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  1. Lane Owens in Paty TX
  2. Have shot IDPA 3-Gun ,now I would like to know what type and brand Shotgun 12 or 20 gauge I should get to start the sport and not break the bnk.New or used.
  3. I agree with to many carbs will slow me down.However Im alittle confused with the caffeine.I thought that would make you shake when gripping the Handgun.
  4. What does everyone suggest to eat and drink before a morning match>
  5. They are adjustable sights
  6. At approx 12yrds,while aiming at bullseye my Glock 34 prints good group just left of bullseye.This was after shooting 1911 during session.What am I doing wrong.
  7. What are some training drills for a cross eye dominant shooter to use.
  8. Back in the day I shot a S&W Mod 29 worked over by Gunsmith Andy Cannon, I used HKs Speed loaders.
  9. Any suggestions on training on movers.Years ago some instructors came from Gunsite and used I believe it was a wagon with a target mounted on it.I didnt see this I was told about it.Anyone see that or know how to construct such a device.
  10. 26120

    Dry Firing

    I also Dry fire several times a week.Sometimes with draws and miniature IPSC targets.
  11. 26120

    P-14 ultra thin grips

    I got some rubber type ones from Pearce ,they are definitely thinner and feel good to.
  12. I have a Mossberg 930 Roadblocker shotgun.It has a Nordic Ext mag(10).I was wonder which path to take reference the sights.Should I go Optic or irons.I would like a visible rear sight and something other that the bead on the huge muzzle brake.
  13. 26120

    Glock Grip Reduction

    I have a Glock 21SF 45 Acp.Would like to know who does quality grip reductions.Would prefer on ein Arizona especially Pima County .Thanks
  14. Saw an old you tube of Jerry miculrck shooting a Mossberg 930 Roadblocker model the one with the big break on it.It also appeared to have a long mag tube.Anyone have any info on this particular gun. Thanks
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