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  1. usmc1974

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I don't know, or have all the answers but I run a beretta 92fs w/20+1 mags. There are a hell of alot of 10 round guys I can't beat. So shoot what you got and practice, practice,practice. I don't plan to stop shooting my beretta any time soon. Just saying.
  2. usmc1974

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Me too, but today nothing in practical shooting, is practical. Lol
  3. usmc1974

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    I shoot my Beretta now for everything with 20 +1 mergar mags mostly 3 gun. That said there was a time when I shot limited major, with high caps, with some production shooters that smoked all of us LM shooters. I think it is best to shoot a gun you love and have fun. IMHO
  4. usmc1974

    definition of "Standing"

    Yep one time I was RO and it said stand facing up range hands above shoulders. The shooter wanted to start crouched half turned with his hands up but, on the same side of his head almost touching. Lol. This did not work.lol f*#king gamers. Lol
  5. usmc1974

    Trigger id

    A better picture.
  6. usmc1974

    Trigger id

    Never seen a trigger like this. Has a 3rd spring. Some how looks adjustable.
  7. usmc1974

    Production to 15 rounds instead of 10.

    Was ordered to stand down.
  8. usmc1974

    223 brass

    What do you think the velocity difference would be if say 27 grains of varget and a 55 fmjbt between a 06 lc and a federal case. Hope I said this right.
  9. usmc1974

    Can't Make Ammo Fast Enough!

    The main reason I want to win the lottery is so I never have to reload a single round ever again, ever
  10. usmc1974

    Single Stack or Production?

    This is why I don't shoot 45acp, and now days you even have to sort 45 brass for large and small primers. I love my Itialion Beretta 92fs and just look for a faster time then the other guys ...lol fun