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  1. Also consider the FTP Shooting Sports optic. It is basically an updated RTS2 with an bigger window, much nicer buttons and 8moa. It is also brighter and has more available brightness settings. The new Sigs are also very nice but expensive and made by the same place that make RTS2 and FTP. I have used the DPP for years but am switching away from them this offseason.
  2. I have a TIN coated barrel in my 9major open gun. No problems. I was planning to do with all future barrels.
  3. The Ping GPS seem to not be available anymore. Looks like a failed kickstarter. I just purchased the $100 Gego tracker and has a month to month billing plan of $8. $75 for the year. Works as advertised so at this point I would recommend it. If you want something cheaper I would suggest getting a $35 Tile pro bluetooth tracker. I put one in my bag going to Nationals and my phone was in range of bag as they loaded and unload bag from plane. So I knew my bag made it on the plane.
  4. Yes, they negate the stroking. But if you start with a stroked gun and clipped recoil spring you then can experiment with 0 to 5 shock buffs. The buffs will change how the recoil feels and how the dot lifts. Some like a slow rising dot that is trackable and some like rapid less trackable dot rise but also faster returning.
  5. I like the Universal or Everglades.
  6. Most comps have some downforce but most gas pulls the comp forward. So adding barrel holes is a trade-off between flatter vs softer. Read this thread. This is a very interesting graph from jid2 and it shows that holes obviously create much more z force (downward force) but interestingly the x force (forward pull) does not greatly reduce (or proportionally). So it seems the barrel holes are definitely worth the trade-off.
  7. Crimson Trace has 3 new red dots coming out. CTS-1200 and CTS-1300 Window size are 1.1" x 0.75" ( 28mm x 19mm) CTS-1400 Window size is 1.25" x 0.89" ( 31.8mm x 22.6mm) https://www.crimsontrace.com/products/red-dot-sights
  8. I just received my V2 magwell. Its grip size feels somewhere in between Dawson big hand and the normal Dawson. It is really heavy that is for sure. Here are some weights LC V2 = 4.8oz Dawson big hands = 1.4oz My open gun is up to 54.9oz with this magwell. Will have to see how it goes. I could always change main spring housing to aluminum to save a little weight.
  9. Looks like a good amount of clearance but if you want to try something different I really like the Brazos tuned ejector. It has a concave cut which gives room for bullet/mag while still keeping it strong.
  10. Has anyone switched from the large hands version of Dawson to this new L.C. v2? How does it feel?
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