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  1. Fortunately, Infusion Coffee is about 2 miles from my house. Over the years I've tried every single and blend on that page, and the Push blend is my favorite. But I'm an espresso man only, at home. But if I'm camping, the Push blend makes a great cup of coffee in a french press or a AeroPress. Home setup...
  2. This thread hasn't been moderated, that I can tell. I think most are just posting about how many rounds they shoot in a practice session.
  3. Can you tell me where to click to get where you are talking about, from my screenshot?
  4. tkheard... Looks like we are logging into 2 different places. I am logged into TT as the owner of the account for the Forums, and you are logged into TT as a member in the TT app.
  5. Thanks for that info. I'm logged in, but the only settings I see are for my account settings. ? And there is nothing helpful in them.
  6. This is what I really want you to read.
  7. Yea I thought of that too. I'm going to fix that.
  8. It's odd that only 2 people have posted that this is an issue. So how about this... If you are not having this TapaTalk issue on your phone or iPad, please post that you are not.
  9. This thread is useless without pics.
  10. Sorry, but no word from them. After looking at that again today, that was wrong. Wrong, because I did not report that issue to IP because it is not their problem. It will have to go to TapaTalk. But before I contact them, I need more specific feedback. The issue: you cannot get past the first page of any topic. We know it happens on one guy's iPad, and one guy's Pixel 2. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, what type of device?
  11. The Exchange As children, We ask. And quickly, are told. Unknowingly accepting Words from another, Belief replaces wonder. Endlessly tortured by the alphabet, We imagine, Somehow - Things can be different (from what they are). Eventually, Driven to doubt All we have accumulated - At last, We open to wonder, again. Should wonder appear, however: Be careful not to Remember or recognize anything. Remain powerfully aware - Without being aware of anything in particular. With one blow, Smash the universe of reason completely! In the end you will not doubt. This is called insight knowledge, And since it’s not received from anyone, It’s called the truth.
  12. Thanks again who donated for the first quarter. And I saw we had a nice run near then end, so thanks again for that!
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