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  1. I tend to believe that. I like the articles on old firearms and reloading. Everything else is junk to me
  2. Sometimes I wear flip flops and my beach sombrero which has a stretch brim that I pull down over my muffs. Long sleeved t-shirt in a green or blue to minimize light bounce, and cargo shorts by carhart because I can stuff about eight Glock mags in each. Sometimes I run mandals/chonklas made by Keen. When it’s cooler I run a pocketless, or standard rip stop lightweight trouser with hiking or trail running minimalist lace-ups and a brown boogie/fishing cap crammed up under my muffs. Wrap-around polarized sunglasses. In the cooler season I run a rosin bag in the rear for extra mag storage.
  3. Pink passive old school peltors over the foam plugs from the big box from 3M that you get from Grainger. No batteries. Always works Avoid squads with open guns. I always know which are mine. I used to wear hearing protection when I worked in manufacturing and I had a set of active cans given to me by my boss. I felt fatigued a bit more sonically at the end of 12 hours. I pitched them. I used to double muff-plug then and when I grind/cut steel I still double up. I have crappy ears from guns/guitars/obnoxious exhaust systems. Im a brute with any equipment. Si
  4. Strange, got a gun shipped ffl to ffl to my dad in WA for shipping and transfer less than $100 by far. I live here in CA and got a gun shipped into the state in February and it was the same. Not saying that this state doesn’t suck, but you might get a better deal than that for sue.
  5. I don’t know how you wear out a barrel. However I was in the plastics industry for over a decade and I can attest to not wanting a plastic barrel off of a range for recycling. Especially if they have any lead at all in them like shot. It creates an extra step most recycling processes are not equipped to handle. Plastic grinders don’t like lead and even if they did (and believe me they don’t) now I gotta get the shot and fragments out of the regroup game HDPE? Yeah, ain’t gonna happen. They make a decent root barrier though when cut into 10” tall rings if you’re planting shrubs in a planter and
  6. I now just say it this way lol. I’ve sent my SDB in for rebuilding twice since 2009 and I still haven’t had any problems with BBI and either my G34 or G17 . I’ve run 135s over SOLO 1000 and I am getting ready to switch to Sport Pistol after my SOLO is gone. I like coated lead. They actually have been more accurate than the Montana Gold I used to run, but there are variables to my early reloading and firearms that could account for that.
  7. I’ve been happy with BBI and Bayou. Been shooting coated billets since 2009. These are the two I have settled on over the years. Came from Montana Gold. Started shooting Glocks in 2010 and switched to poly from then on.
  8. I have noticed that I’ve built a tactile memory spot on my trigger fingers left and right that ensure Im pulling that trigger straight back on a Glock. It’s where I remember how the safety hits the same place on my pad tip. Glocks, more than any other pistol I shoot, seem less forgiving of inconsistent trigger stroke. I say stroke because Glock triggers remind me of revolvers more than anything else I have competed with. If I start getting a push left, that usually means I need my finger further on the trigger and the safety is where it belongs. At this point, after taping a stage I can r
  9. Really interested to know who will be making extensions for this shotgun as well as if any of you guys have had a chance to shoot one?
  10. I usually take a large amount of any overtime I get paid for or tax return and buy two cases of primers and 16# of powder. I then buy Everglades brass 3500 every three months and the same for bullets overlapping a pay period. Only way I can afford to shoot is buying components in bulk but staggered so that m not buying all the components simultaneously. Spreading the cost out is better for me
  11. I’m thinking that the thing that improved my shooting skills the most was a timer. Regardless of firearm, the timer will give you metrics to show improvement. A timer will make you a better shooter.
  12. You might consider a wheel gun. Nothing teaches trigger control and stage planning like a revolver. It was my first game gun and all triggers have been easy for me as a result.
  13. My hands are also 7 1/4” and I can shoot most guns easily. I measured all gun hands, three daughters and one wife. 3) were 6” base of Palm to tip of trigger finger tip 1) was 6 1/2.
  14. My wife and daughters want to get into USPSA running in Production division. Each has small hands. My G17 and 34 are too big. Really looking for suggestions to try. thanks
  15. I was thinking about ordering a wood buttstock as added weight to reduce felt recoil. However after running a few cases of hot loads through it at break in, I barely feel the recoil from anything 1300 and lower. Ran drills on a steady basis today and I was not feeling beat up like I did when I first got it.
  16. Breath, and allow your eye to ride the front sight. Keep that triangle of arms and shoulders together, and keep that gun up. Often just keeping the gun up at all times in dry firing will help with this. Stand up and look in the mirror. Get in your stance either with or without a pistol. Are you really raising up your head, or dropping the gun? Are you losing trust in calling your shots? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  17. Great news!! Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  18. I was curious if this pistol would be production legal. It is very similar to the GP35, but has a DA first shot. Thought I would like to try one out in a match. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  19. You can tell it's mag springs from the picture. Let us know when you get the right springs, how it runs. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  20. Aren't there issues with burn rates and certain operating systems? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  21. I have seen folks who are in great shape move too slow. Agility exercises help exactly what they are supposed to. Agility. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  22. Research agility exercises. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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