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  1. I’d let her try an Xdm or Xd either in 9mm. My daughter shoots a 34 and tried an Xd45 and really liked it.
  2. Welcome! Where do you shoot?
  3. Part time employees where I work have been eliminated and there will be reductions in pay and further cuts ( jobs) if the reduction in people working persists. Government is affected just like everyone else and usually hires later than the private sector when things improve. I know a few people who work for the USPS and I am hearing strange things about what is going on there. Working in the public sector does not make you immune to this problem. Just ask all of the early childhood educators from our campus.
  4. I’m pretty sure you are correct.
  5. Just got back to shooting this year. Built a target batch of USPSA target stands and A-zone size steel plates. My middle daughter asked me to come along and learn to run and gun. So I have started coaching her on the basics of draw, trigger control, front sight focus, movement. Range time has become longer and more productive than when I am alone. She has a great attitude and strong accuracy. I can give her suggestions and she lets me know if she is seeing what she needs to or not. I wonder if my Dad enjoyed this as much as I do? This is really helping me with my shooting skills too.
  6. I ordered a small 2k order from BBI on 9/1/20 1k 135g 9mm 1k 230g 45acp According to USPS they are still in TN. They arrived today 9/11 5 days longer than usual, but much faster than the horror stories I have been reading. I wonder when the postal service will realize that they have been received?
  7. To reduce or eliminate the rearward impact of the slide with the frame.
  8. What’s your OAL, charge weight? I shoot 135s in 9mm, 230 in .45
  9. I’d bump up a little bit and see what happens. I can’t remember which powder I had these issues with in the past but Sport Pistol is the next 8lbs I have on hand when my Solo runs out. Very curious about your load.
  10. Eager to hear if anyone has purchased one of these things and started tinkering .0
  11. I was shooting a CZ TS at the time and I am sure I would run the .401. I run .356 in 9mm, I’m not sure on my.45 but I usually get coated bullets that .001 bigger than jacketed because I was told to years back when I used to shoot lubed lead. Prevents, I was told, excessive leading as a result of incomplete gas sealing. Kind of what I’ve been doing since I started. You might have a different experience , but I’ve been very happy with the accuracy my reloads attain, and their quality.
  12. I have stated on this forum before that I have been reloading Black Bullet International brand since 2007-2008? Anyway, .40S&W, 9mm, now 45acp. I don’t shoot open and have no reason to shoot jacketed or plated. I’ve run thousands upon thousands through all types of platforms. See no reason to change. I think they’re very accurate too.
  13. I wasn’t even thinking about open guns when I was writing. Yeah, would stay with jacketed with comped pistols for sure.
  14. I went from Montana Gold to Black Bullet International years ago. I have been very happy with the accuracy. I don’t see any reason to shoot jacketed bullets for uspsa really at all. Feeding hasn’t been a problem across many platforms. No problems with residues in the barrel. Just accurate and on time and inexpensive. .
  15. Welcome back! I gave up Facebook and Instagram and realized how much I like this forum. Bought a bit of brass an a new pistol over the last year. PCC is intriguing!
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