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  1. usmc1974

    Thoughts on increasing membership/clubs

    lol...ok HPJ
  2. usmc1974

    Thoughts on increasing membership/clubs

    I don't think that is it at all. I think they come a match and find a bunch of stuck up self righteous asholes. Or as they are better known as super gamers, that cry if a port is to low or they have do a extra reload...ect just my .02...lol
  3. At home and at the safety table before the match. Lots of it.
  4. usmc1974

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    WOW! I run a a cheap PSA9 lower with a cheap matrax upper glock factory 33 rd mags. It has run 100 % with any 9mm I throw in it holds 2-3 inches at 25 yards.But if you got the money to throw away it is nice. Myself I buy ammo with all that extra money
  5. usmc1974

    Hooded holster vs locking race holster

    I don't see the problem, seems like much to do about nothing, IPSC/USPSA is not telling you. You (got) to by this are that holster!!! Buy the holster you want and feel safe with.
  6. usmc1974

    Is non cannelure 55gr more Accurate?

    I would say it makes more of a difference in your wallet..lol
  7. usmc1974

    New Production Rules and Magazine Release

    No, just open and limited. They can shoot IDPA till they can afford IPSC.
  8. usmc1974

    New Production Rules and Magazine Release

    Yep sure does.
  9. usmc1974

    POI 9mm 124 vs 115

    Yep I found this to be true in all my 9mm guns. 115 to a 147 at 15 yards I point at the x I hit the x or very close to standing shooting free style. I take into account I shake just a might, close enough for me.
  10. usmc1974

    New Production Rules and Magazine Release

    I say only two categories, open and limited. Just shoot all alphas, really fast then major/minor don't matter. Even if everyone goes to 9mm the gun company's and USPSA/IPSC will still make just as much money if not more.
  11. That sonabitch does that kind of jhit.
  12. usmc1974

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    It's all good, never gave it a second thought.
  13. usmc1974

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I don't really shoot production, but are not all factory "production" guns 15 + rounds now? So it makes sense to go to 15 rounds. 10 round limit was because Clinton's 15 round ban and it is gone now. Just saying.