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  1. I do weigh every charge
  2. I put in a 4.1 carbine buffer but it is still throwing the brass out at about 1 o clock. I ordered a adjustable gas block, and I do have a 4.9 buffer. the load I am running is Hornady 55 fmj bt varget 27 grains, Hodgdon max is 27.5 that is not going to happen..lol wolf brass trimmed to 1.750 CCISR primer COAL 2.260
  3. It is the one I use also. I have a heavier. Carbine spring and a heavier buffer which do you think is better? Thx
  4. I have thought about an adjustable gas block I want to get another suppressor in 223
  5. Thanks I am going with a heavier buffer I have one I bought it is 4.9 I thought I could just maybe change out some of the heavier weight get it down to about 4 oz. That was not to be, It was a solid steel machined buffer I was able to drill out the center and get it down 4.0 the price was good 11 bucks each shipped. I got 3 but think I will only use the one.
  6. No, the rifle runs great, Armalite M15 factory carbine. I love shooting it, it is mostly the ejection pattern. I was told my ejected case should be at 3:00 to 3:30. My rounds are a little on the warm side 55 fmj bt 27 grains varget. some say heavier buffer some say heavier recoil spring.
  7. By AR carbine is throwing my brass out at about 12:30/1:00 I am told I am over gassing. I should go with a heavyer buffer to increase dwell time. Can this increase my velocities a little also. I have a new 4.8 coming. Thx
  8. Lets see if I can say this right. I have a GFI case and Remington case both trimmed to 1.750. The load is 27 hrs varget but 27 will not fit in the GFI case. The picture is GFI case 26 grains to the bottom of the neck. The Remington case is 27 grains to the bottom of the neck. How close will the volicitys be? 55fmjbt
  9. usmc1974

    223 brass

    Who makes GFL brass? What is the volume? Thx
  10. I looked but did not find. Can I use a Springfield light weight 4 inch 1911 with a bushing less bull barrel in CDP. thx
  11. How many rounds though your 44m

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