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Found 7 results

  1. I just finished a 4 part series on YouTube totaling 48min 25 sec in length. Take a look at tell me what you think. For the newbies to the platform, this gun seems intimidating at first. Hopefully this series will change that - they're no harder to work on than your Glock or M&P, there are simply pins to drive in and out... and more steps to the process. For those of you familiar with the platform - let me know what I might have left out, or what you do differently! Tanfo Tuning Part 1: Disassembly Tanfoglio Tuning Part 2: Polishing Basics Tanfoglio Tuning Part 3: Polishing and Assembly Tanfoglio Tuning Part 4: Final Assembly & Testing
  2. Hi! My 650 just started doing this. The shellplate doesn't index fully, and the whole ramhead seems to tilt sideways at the end of the stroke. It isn't loose if I try to move it with my hand though. I can't see what's tilting it. And is the case insert slide supposed to have supposed to have this much sideways play as I demonstrate in the video? The primer system assembly isn't loose, the whole thing that it's bolted to moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmxnPReD0iA&feature=youtu.be Edit: DOH! Of course, the bolts that hold the ramhead platform were loose. Back to rock'n roll!
  3. I like to watch GM match video to review their techniques. Please post a link to your favorite video that you have found useful examples of technique.
  4. I first saw a Tachyon camera when Jeremy Moore brought one to a match last summer. I liked it so I picked one out for myself for Christmas. On the website there are several packages to purchase for shooting sports ranging from the basic to the full blown kit with several mounting options/brackets. Since I am a gun gear addict there was no way I was going to pass up getting more so I went with the full deal http://www.tachyoninc.com/guncam.htmlfor $249.99. I put it to use yesterday and here's what I learned. 1. The camera is light, approx 2 oz, super easy to operate and takes good quality video, wide angle with no fish-eye distortion. 2. The clip on mount on the bill of your cap is a little awkward because it is nearly 3 oz of extra weight on the very tip of your cap which makes the bill fall over your face unless the cap is really cinched down tight. 3. The clip on mount used on your ear-muffs works well but puts the POV even higher on your head, in case you're trying for that eye-level view. 4. The hat mount is solid and doesn't pull the bill of your cap down as bad as the clip on. 5. The scope attachment rail is for 1" tubes and therefore won't even start to fit a 30mm tube. I didn't check that detail when I bought the kit just assumed that since they are marketing this kit to competition shooters the attachment would be made to fit the most common scope size. I've emailed Tachyon and asked if they make a 30mm attachment. 6. The shotgun magazine attachment rail will fit my Nordic MXT tube only in the clamp groove where the diameter is 27mm. If your tube OD is greater than 27mm you're out of luck. 7. The picatinny rail mount is robust and holds the camera very securely and I'm sure will protect from shock/recoil damage. However it also weighs approx 6 oz so with the camera inserted is approx 8 oz. If this was mounted on the shotgun magazine tube that's a lot of dead mass just hanging out 6" beyond the barrel nut. Same thing if it was mounted on your rifle handguard or pistol rail. A lot of dead mass just hanging there. I might mount it that way a time or two for practice sessions or if I use my guns in my strength training regimen, but I can't see having that extra weight on the guns during a match. So overall I'm pleased with the camera and the initial quality but I wish I'd realized the limitations of the attachments that came in the gun cam kit and just bought one of the lower priced kits that just have the hat mount.
  5. Hi all, I have an interesting question (I think...) I normally shoot GLOCK, but I have a romantic attraction to the 1911 that I'm sure many of us have felt at some point. Recently I acquired a Springfield Armory TRP Operator with a Bull Barrel and full-length guide rod. My problem is that although I am a GLOCK Certified Armorer (that's not saying much) I have never known anything but the striker-fired, plastic anti-1911. I plan on getting another 1911 (not yet determined) to shoot USPSA Single Stack with, and I will also be using the Operator in L-10 occasionally at a local match. But like I said, Ive never dealt with a gun that had a hammer before. I'm not completely in the dark but need to learn about the 1911 platform in general. I'd like to have a healthy education from years of experience but I'd also like to get as much of a head start by reading first. Can anyone recommend a good book(s), DVD(s), or YouTube video(s)? I have looked around myself and found some of the "1911 Build" videos to be a little useful but not too much. Thanks guys.
