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  1. Hey All, So I picked up an X5 Legion to give carry optics. So far I have been pretty happy with it, and I love the weight of it, but I found the grip dug into the the base of my thumb, which drove me nuts. I realized that all of my favorite guns have wide grips with narrow beaver tails, Tanfo, CZ, 2011. I was afraid to start cutting on the fancy legion grip, so I used part of my $200 rebate to get a standard polymer X5 grip, to modify. The modification was a little rough, because I rushed a bit, but I think it feels 100 times better now. I also realized that Sig does offer a simila
  2. I have been shooting Single Stack since before it was a separate division. I am now wanting to try CO division and want to see what everyone else is using. I have it narrowed down to a Sig P320 X5 Legion topped with a Trijicon SRO optic stuffed into a RHT holster. How am I doing so far? What magazine is everyone using? I am only finding Sig branded mags, are there aftermarket ones worth considering? Grams Springs and followers? Base pads? What about mag pouches? I've seen and read the 2019 USPSA Equipment survey but wanted to find out what the rank and file were using. Photos if you can!
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a little guidance please. I had my Shadow 2 slide milled for optics and to make CO weight by Primary Machine. I'm thrilled with the results and the gun is only 43.1 oz. I'm running the same 10# recoil spring as before the slide work. My load is Federal Syntech 150gr. Now, there's a bit more snappy recoil than before. Do I go heavier with the recoil spring? Or lighter? (yes, I'm gripping it harder )
  4. Who’s excited? In the wake of the shadow 2 OR tanfoglio have realsed a stock II OR to go head to head in the optic divisions. Looks like it will use plates like the shad2 OR.
  5. I’m currently shooting a Glock 17 Gen 4 in Carry Optics, with a little bit of trigger work, and a dovetail-mounted FF3. I am kicking around changing guns, as I am not sure the Glock trigger and I will ever get along. I’ve tried different springs, connectors, and even tried a Glock Triggers “Edge” and still haven’t found anything I really like. I did make A class with this combo. I am am thinking about changing platforms. I handled a Canik today, and I was very impressed with the factory trigger. For anyone that has used one: how long did/have you had it, how many rounds did you pu
  6. I'm thinking that with my old guy eyes, that CO might be in my future. I'd like to retro fit my 4.5 9mm that I used for Production. On the Springer Precision site, they say they are no longer doing this work as they found the slide on XDm's don't have enough "meat." Indeed, I shot with a guy this last weekend who had this done and his optic has come off the slide and hit him in the face. There seem to be deals on the OSP version all over the internet so I'm wondering if they had the same issue. Anyone else have any input?
  7. I want to order the +4 Mag extensions for my existing CZ SP-01 18 Round tubes. Has anyone done this without changing spring and follower? Capacity? Reliable feeds?
  8. I'm starting to put my gun together for the next season, and I want to shoot in carry optics. I have a glock 34, and before I take a dremel to it I'd like to know if an accelerator / *thumb rest [generic]* cut is legal for carry optics. The rules are kind of vague. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe they mean that anything goes for stippling anywhere on the gun. Can someone please clarify before I have an illegal CO frame on my hands? Thanks
  9. Hi, Extreme Euro Open 2018 registration website is open (today is over than 400 competitors registered) https://2018.extremeeuroopen.eu/index.php/the-match/shooter-s-zone/registration Jakub Few stages here: https://www.facebook...xtremeeuroopen/ Date: June 15. - 17. 2018 ( 3 days Prematch ), June 19. - 23. 2018 ( 5 days - Main match ), Level: III. Stages: 30, Rounds: 560 Main match – capacity: 1000 competitors Registration fee: 300,- Euro ( Juniors 200,- Euro) Registration fee teams: 100,- Euro Divis
  10. I have a P320 X-Five coming my way and I was wondering if anyone here may already have some recipes. Looking for any load recipes for use in Production, Carry Optics, Steel and 3-Gun. I will be loading in 9mm using 124gr JHP/CMJ projectiles with either CFE Pistol or Titegroup powders. I'd appreciate any help or recommendations. Thanks!
  11. I have both, neither are on the "good guy" list @ USPSA. I've gotten a email from Troy @ USPSA saying neither has been submitted for approval?. I've sent 2 emails (no phone# for them) to Canik USA and not a peep from them. I also emailed the importer, Century Arms and no response from them either???...Now I'm seeing reports that there may never be approval as they are considered "single action" only, even though they mimic several "approved" pistols that are on the "good guy" list @ USPSA. Update info please....
