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  1. What is "G"? everybody I know that shoots ipsc, IDPA 3 gun what ever, goes to win, and always try to do the best. it's kind of condescending to think otherwise. I usually found this kind of behavior in people to think too highly of themselves and are wrapped a little too tight. Not pointing any fingers, and I honestly do not want to offend anybody. just saying truth is truth and fact is fact. People with a class B or C or even A no matter what they're shooting are NOT going to outshoot GM. A Class B Class and C Class and D shooters are what keeps USPSA funded. Just saying.
  2. If a couple Grandmaster show up, they probably going to beat you, if you're shooting major! and they're throwing stones. So what's your point. Shoot, have fun, laugh and joke with the gun people around you, if you want to walk around with a 59 Oz gun on your hip all day and that's what you carry on the street it's all good and remember you could be working!
  3. Uncle Mikes has great Kydex/plastic holsters, and even greater pricing. Been using his holsters for IDPA and ipsc for many years. I'm using one of his drop leg holsters right now for 3 gun. Being a skinny guy myself with limited waistline real estate.
  4. Well I suppose you are right, but no powder measure throws exactly the same amount every time even from the factory. That is why powder tricklers was invented. And two tenths of a grain may not matter in the pistol. It can make a big difference in a rifle.IMHO.
  5. I use Dillon been using it for near 40 years. Maybe you need a better scale.
  6. When I first started shooting my 10.5 AR with the short brace, it didn't take long for me to figure out you don't put your hand too far forward on the handguard you will feel the heat of that dragon breath compensator. lol.... did not burn me but I didn't have to do it anymore. Put the little knob on the end so that I knew in my hand was. I don't believe I'd want any of the compensator holes underneath to handguard
  7. Boy, you are so right on this post. when I first started shooting three gun and saw that 26 inch barrel with a 29 inch tube. I had to keep asking myself how in the hell is that Tactical? No way a law enforcement officer could wheel, that getting out of his Cruiser. or you would use it, in the middle of the night when something went bump. But for three gun. I use a 20 inch barrel with a 19 inch tube so I can hold 9 rounds 8 in the tube and One in the Chamber. My gun sure does look short on the loading table to 3-gun matches.lol
  8. Yeah I could, but do you know the b******* you have to go through if you do ? Also you got to get permission to take it out of state. if you take it to an out-of-state match.
  9. You might look for Grand power magazines, because that's what it was before STI picked it up and called it the GP6
  10. I would bet pretty much, bet anybody that loads 147's that close to the minimum without weighing every single one, shoots a lot of rounds that's 2/10 under minimum. Just saying.
  11. Yeah, well cool is very important. I love my 10.5 -inch AR pistol with carbine length gas system very cool
  12. Yeah but at the end of the day your rifle barrel has to be 16 in minimum. Whether you have a 16 inch barrel with a 1-inch compensator that really works or 14 inch rifle with a permanently attached compensator that really works. I personally don't like anything "permanently" attached to the end of my rifle.imho.
  13. Yes but are they going to be willing to pay what you're going to ask for it?
  14. So Tony what barrels are becoming the norm in 3 gun?
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