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  1. Is IDPA, a game or a sport? Well okay did you ever shoot, a game of pool? Just a thought
  2. One thing I like about IDPA... they have pie...
  3. usmc1974

    Par time?

    Since I really don't shoot IDPA that much anymore I was wondering did they do away with part-time stages I ask this because I want to set up a stage and give it a part-time but I'm not sure I can do that anymore like I said the rules has changed so much I need a little help here
  4. Back in about 97 the 98 when I started shooting IDPA the rule was because in the real gunfight and not a competition you could lose count and you wouldn't take time to count your rounds anyway you would shoot the gun till it locked back drop the Meg and then reload that is the logic behind that rule but now it's just another game and the rules from 97 and 98 or all but history
  5. Why would anybody want to have a major shooting match with included many high capacity magazines on the west coast? With people who hate high-capacity magazines, and hate people with guns. I think was a good call take all the Shooting Sports out of California and the West Coast just a thought. It is sad California is the prettiest place I will never live.
  6. Just a touch of clean water and a microfiber cloth
  7. Myself, if I'm running a 2 MOA red dot, I zero at 300/25 yards. the most the time I'm running my Burris Mtac1-4 AR and a zero at 100 yards For long range precision. I zero at 300 yards, run, strelok pro 4.7.4
  8. Very acceptable answer, thank you.
  9. WoW! I think Co really doing great looks like fun inexpensive gun, inexpensive site along with cheap ammo makes it really attractive the limited budget shooters. but, custom gun makers and USPSA rules! will Funk it up. I've almost quit shooting USPSA all together. Now, back about 1981-82 when I started shooting Ipsc and we all pretty much ran a 1911 with a 7 or 8 round magazine, had small rulebook it was a blast. Just saying. But shoot your initials USPSA, IDPA, LRP, SC or what ever. I love 3 Gun, best is outlaw 3 gun. With a little IDPA on the side. Like I said. Just saying. Peace.
  10. Thank you. practice practice practice practice and more practice is what makes you a great champion.
  11. I am not offended I thought we was just having a regular old conversation I must have missed something along the way sorry
  12. I Know who it was but the names don't matter at that level. Rob Latham , Robert Vogel or Taran Butler. You Steve RA have to use sight picture sight alignment and Trigger squeeze and with that I rest my case.
  13. So your saying you can do what Rob and Taran are doing?
  14. Wow!!! That is so cool. Can you do that? Also, can all you guys do what Rob lathram and Taran tactical Taran Butler does? or do you have to aim? just asking.
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