.