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  1. Best one that Ive dealt with so far is cncholsters.com . Cleanest work that Ive come in contact with and a weekly turn around...oh yeah, and $85 for it
  2. "This game is 90% about movement, 5% mental, 5% shooting"
  3. check out mosin virus on youtube, he makes some guns for himself and documents them and shows you how to do the work. I would start there if I were you
  4. another option would be to have a .40 gun built, then you can shoot major/minor depending on the day....
  5. Everglades ammunition makes them, I saw them on their instagram page but not on their website. May have to send an email or give them a call.
  6. I’ve ran them for over a year now. Absolutely love them, I️ wouldn’t hesitate to buy again, and have.... I️ get barely any smoke and coating doesn’t get in the comp and gum it all up.
  7. I’m having some trouble with 2 if my 9mm 140’s bullets get jammed side by side near the bottom of the magazine. I️ was told that I️ need to squeeze the magazine in a vise to close the tolerances. Sti tubes with spacers taran basepads gram follow and spring. Any any help would be appreciated.
  8. I’m in California, no shot of a new frame here
  9. Finally decided to pull the trigger on converting my old limited gun into an open steel gun for the fun of it. Ordered a couple new parts like slide, compensator, optic set up and we are now on our way. I went ahead and ordered the ck slide and it is in spec. It is a tad loose on my old frame and debating whether or not to weld onto the rails to get a nice tight fit. I will have to weld up the holes that are already in the frame from the thumb rest that was previously on the frame. I will post pictures of my journey along the way as well as descriptions. Plan: Cut the slide down .5", lighten to get slide under 10oz by tri-topping, internal lightening cuts, and thru slide cuts. I will also have to add serrations since I won't be adding a racker this go around.
  10. Does anyone have a 9mm comp/alignment reamer that I could rent/borrow to align the comp that I set up? I don't really want to have to buy an $80 reamer for one gun
  11. I love my viper, It wouldn't turn on once and I sent it back and got a new one within 7 days
  12. Kydex mag pouch that i made mostly because It only cost me $15 for 7 pouches
  13. Kydex holster with an aluminum holster that I made
  14. I got one as a gift, threw it away immediately
  15. Where do you send out your coatings to?
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