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  1. I have also heard it referred to as trailer Park open or trailer trash open...lol
  2. Not this one it's very comfortable to hold maybe it's just that I have big hands, I don't know. but, it fits my hand perfect also teeth are smooth almost like finger grooves. lol
  3. I have not shot factory off-the-shelf ammunition in 30+ years. But, back when I did, Blazer 124 grain in the aluminum case worked really well and shot clean.
  4. What might you want for them? My Beretta 92 has no problem with them.
  5. I think one of the reasons CO is growing so fast is for people like me, for concealment everyday on the street, I carry a glock 19 with a Halosun 507 and a 15-round magazine. And that is what they want to practice/play with. To be honest I don't know why there is a 10-round limit in production anymore anyway 90% of guns that come from the factory come with high-capacity magazines
  6. This is what I use, it works great. I use the liquid form.
  7. I load all my handgun ammo on the Dillon Square Deal. It is pretty accurate within one tenth of a grain either way. I check about every 50th around just for the hell of it, I figured that's good enough IPSC
  8. OMG... Glade I stocked up when I thought 35-40 a 1000 was high . lol
  9. My new glock 19 came from the factory with 3 15 round mags. This production. Production no longer needs to be limited to 10 round mags.
  10. Is anybody able to find any primers, out there? and if so what are they going for?
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