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  1. The TS is a great pistol that gets little aplomb it deserves.I think the factory sights are perfect.Lube it, load it, shoot it. It is a recoil absorbing heavy and accurate pistol that makes .40 seem like anemic 9mms.
  2. I am one of those shooters who shoot Glocks better than custom 1911s.They just fit my hand really well so now that is what I shoot.I just shoot what my hands like and I am more accurate with them, so there you go. I would love to shoot them well, as it looks like I will inherit a nice collection of them one day. Hope my girls or wife like them. I have shot them back to back,the Glocks win by a considerable amount. I have never had a recoil issue. Been shooting guns as long as I can remember, can't recall it being a problem except for SGs. With that in mind that is probably why I like shooting lighter guns. I like a quick pistol. The polymer guns are just that, light and quick. Transitions and draws are good for me with my Glocks.I didn't really choose them, they chose me.
  3. Wooden dowell inside fired shell, JB weld for old primer, bullet glued to inside of dowell for weight. I don't chamber my dummies though. These work well, as they are stiff, and do not flex at all.
  4. If you want to try another pump gun, try the Supernova. Soft shooting, huge port, easy to operate as it unlocks itself after firing. My favorite SG to shoot, even if I am faster with my 712.
  5. The Pocket Pro is my favorite, durable, easy to use, good match timer too. CED 8000 I had and couldn't stand, it gave up the ghost and I was happy, bought the pocket pro from a member, and have been happy enough with it to buy another.
  6. Durable too. Easy to use, and for others to use too. One battery lasts a year on mine at least.
  7. JimmyZip


    Good stuff!
  8. Sounds like curlex or quick clot. Or a tampon..... I keep 5-6 tampons in my emergency medical kit. I have talked to numerous medical professionals (my dad is a doc so there are always docs and nurses around when I visit home) about it and they said tampons work great for gunshot and other puncture wounds. Also, after talking to my fathers friend who has been an ER doc for over 20 years, I bought some Bolin chest seals for the kit. He said in his experience 9 times out of 10 many fatal gun shot wounds to the torso would have been treatable if the first responder could deal with a sucking chest wound. Exactly what the Bolin chest seal is designed to do. Something you guys may want to look into for your kits. Another reason I have tape and sheets of plastic. Crude, but it will work.
  9. Absolutely folks, and they are for the most part sterile too, and come individually rapped.
  10. First guns I remember seeing in IPSC with red dots were revolvers.
  11. JimmyZip


    Yes I am! back, and going to rejoin PSGC. Just got back from the PacNM with Shannon road tripping the Oregon Coast. Beautiful is something I said hundreds of times. So I was visiting with my father at an indoor range near Salem. Shooting his Kimbers, and Springfields, and a few full custom 1911s, I was able to hold a 4" to 5" group at 25 yards standard iso grip. Maximum range at the indoor range. Then with my g17, and g34, 21/2 to, 4 inches like it was not even a problem. Folks, if you want to shoot groups, that surprise break is really a good thing. I for the life of me just shoot Glocks better. Just such a trip. i guess it is a good thing I am shooting Glocks then.
  12. I like the angle Jman is running. There is just so much going on, even at a small match.
  13. Love that the wife and kids picked up a case of SG shells for me for the day. It's cool that now they have realized that all dads needs can now be met with packages of socks, and underwear, and anything gun-related. This year it was new hats, and SG ammo. Put a big ol' smile on my face!
  14. Maybe no difference, but those two mixed together with those bullets look pretty good together! Great color combination!
  15. Best pump gun I have. I found that port needed no mods as that 3.5 port is HUGE and I can almost feed my whole thumb in there! LOL. I really love to just shoot this gun. Pics when you get your tube, wish I could recall which one came with my gun, it holds 10+1. Has the clamp on it also. Have fun!
  16. In production, shooting 9mm, if you have a pretty good grip, and good trigger manipulation skills, a light gun can be awesome. A quick muzzle that returns to index and is easy to transition is a plus to some people. I love a snappy, light gun. I grew up shooting a BHP which is a steel gun, and lots, literally, of surplus ammo, that 9mm is meant to run sub guns, I assure you that minor power factor 9mm is pretty anemic if you are loading it yourself. Light guns can be quite easy to shoot. I love the G17, and G34 platforms because they fit my hand perfectly, and they are very light and feel like a natural extension of my hands. I know that the heavier steel guns are getting a lot of play and coverage, but don't poo poo the idea of the light pistol. To say no one likes a light gun, well it's just not true.
  17. Sydney Smith was rolling around in the road, drunk as a skunk eating stink bugs. I pulled up next to him in my pre-runner ford ranger and asked if he needed a ride. I drove him back to his cabin, and the next morning he was regaling those who would listen of how Webster had a good kid working in his shop, who was respectful, and gave him a ride home even though he was in a terrible state. He started calling me Von Zipper, and JimmyZip. The name stuck up there on the mountain and it became my handle up there while I was working and still to those that live there now who were there in the early 90's. When I started coming here, it was the first thing I could think of that wasn't my email address.
  18. 2 inches taller? Caught that lol! Taller than he is!
  19. Awesome work there dad! Man I can remember trying to walk in my fathers boots. Now I am 2" taller, and can't fit in his shoes to save my life!
  20. JimmyZip


    Well, Since I last posted here, I started back in the film business in July of that year, went to work in NM, and was there pretty much until December of 2014. In all that time I shot little, and practiced some. Then, I decided, that I missed the family, and shooting, and just the domesticated life I had built in CA. Too many good things going on to just pick up and leave. Plenty of targets and gear, and the like to get busy shooting again. Picked up my 34, and started dryf iring as soon as I got back to CA, December 19, 2014. What I have picked up though are some nice ARs, a CZ 712 utility, that is ready to go with the port modified, and the +4 extension, and my Supernova with the plus 5? 6? It will hold ten in the tube with the extension. That port is huge! Modifications un-needed. Last night, I found my reload sweet spot. It has taken me about six months to find it, and realize it, and I'm working on imprinting it into my muscle memory. Gotta get that down. it works static, going right, and before that first step going left. Luckily I still have plenty of components since I was buying all the time while I was gripping. Going north for vacation the end of the month, and will be bringing home ammo by the caseload!! Am really enjoying a steady dry fire schedule. I am eager to shoot a match and see how I do considering all the dry fire and movement drills I have been doing. We shall see.
  21. If you can take both to the range one afternoon,I suggest you try and run two plate racks, back to back with a ten round blaster, and your new open gun. See how you track your sights across the plates at speed, and then try that with the dot. I think I really saw the allure of the open gun running back to back plate racks. While I really like production, much like you, I think it was really pushing the limits of my vision with the dot that began to open my eyes to the possibilities of speed with the dot. Being that there is less focus on reloads, there is then more focus on pure speed of vision, and relentless acquisition of the next target. You begin to see that there is a rush knocking down 12 in the time it takes you to run 6 and not even complete the reload with the stock gun. Don't give up on it until you wring it out quite a bit. You will probably see after the adjustments, that you really do like it.
  22. I hear the gears of hundreds of Benosphere technicians beginning to spin. Hmmmmmmm........
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