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  1. benos

    BE Blog

    Last week was "Why Worry" This week is Don't Blink, or Keep Your Eyes Open.
  2. Do you want me to reset your PW?
  3. You can email the info to me at brian@brianenos.com - then I will forward to IP (you cannot email them).
  4. Norther, IP's message to you: Please also ask that other member for a copy of the duplicates, including all Headers, and pass those to us with the first person's.
  5. I'll pass your feedback on, Norther. Thanks.
  6. From IP: It sounds like they are indeed utilizing the Tapatalk application, however, which is the root of the problem. We have seen in the past that Tapatalk has indeed caused a duplication of email notifications going out. (Even though the problem is not happening in Tapatalk.)Would you be able to provide a screenshot of both emails which are seen as duplicates? We can then confirm this is what happened in the past or a new issue with Tapatalk. Let me know if you can provide the requested screenshot, tkheard.
  7. Thanks. Anyone else with some accurate feedback?
  8. IP asked: Could you please clarify what double notifications they are receiving? (e.g. email or inline notification?) Additionally, I noticed you're using Tapatalk, it is a very troublesome third party application. Are users who use Tapatalk the ones who encounter this duplication?
  9. benos

    BE Blog

    This week: The Zone.
  10. I'll be running an upgrade later this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed.
  11. benos

    BE Blog

    New topic: "Learn to live by..."
  12. Last Pale Light in the West is so good. As are the rest of the songs on the record, if you have read / enjoyed the book. I read an interview with him, and he said his books as you described because he feels that is how life is.
  13. benos

    BE Blog

    Next week's topic is on Fundamentals & Technique.
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