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  1. If I use an adjustable gas block and I wanted use a suppressor also, do I turn the gas block down? So less gas goes through the tube, and more goes out the end of the barrel or do I turn it up? Maybe I should know this. But I'm just not sure. Thanks. B
  2. I love shooting my Beretta 92. I shoot it for everything. USPSA, IDPA and 3 gun. It fits my hand great and I love shooting it, I don't care if I win ipsc / USPSA , I just want to shoot as fast as a good major power factor shooter, with no misses. I'll take the point penalties and still have a good time and be happy. But that's just me.
  3. Too many people shooting guns that believe, Hollywood knows what they do! and I would say no drawing from The holster. It's a very bad ideal. Just my humble opinion
  4. Cylinder and slide makes a great drop in 3 and 1/2 pound trigger for 1911. I have two of them they are not pricey at all, and they work Wonderful. Not trying to hijack the thread just saying. B
  5. I did a search and maybe I missed it, explain to me how this shotgun is legal? Thx B
  6. I was told by more than one professional and a few scope people. There's no sense in paying that much for a low Power Scope. You don't get nothing in return. I use a Burris Mtac 1-4 out to 400 yards no problem. I suppose a 1 to 6 would be nice though
  7. I know you are sure not alone I started shooting ipsc back about 1980. Be honest I'm not even sure there was such a thing as a certified RO back then. But, we sure had a lot of fun everybody had a good time and it was very little complaining or crying about the RO. I really can't believe IPSC/ USPSA has become. Just saying.
  8. +1 I buy used tumbled 9 mm brass I get for about $25 a thousand. Why pick it up
  9. Maybe I'm slow to the party, but it seems like eBay it's quit selling a whole lot of gun parts. no rifle barrel the upper the bolt carrier groups can be found.
  10. Is IDPA, a game or a sport? Well okay did you ever shoot, a game of pool? Just a thought
  11. One thing I like about IDPA... they have pie...
  12. usmc1974

    Par time?

    Since I really don't shoot IDPA that much anymore I was wondering did they do away with part-time stages I ask this because I want to set up a stage and give it a part-time but I'm not sure I can do that anymore like I said the rules has changed so much I need a little help here
  13. Back in about 97 the 98 when I started shooting IDPA the rule was because in the real gunfight and not a competition you could lose count and you wouldn't take time to count your rounds anyway you would shoot the gun till it locked back drop the Meg and then reload that is the logic behind that rule but now it's just another game and the rules from 97 and 98 or all but history
  14. Why would anybody want to have a major shooting match with included many high capacity magazines on the west coast? With people who hate high-capacity magazines, and hate people with guns. I think was a good call take all the Shooting Sports out of California and the West Coast just a thought. It is sad California is the prettiest place I will never live.
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