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  1. I am really hoping that someone knows something about ETR7 powder. I assume they went out of business due to piss poor customer service but what the powder? Does anyone have a lead on where the one might find the powder?
  2. Tony, would you mind sharing your load. My barrel is a Criterion 18" with rifle length system. Thanks
  3. OK. Thanks guys. I know I couldn't figue it out but I knew others were running 77gr Sierra's, so I know there are bullets that will work. Guess I will just need to shop in the green section instead of the red section.
  4. For those that are loading .223 with 75gr Hornady ELD-M, what OAL are you seating them to. My mag length will only hold OAL to 2.275 but when I seat them to that length, it looks like too much of the bullet is inside the case. Is anyone got any recommendations?
  5. I can do the work myself but I am NOT going to work on his. He is a big boy and can send it off to someone. I just opened an indoor shooting range and free time is a luxury right now, although I do like tinkering around with all the guns every now and then. Got some Shadow 2's in if anybody is looking for one.
  6. Who is Joe Wilson and how to contact him?
  7. I bought mine used from here about a year ago with a low rd count and it had the most awesome trigger in it I have ever felt, even compared to my 2011's
  8. Whose parts should he use or does PD have everything?
  9. He is a MD and doesn't have time or the want to. Thanks emjei.
  10. A friend of mine recently purchased a new Stock 2 and is wanting to get some work done to it(trigger work mainly). Who is the go to gunsmith for Tanfo's? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks guys. You guys said exactly what I needed to know. I already knew I neede to get into better shape, that's a given
  12. Ok, here's the background. I'm 56 years young and will be an A class real soon. I'm getting my butt kicked in the longer stages because the younger guys move faster than I do and I'm losing valuable time. My accuracy is pretty good but could always be better. My question is, does anybody know what I can do to move faster. Are there any drills I can do, any exercises or look for a trainer of some type, or just forget about it because I'm too old. I know I need to loose weight from 235 to 200 at least but Iam not chubby by any means. What to do?????
  13. How does Solo 1K stack up against N320? Seems 320 is the gold standard.
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