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    Spring thaw

    A friend from AK told me a story of having his ammo in the idling truck with heater cranked to test rifle ammo on cold days. Seems like pocket warmers could do it too?
  2. JimmyZip

    Monkey Bump

    Wont help out the production guys, but it might be good to go for limited.
  3. I'd get the CZ now, you can compete quite handily with it. It will not slow you down. Load your ammo to factory length and you will not have feed issues. These pistols are also very accurate from the factory. I loved mine. Then if you like limited and want to change, you can buy a 2011, and sell your CZ no problem, or you may not like limited. CZs do shoot really nice though.
  4. I think you will be okay! I am finding work all over the place! I have a good feeling about our future!
  5. Congratulations Dad! I have three girls, you live on another planet from me lol Enjoy, my youngest is eight, and I was just giving her age at a function and said six. She glared at me. Soon they will be shooting with you.
  6. If you don't mind, let us know what works, OAL, powder, etc.
  7. You might be surprised if you haven't had an accuracy issue with jump that it might not matter. I find that this can be particular to barrel and bullet too. For some bullets, it is more vital, and for some barrels, and other combos seem doomed while some quite forgiving. With that length and bullet weight Graham, what powder would you suggest?
  8. To your friend in honor of his life, and love of living it. Sorry for your loss, he must have touched quite a few just from what you have shared. Thanks for that. It's guys like that who brought me back to this sport.
  9. You mean someone is going to come over and take me to a bad motel where the food is horrible and the hosts are vile, AND its run by the county? Now if that was the actual threat? I'd be REALLY scared
  10. Barrel life is a combination of factors, hardness of the barrel, bullets, typical powder charge, etc. etc. A gun is "shot out" I would think when you can no longer get it to work reliably as a result of extensive all-around wear. Like an auto loader whose barrel is worn out, and whose frame rails are shot, and the trigger is not resetting reliably. A revo whose cylinder is worn, blown forcing cone, etc.
  11. This is great as it will help with not breaking the 180 when you are moving towards your weak hand side during a reloading.
  12. Hahahaha! C'mon man, I thought it was pretty good! Here I am defending YOUR joke! Lol!
  13. Some I wish I could name but they aren't even in distribution yet.... I have kids, and some of the kids movies I have been forced to watch have been pretty good. Rabid. It was the first gory movie I watched on a pay television service back when you had one box with one button, you switched your television to channel 3 and pushed the button, and there was your unscrambled signal for pay t.v.. Galaxina. Another early Sci-Fi dud that was great when I was young, and I would sit through it again. Robocop, the original. The original movie from the 70s, The Gumball Rally. Just junk but I loved those films.
  14. You should get an increase in velocity. You should get a flatter trajectory by just a bit as a result, and also a bit less recoil. Sounds like a fun gun to run actually. If you really trained with that thing, and weight was still an issue, start fluting the barrel, until you get what you want.
  15. Farm out dude! Jeeze Pat, I just moved back from Albuquerque! Whole time out there I never shot a match! Yeah, NM is the last place I would consider this if I were you, but hey, if it's just flowers.........
  16. Most radical set up I ever did was a guy who lives out in the sticks and grows indoor peppers. All kinds of exotic super-hot peppers with cool names and super scoville units of heat! No kidding, peppers! Sends out for little pepper plants all over the world and is just a genius with indoor growing using two-tier lighting and trays. Some people with more money than they know what to do with, go crazy and grow indoor peppers out in the middle of nowhere. Looks like a biker compound with pit bulls and shipping containers etc. Major indoor pepper operation. That dude is sober and straight as an arrow, but man does he take his peppers seriously! Lol!
  17. Isn't that what the 121IFP was designed for?
  18. Funny stuff there. During the economic downturn, I was approached to do lighting and ventilation for some folks that grow for the dispensaries here in CA. Did some of my best work for those folks. The set up was appreciated very much and is copied by many as a fairly simple example of indoor grow set ups. I wouldn't know, but these folks were very particular about soil being the most important component and despised those who used chemicals. The whole organic movement has made its way into the marijuana horticulture movement. I think they will be okay with a week under a typical grow tube you would find at your local hardware store.
  19. True, I have more than 20 for my production guns. They are all loaded before a match. Once taken from my belt they are placed in a separate part of my range bag. I never load mags on the range if I can help it. I just paste and run the timer, and oh, pick up brass too if its a local
  20. And this is because others will not R.O. me or otherwise even this wouldn't stop me...
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