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  1. Is it normal to have a little play between the slide and frame on an STI?
  2. Looking for a place to get my gun black nitrated in St. Louis
  3. I'll post some pics when I get home after work. It's pretty easy to do.
  4. Filed off the tabs on the followers, dimpled the slide stop, and ground down the inside of the side stop. Ran them this weekend worked perfectly! Feed every bullets and slide never locked back once.
  5. Is it normal for them to stick out of them mag farther than the factory follower when empty?
  6. What would it require to do the conversion?
  7. I was air gunning during a walk though at a USPSA match and my ecig was in my hand. Was told it was considered and aiming aid and wasn't aloud.
  8. Switching from single stack to limited so I can think less lol
  9. Thank you I will look it up. Been wanting to do it for a couple weeks.
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