  12. Hello everyone, This is my first time starting a post. I have been shooting USPSA for a little over a year and I am now starting to have some issues with my Glock 34 MOS with a Trijicon RMR. I was awarded a slot from my section coordinator for Optics Nationals in 3 weeks (not a good time to start having gun problems). This will be my second major and I would really hate to fly down to Florida (or any match) and have equipment problems. I would greatly appreciate some help. General information: about 20,000 rounds in the gun clean the gun every 2000-3000 round
  13. EAA lists the Tanfoglio Stock III at 2.8 pounds (really helpful when fractions of ounces matter). I want to buy a Stock 3 for USPSA Carry Optics (oh, and don't start me on how the USPSA arrived at an arbitrary 45 ounces as a max weight WITH magazine - looks like I'll be 3D printing mags now - want some?). By my "precise" calculations, removing the front and rear sights deletes 1.4 ounces from 44.8 and then adding 1.2 ounces for the Vortex Viper and .4 for the mount makes EXACTLY 45 ounces. WooHoo, perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket today. Does anybody have any experience with this combin
  14. What is the best sight in distance for carry optics? I've found that about 15 - 17 yards is good for most but then you get the occasional upper scoring area only targets that are farther away and all seems off. I don't have enough time on the gun to really know it well so is it better to sight in at long distance and know that closer up it will be high or just take an average with mid yardage alignment.
  15. Anybody put a red dot on their M&P Pro (not core), if so what kind of mounting adapter did you use? I'd like to set up my 40 Pro for carry optics division. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello everyone, This is my first time starting a post. I have been shooting USPSA for a little over a year and I am now starting to have some issues with my Glock 34 MOS with a Trijicon RMR. I was awarded a slot from my section coordinator for Optics Nationals in 3 weeks (not a good time to start having gun problems). This will be my second major and I would really hate to fly down to Florida (or any match) and have equipment problems. I would greatly appreciate some help. General information: about 20,000 rounds in the gun clean the gun every 2000-3000 round
  17. May have been covered.can I still shoot production with my 34 if I get it milled for a dot. I seen co rules u can added slide serration in co division as long as no slide cuts. With this done will it still be production legal.
  18. Could someone please explain how a guy could have 25 mikes and still score higher than me? Please look at this Practiscore link and break it down for me, I shot better than both these guys. https://practiscore.com/results/new/28650?q_division=1&q_result=0 .
  19. I finally broke down and bought the new M&P 9L PC ported. I really like the gun, it's very accurate and the new triggers feel great! No need to Apex anything. Problem is...it works great with my KKM non-ported barrel, but has at least 4 or 5 jams per mag with the OEM ported barrel. AAA 115, 147 and my local reloader's 124's. It extracts and ejects the empty case but the next round gets hung half way into the chamber, at a slight upwards angle, with the next round in the mag slightly forward and touching the rear of the "almost" chambered bullet. I have to pull the mag to clear. Has a
  20. I can't decide on which RMR to purchase for USPSA carry optics division. I figure there would be no one better to ask then you open guys, which model do you prefer and why? I am thinking the 6.5 adjustable RMR but not sure if that's right. It will be mounted on a Glock 34.
  21. Hello all! Thanks for taking the time to check out my Training Log! I got my Carry Optics Nationals confirmation email today! Time to create a log to hold myself accountable and hopefully get some feedback from time to time. A quick about me: I'm in my mid-30s, I've spend most of my adult life shooting guns in some capacity or another. I joined USPSA in 2010 after while living in Hawaii, but only shot a few matches before life issues required me to move back to mainland US and forego any hobbies. Fast forward to the end of 2015, life has finally settled and I'm in a place where I need a pos
  22. So I've recently noticed that many Carry Optics shooters are ignoring Appendix D7 21.5. Specifically the section that says: "Note that the weight limits in D4-18 remain in force and relevant." D4-18 says "Maximum weight: Yes, 2 ounces with empty magazine inserted over weight listed on approved pistol list" I saw numerous CO shooters at Area 7 that were using all sorts of extra weights to get their guns closer to the 45oz. overall weight limit for the division, but they are clearly ignoring the above rule. What gives? I emailed Troy two weeks ago after Area 7 but have heard nothing.
  23. At our USPSA match this weekend (Richmond, CA) we hit 9 folks shooting Carry Optics out of 130 total. I believe all had shot CO at least once before or maybe one new addition/first match. So slowly but surely growing. ... and there were still some who've shot CO before that were not here this weekend, we could have been bigger :-) Anyone had a match > 10 CO yet? Was this largest CO match to date for USPSA? (Area 1, Area 2, and a sectional were all about 1/2 this FWIW)
  24. What do you consider the best CZ to build a Carry Optics setup with 35oz weight limit? Thoughts -I am assuming that weight can be added to get as close as possible to 35oz by potentially adding heavy guide rod and/or mag base pads. -Since sight radius is not important it seems that a short light slide may improve slide speed and cycle time. -Longer barrel will allow getting PF with less powder and less flip/recoil?
  25. I am fairly new to competitive shooting. I have been competing in USPSA production for the past year but I would like to try the new Carry Optics division. I have ordered a CZ P09 that will have the slide milled for a red dot. While the gun is being built I have started looking around for equipment to carry it and its magazines. Are there mag pouches that someone could recommend that will fit the P09. I have tried to put them in my DAA Racemaster pouches that I use for my production gun but they are too big to fit without modifying the spacers. There doesn't seem to be as many options ou
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