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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by that. Everything related to the activity of that page is on the same server / host. Thanks for looking into it Paul.
  2. But before I do, let's some more accurate info / feedback. To specifically state the issue... with Tapatalk, you cannot get past the first page in any topic? Report what device the problem is with. We already have iPand and Pixel 2 (don't know if that is a phone or what). I just ran a small IP upgrade - maybe that will help.
  3. Invision will not even consider with helping with this. I'll see if In can get Tapatalk on the job.
  4. I have had several dealers report that they cannot get the products in my Dealer Store into the Cart. That page works perfectly for me on 2 Macs /w Chrome and Safari. The bug is reported as... After they click the "Add Selected Products to the Cart" button, then when they click the "View Cart" link that appears under the "Add to Cart" button, the Cart page loads with no products in it. If anyone can duplicate that and tell me what OS / Browser - or anything else helpful - I'd be eternally grateful. One dealer even sent me a screenshot / video of it happening. (The attachment downloads.) Screencast - 720.mov
  5. I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about, but I enabled the "reputations" and "reactions" in the ACP.
  6. Please visit our new dealer in the Vendor Tents - Fast Toys Performance.
  7. benos

    Ron Avery

    That made me very, very sad to hear. I loved being on the same squad with Ron. With our totally opposite personalities, we had so much fun, constantly messing with each other on which was the best way to shoot the stage. His passion for both shooting and teaching was unsurpassed. Way too soon for a truly great man to have left us, and the range.
  8. Jamo is my go to, and I agree - Red Breast 12 year is almost too smooth.
  9. Like was said multiple times, trigger freeze in a match is due to excess tension from trying to shoot too fast. Just relax your mind and shoot what you see. And that will always be fast enough.
  10. I'm excited to watch the final epi of S2 tonight!
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