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  1. I always put a Target behind my chrono in the sweet spot where the rails are connected by a brass coupling for pistols. Rifles is no problem I use a Magna Speed 3
  2. I have an ArmaLite AR-10 308 carbine 16 inch lightweight Barrel. I was thinking about lightning or having the bolt carrier lighten is it really that much to gain? and what does something like that cost? Thx B
  3. I believe you are right, this is what I was afraid of. because opticsplanet don't do refunds. so Iam kind of stuck with it. Still it don't look too bad I guess. Thanks for helping
  4. My old Square Deal finally wore out pretty bad, it was used up about 35 years worth. Basically they sent me a brand new Square Deal B no cost to me. I started reloading with a Dillon, and I see no reason to change. I was told they are the best and I totally believe it. Thank you Mr Dillon
  5. I bought a guntec USA 15" rail for my ArmaLite AR-10 308 carbine. And I noticed when I put it on the rail set lower then the ArmaLite upper. Is this because of the rail? What? is ArmaLite uppers different?
  6. I was able to find information on this trigger by Googling it and it. came up online Enos forms, pictures and everything. they said it was a single stage trigger adjustable. and a very good trigger. But don't feel bad though it does have a long reset. Will more than likely replace it with a velocity single stage drop-in 3 pounder like all my other guns
  7. I picked up an ArmaLite 10 carbine. And it has a funny looking trigger in it Also, it looks like it's adjustable has three spring settings?
  8. How much accuracy do you need? All you got a hit is a 6"X 11" A zone of a IPSC target. From maybe 25 yards or maybe a 6" round steel.
  9. If it's going to be used for three gun, just Bay shooting get a C-more with a sunshade. But, if you're going out like three or four hundred yards I would get a Mtac-1-4 x 24 with AR reticle. On one power in Bay shooting is like a red dot, But turn it up to 4 in this good to 500 yards I know because I've used mine that way. Just a thought
  10. And if it has a compensator on it it's going to be twice as loud. I shoot steel challenge, sometimes I watch these guys with their PCC carbines and you got a hold of timer real close to it.
  11. This may be a dumb question but do coated bullets have grease marks?
  12. If it's just for home defense, why not get a Glock 34 mos and put it in a CCA micro conversion kit/brace with 33 round Glock magazines. Looks really cool, and since it's a Glock it's going to run.
  13. Well there you go, I think you made the right decision, for you. If it makes you happy and you got the money, do it. If somebody has something I want I buy it price don't mean everything. If I have something that's not for sale, but somebody really really wants it! and the price is not a factor they did it. That's the good thing of life.
  14. Droll very droll...lol... I just use a screwdriver in an old t-shirt.
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