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  1. benos

    BE Blog

    Nothing ever goes away until it has… https://brianenos.com/when-is-it-right/
  2. Holy crap gmantwo! What an amazing opportunity. And thanks for posting the pics.
  3. Not getting much action... so here it is... The earth does not make one complete revolution on its axis every 24 hours. It makes one complete revolution every 23 hours and 56 minutes.
  4. There is a simpler way to say that last sentence, that makes it instantly understandable.
  5. benos

    BE Blog

    Your mind will not bother you when you… The Riddle of Existence https://brianenos.com/the-riddle-of-existence/
  6. That's not the answer I was looking for (or the easiest way to understand it), and it's not a satellite.
  7. Each night, beginning in August, I see a specific star rise in the same spot behind a tree to the northeast of my porch. My chair is always in the exact same spot. About 30 minutes after it rises it disappears behind an electric pole. I timed its disappearnce for 7 consectutive days; and each nigh it disappears 4 minutes earlier. Why is that?
  8. benos

    BE Blog

    A story about lock pickin’ and shooting, featuring one of the two men, Bill Goins (and the other was Jerry Bock) that convinced me to move from Ohio to Arizona, in 1978. https://brianenos.com/a-story-to-pick-or-shoot/
  9. benos

    BE Blog

    Bodhidharma asks, Who’s in charge? https://brianenos.com/whos-in-charge/
  10. benos

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    Until your pace is the outcome of calling every shot, there is the concept of “pushing.” https://brianenos.com/to-push-or-not/ Check the link for a fun ol' days pic.
  11. I don't have anything pertinent to add to this. But I’ll type this anyway… The burnout / comeback factor varies with the individual. For me, once I shot my first competition (PPC match in 1978), I knew that is what I wanted to dedicate my life to. And I did for 20 years. It consumed me - if I wasn't shooting, thinking about shooting, I was working on guns or reloading. At the end of that 20 years, my sponsorship options were pretty much depleted - I walked away with no regrets. During that 20 years, on the rare burnout occasion, I'd just take some time off, then that motivated to
  12. benos

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    "You simply must pay attention." https://brianenos.com/among-the-living/
  13. Coming from rowdyb... I watched the first epi last night - thanks!
  14. benos

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