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  1. Swanny10

    Alaska state match

    Any new news on this match?
  2. Swanny10

    Once fired 6.5 brass

    Since I’m just getting started (haven’t even finished my build yet) I’m sure it will be fine for now. I was mostly concerned with paying some stupid price for it since neither him nor I knew what it was worth. And since 95% of all listings on gunbroker etc never sell I don’t use any prices on there to determine the value of something. But your info will be helpful in the future.
  3. Swanny10

    Once fired 6.5 brass

    Superman, thanks for the depth of your response. Regardless if your experiences are unique, it’s good info.
  4. Swanny10

    Once fired 6.5 brass

    Hello all, My buddy is trying to get me to buy some 6.5 creedmoor brass from him. It’s Hornady (large primer of course), once fired. Any one tell me what brass like this typically sells for? thanks
  5. Swanny10

    Creedmoor barrel and bolt

    That’s good info. I was excited until I realized that mega on sale is still $460 for a receiver set. Lol
  6. Swanny10

    Creedmoor barrel and bolt

    Thanks for all the input folks. Of course when I finally decided to get started purchasing pieces, Aero runs out of the blem uppers and lowers I was going to purchase. Once again my hem hawing around puts the brakes on my plans.
  7. Swanny10

    Great Plains vs Oklahoma

    That’s what I am thinking. It could easily be high 90s in OK.
  8. Swanny10

    Great Plains vs Oklahoma

    Very close. And some of us have to make choices.
  9. Swanny10

    Great Plains vs Oklahoma

    “and had to choose”and why?
  10. Hypothetical question, if you lived equidistant from Oklahoma and Nebraska and had to choose, would you shoot the Great Plains sectional or the Oklahoma sectional and why?
  11. Swanny10

    Dead air muzzle devices

    Anyone have any experience with the Deadair muzzle devices? Specifically, how effective is the muzzle brake and how much louder does it make the rifle? (Creedmoor). My debate is that there will be occasions when I’m not shooting suppressed and I would just as soon not perforate my eardrums (it’s not unbelievable that I might shoot it from the cab of the truck and my advanced armament brake hurts pretty bad in that specific situation) . So unless there is a significant reduction in felt recoil I will just go with the flash hider.
  12. Swanny10

    Funny shooting video

    Thank you for that Sarge.
  13. Swanny10

    Creedmoor barrel and bolt

    I’ve used aero stuff for smaller calibers before. Was always happy. But this is going to be a different animal. I was just curious what y’all would say about putting a JP barrel on something like an aero.
  14. Swanny10

    Creedmoor barrel and bolt

    Appreciate the help Nate. Am I doing a disservice to a barrel like that by putting it in front of an aero precision receiver set?
  15. Swanny10

    Creedmoor barrel and bolt

    I found that literally 2 seconds before I got notification of your response. It’s definitely “higher end” though. At least without having one turned custom.