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  1. benos

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    classifier Classifier Classified Classifieds classifier Not sure what is going on. Those words all typed okay for me.
  2. benos

    Stupid mind...

    Go here: https://brianenos.com/pages/words The scroll way down to the "Fundamentals & Technique" topic. (The link at the top of the page to that topic doesn't work.)
  3. Please visit and welcome our new Forum Dealer - Deep River Customs.
  4. A crew of us saw them a few years back at the AZ State Fair. It was an absolutely pro / crushing show.
  5. benos

    Longmire on Netflix

    I'm re-watching Justified right now.
  6. benos

    Don't try so hard

    Over 20 years of competing, I never stopped reminding myself to not rush.
  7. benos

    Don't try so hard

    That makes the best sense ever.
  8. benos

    25 yard bill drill help

    Fire each shot at the earliest opportunity. Or, as soon as you know it will be A-hit.
  9. benos

    a small explaination of zen

    If you are not confused, you will never be wrong.
  10. benos

    Enos members helping Enos Members

    That is what it is all about!
  11. benos

    Struggling with 25 yd groups

    I'm not sure there is an equivalent. Because with a red dot, you should be always focused on the target.
  12. benos

    Struggling with 25 yd groups

    Forget about an aiming point and instead focus on keeping the sights perfectly aligned while smoothly pulling the trigger till the shot breaks.
  13. That made me super happy to hear!