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  1. This is why I practice with a-zone size steel targets to represent paper and only shoot paper at distance. I’m practicing on shooting the smallest scoring zone in 90% of my set-ups and I’m not distracted with going from white to brown as we do from steel to paper. I’m constantly practicing that color and size change and the wide-open brown is only 25-35yds. Im of the belief to practice what you don’t know.. If you’re constantly missing the initial steel of an array, start putting steel all over your practice arrays. Change up and discourage developing cadence practicing this. Shoot your dot or sights, not a rhythm. Reverse and re-arrange. It’ll become a strength. But I’m always prepping as my sights begin to align with my target. I’m tracking my sights in recoil as well and prepping with follow up shots too.
  2. Finally got back into the club I was part of years ago, have a key to the range and a daughter who really likes this sport, and who’s cross-eye dominant shooting doesn’t seem to be slowing her down, yet lack of powder and primers has put a big damper on both of us. We really enjoy practicing together and have bonded as shooting buds. She’s even started looking for powder and primers online on her own. We’re eager to get back out. I sure hope that by fall we start seeing a return of product on the shelves.
  3. Happy Birthday Ben! Many more to you. Get old and sling lead ‘til you’re dead man!

  4. When matches come back I probably won’t have any ammunition for them anyway.
  5. I finally learned to shoot decent off hand groups by shooting static steel painted white. Center your first and just keep aiming at the last shot. For some reason I can do it on paper now to. I can usually get a 2 1/2 group at the end of each shooting session to make me feel better especially if I have a bad practice lol. This is with my G17 mind you. With other pistols I have with single action triggers I can work out just under 2. This is at 15-18 yards. From a rest I can get it at 25. Not too much longer though, my eyes are getting poor now. Im watching this thread cause Power Pistol is all I have left now when my press gets back from Dillon
  6. I like to hear everything I can from my surroundings when shooting on the clock. I like to hear the magazine going into the grip, and my slow exhalation while I manipulate the trigger. I’m really into the front sight and anytime I have tried music, I simply don’t hear it. Grew up in the age of acoustic miniaturization and am fond of these things. I just don’t listen. I have a pretty loud internal dialog as I shoot a stage. Typically it’s something like: Beep Gun on table mag in Rack it! Front sight! 2, 2, move, gun up Steel steel reload! step left, gun up at right move move gun up 2,2 going right step and reload on move gun up plant 2, 2, 2,2 finished ULSC Afterwards I’m listening to my self critique of my execution as I pick up my brass or tape depending on how the squad is running. Cant use them scoring or running other shooters. On the way to the range my daughter gets the radio. On the way home I do.
  7. Our family is getting a puppy in early November.
  8. This is why I switch eyes on things like this. Left hand gets the left eye, right hand the right. Otherwise it feels weird. Much faster though right side, but I don’t fear it.
  9. I can’t sit to load. Kills my back!! I have been cranking out ammo on my SDB since’03. Think I would be proud to wear my press out
  10. I’d let her try an Xdm or Xd either in 9mm. My daughter shoots a 34 and tried an Xd45 and really liked it.
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