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  1. Swanny10

    Cr speed belts

    You tapped them as well? The plastic took threads okay?
  2. Swanny10

    Cr speed belts

    Appreciate the fast response. I’m assuming they are both 1.5 inches? My c-bax attachments have a wee bit of play in them with my current Cr belt (not sure which one it is) and it’s annoying.
  3. Swanny10

    Cr speed belts

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the hi torque belt and the ultra competition belt?
  4. Anyone know of any OUTDOOR special classifier matches this winter in Oklahoma or Texas? Or in the Midwest perhaps?
  5. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    I would think this is a major ingredient of being “paper”.
  6. Swanny10

    Tim Herron

    Sounds like a plan, Tim. Wish ya hadn’t moved.
  7. Swanny10

    Customer Service Testimony

    Another testament. Called CZC this evening with a problem I had with an order that was delivered a few days ago. Dealing with the gentleman and getting the issue resolved COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY EASIER. Seriously, it was the easiest dialogue I’ve ever had with a vendor. I bought a CZC NIB Shadow 2 on this forum. I’ve been debating where I would get my backup gun from. I think I’ve made my decision.
  8. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    Ah. I understand now. I thought you meant across the board.
  9. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    Im new to this whole thing so just so I understand....if you go to nationals with a U. You will go home with a U? Correct?
  10. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    So now I’m comfused. What do you mean it could be good for a match bump but not as a classifier?
  11. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    A nationals match that doesn’t qualify as a classifier. Interesting.
  12. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    I’ll gladly admit I’m unclassified. I just started this thread to learn something.
  13. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    Wow. When I started this thread I didn’t expect it to go down this road. I just wondered how many GMs got to that point by match performance. So I’l Ask this...is someone a “paper GM” if they got there by classifiers they happen to run into during the course of competition but have never shot 95% in a major? Or is it someone who who got their by reshooting classifiers for money, trained specific classifiers they knew they would see, etc? Because if it’s the former than damn near every GM in existence is a paper GM, correct?
  14. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    I’m not disparaging the classifier system. Or anything else for that matter. But if they did away with it and combine that with the fact that it is virtually impossible to get a match bump to GM with the current requisites, how many new GMs would there be in a given year? 3 or 4? Which is fine I guess. GM is supposed to be elite.
  15. Swanny10

    Classifier vs match bump

    Yeah when I saw the 5% above thing it seemed to me you would basically have to win a MAJOR major. And this is all theoretical for me. I’m currently unclassified. Lol I was basically mulling over the whole paper vs comp GM debate in my head. Thanks guys.