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  1. Swanny10

    Traveling to Hawaii

    Yeah but it’s not just about the match. I wanted to do some traveling next year. And I wanted to do some comps next year. So I’m trying to combine the two. And everything “official” that I’m seeing says 5 days. That’s doable.
  2. Swanny10

    Traveling to Hawaii

    Well this is concerning. I was under the assumption it was 5days. Looks like I’m going to have to make some phone calls.
  3. Swanny10

    Roller handle comparison

    So I’ve got the IF handle installed and about 500 pulls on it. I thought I would follow up with my observations. Bear in mind, these are entirely subjective and 100% mine. 1. I made about 800 rounds with the factory ball handle before the ergo handle arrived. Not once did I think, this thing sucks, I wish I had the roller handle. Interpret that however you want. 2. The offset of the handle does give the impression of a shorter total stroke. Obviously it doesn’t. But does feel that way. The modified stroke allows me to stand closer to the press and get on top so I can look down on the carousel better. I very much like that. 3. Whether this is an illusion or not idk. But it feels like there is a significant difference in leverage. Both on the down stroke and when setting the primers. On a side note, I’m even more impressed with the 550 light than I am with the sdb light. Even brighter and more centered on the shell plate. At roughly $35 it’s a no brainer.
  4. Swanny10

    Bianchi 2018

    I know very little about Bianchi Cup so I clicked on this thread to learn something. And I did. Unfortunately not what I wanted to. As an NRA member who is constantly bombarded with emails asking for money so they can protect the rights of, among others, sportsmen, this is enough to piss off any NRA paying competitive shooter. Regardless if they shoot USPSA, Trap, or PRS. Like I said, I don’t shoot BC. But I’m on board for anything I can do to restore some of its former glory.
  5. Swanny10

    New Magnum PI

    Full disclosure I haven’t watched the new one. When I saw the hot chick was going to play Higgins I checked out. Nothing against attractive women but the predictable and cliche “sexual tension” that we all know is going to happen is way off course for Magnum. And I had to Wikipedia the navy seal part. I grew up watching the show and I always thought he was navy intelligence. I guess I remember flashbacks of him in combat but was to young to appreciate that wasn’t typical intelligence work. That little bit of info really makes me think the original was quite the trend setter. Every cop/detective/ncis/cis/sitcom/soap opera has a former SEAL or spec ops guy on it. Apparently Magnum was cool before it was cool. With regards to the stereotype Japanese name, I currently work with the first and only native Hawaiian guy I’ve ever known. And his name is Murakami. Soooo.........LoL I’m guessing they destroyed the Ferrari in the 1st episode so they could put him in something more PC. Like a Tesla?? On a positive note, at least the dogs are still Dobermans. I guess that’s something.
  6. Swanny10

    Favorite Podcasts

    Another vote for Stoeger. I listen to Anderson but I skip forward ALOT. Also, his shows are pretty redundant. I dont one know how anyone can listen to Shoot Fast. Okay, that’s unfair. What I mean is I don’t know how I could ever listen to shoot fast.
  7. Swanny10

    Traveling to Hawaii

    I will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for offering. Something tells me, knowing me, I’ll end up buying some for myself. The only thing keeping me from doing it now is not the money but the idea of buying round limited mags. LOL
  8. Swanny10

    Traveling to Hawaii

    Im running a shadow 2.
  9. Swanny10

    Traveling to Hawaii

    Yes sir, Happy. I was operating off of the 5 day statement. Not the 90 day thing.
  10. Swanny10

    Custom made earplugs

    I should say, that I have no intention of not double plugging. Anything I get will still be worn under muffs the vast majority of the time. But your statements about quality are appreciated.
  11. Swanny10

    Custom made earplugs

    So I have been entertaining the idea of having some custom made plugs molded. Not the DYI kit but going to an audiologist. So I called up a place and they informed me that NO AUDIOLOGIST can do it in house. They always have to be sent off after the audiologist makes an impression of the ear. Has this been the experience of other people who have had custom plugs made? Or do I need to look at more audiologists ?
  12. Swanny10

    Shadow sights

    I’m on it. I just wonder how long until they get some.
  13. Swanny10

    Shadow sights

    If you go to CZC website and click on rear sights it will tell you about compatibility.
  14. Swanny10

    Shadow sights

    And of course....they are out of stock.