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  1. benos

    BE Blog

    Hey Paul, I don't know... but I would not be surprised if the dominant strength of either eye might change with time and training.
  2. TT has told me several times that they will notify me when the updates is ready.
  3. benos

    BE Blog

    Never believe anything you read or hear. https://brianenos.com/eye-dominance-shmominance/
  4. benos

    BE Blog

    Most of our troubles come from… https://brianenos.com/no-need-to-worry/
  5. benos

    BE Blog

    The Principles and Fundmentals of Practical Shooting https://brianenos.com/the-principles-and-fundamentals-of-practical-shooting/
  6. benos

    The front fell off

    Well cardboard's out.
  7. benos

    BE Blog

    Distractions disable us because… https://brianenos.com/avoid-distraction/
  8. benos

    BE Blog

    We overlook the simplicity in front of us. https://brianenos.com/see-one-thing/
  9. Hi Brian, Thanks for checking in. Yes, our team is still working on that, we do hope to have it done soon. Very sorry for the delay on this, the plugin had to be redone from scratch, which is taking some time. Chris Tapatalk Support
  10. I just emailed TT on if they were still working on the required update.
  11. benos

    BE Blog

    To the mind that is still… https://brianenos.com/be-wide-open/
  12. Please visit and welcome, ampleworks, our new Forum Dealer: FGS Engineering
  13. benos

    BE Blog

    Nature does not hurry, yet everything is… https://brianenos.com/slow-it-down/
  14. benos

    BE Blog

    The 3 Elements of Success. When the goal is a flawless performance… https://brianenos.com/the-3-elements-of-success/
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