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  1. Dawson has the brightest fiber optic rods out there, almost looks like a mini red dot sight. Against their black rear sight.
  2. Do you guys like the late model Lake City brass? It all seems to need trimmed and swaged. I have that Dillons swage but it always doesn't seem to get the cramp out on the first try.
  3. Oh, I can imagine it was picked up with some 3-gun match went to
  4. It has been run through my small base sizing die just like all my other brass. I don't know what the head stamp means. Cj6 just like the picture
  5. I have held them all in fact, I own all. they just set in the safe. This is the one I used for everything now and love this gun. I do have the med, beavertail add-on attached to it.
  6. I am curious, can't you just look at the match results?
  7. Thanks for all the info, I don't think I'm going to screw with this stuff. glad I found it for I tried to reload it.
  8. Are you getting ready to do some reloading and lubing up my grass this morning and I came across this one. Never seen one look like this before have you? All right thing it says for the head stamped is C3 9mm
  9. My second gun is the Ruger LCR 357 Magnum with one speed load. Awesome little gun.
  10. I picked up a Glock 48 today at the gun shop, it was Tiny but it would make a good production gun for people with very small hands.
  11. That looks so cool! With a 33 round Glock magazine stuck in , it would look like a mini, mini uzi. something out of Hollywood. for competition I use it with Glock 17 mags with TTI plus 6 extensions. For IDPA I just use the factory glock 19, 15 round mag that are in the picture.
  12. Your main match guns to glock 26 carry Optics? Your optic must be as big as the pistol, must look pretty cool with 140 mm mag inserted.
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