  6. Introduction After a long time off I feel like I am officially back and competing again. My hope is that my range diary can not only help me to document progress and shortcomings along this next segment of my shooting career but that it can also be of some use for others who are also playing the game and looking to improve. Since this is out on a public forum I would welcome any feedback, or questions and will do my best to help others where possible. My introduction into USPSA happened early in 2002, back when Production was still a novelty of sorts. I bought my first gun, a Glock 19, enrolled in a concealed carry class and learned through the instructor that the local range hosted an action pistol competition each month. I figured that since I then had a gun and a CCW license I might as well learn how to use it well. In April 2002, I arrived at my first USPSA match armed with my trusty Glock 19 in a thumb break leather Bianchi pancake holster and two Fobus double mag pouches. I honestly can't remember a lot about my first year's worth of shooting except that I was fortunate enough to meet several other dedicated new shooters that helped me out immensely as we all tried our best to master the game. The local clubs also had a few very knowledgeable and helpful shooters who had been there and tried that at all levels of competition and who were more than happy to help out new shooters along the way. Within a few months I picked up a Glock 34 and retired the 19 to EDC duty. I made "C" class by the end of 2002 and was close to "B" class when I got an opportunity to shoot Production Nationals. I had no problem winning "C" class in Production which is not big achievement. What made the trip really worthwhile is that I traveled and shot with a shooting mentor of mine who was an "A" class at the time and I got to learn about how he approached a major match and how to really stage plan. By 2004 I was a high "A" I attended and won Area 1, beating out a well known "M" class shooter by the slimmest of margins (i.e. dumb luck). I was shooting well enough at club matches that even though the matches were small and dominated by Open and Limited shooters I would generally finish in the top 5 of all shooters combined, generally averaging between 80% and 95% of our local Limited GM's scores. I made "M" in early 2005 and made a conscious decision at the time to not push for "GM" because I didn't feel I had the extra time or capacity to devote to the additional practice and focus that I would need to go those last few percentage points. I got married in 2004 and in 2005 I moved to another city to start grad school. This was the beginning of the end of the first phase of my shooting life. That was somewhat solidified as well when I finished school and took a job in Northern Virginia in 2007. Around 2007 I tried shooting a match or two and I can say I walked away fairly embarrassed. Previously I shot almost every weekend and sometimes a couple of times during the week but after two years of doing very little I was making a lot of errors that I considered embarrassing and on top of that my once trusty Glock 34 started giving me problems. I really didn't have time or energy to even troubleshoot what was going on so I set it aside knowing that shooting would always be there waiting for me when I decided to pick it up again. Since that time my wife and I were fortunate enough to have two sons who have further cut into shooting time and I have tried to always manage my priorities such that my family comes first. I will relay some more details later about gear selection, making the change from Glocks to CZs, and my first few matches back in 2012 and how I feel more humble but more confident as a shooter now than I ever have before but for now I will say that I shot a few matches to get my toes in the water again in 2012 and 2013 but thankfully this year I have been able to attend at least one match a month which doesn't sounds like much but is a huge improvement on where I have been over the last 7 years. Part of the reason for this is that my boys are not quite as difficult as they once were so I don't have as much guilt when I sneak out to shoot a match. The second is that I saw one of my old shooting buddies running and gunning on the 3GN Pro series and decided that this year would be the year that I get serious again starting with 3 Gun competition. I will try to fill in more holes and background as I go with these posts but for now let's get into figuring out what the heck I am doing wrong...
  7. Hey everyone, I just started this thread to ask for some tips, and anything that you might see from watching the video. I know that POV footage isn't as helpful for instruction as 3rd person, but I haven't yet figured out how to get that on here. I have so far just shot two local matches at the Albany Rifle and Pistol club, and at this match (the December 14 match) I placed 32 out of 56 overall (11 out of 16 in Limited) with a HF of 51.11%. Stage by stage my place and hit factor were: Stage 1 Turtles From Hell: 41/56 36.02% Stage 2 Tuned Out: 16/56 63.03% Stage 3 Dancing Elves: 20/56 62,41% Stage 4 Can You Count: 51/56 25.24% (yea yea I know that was terrible, I completely forgot about the reload during the second string....) Stage 5 Cornered: 27/56 53.11% Stage 6 Jungle Bells: 22/56 63.49% In order of appearance in the video: Stage 4, 5, 6, 1, 2. I forgot to film our first stage, which was Stage 3. Any tips, advice, criticism, anything else that you can think of, I hope I can hear from you guys. I love the help I've been getting so far on this forum. Thanks so much in advance!
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