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  1. Yea guess that would help. I edited post. Carry optics and production. USPSA
  2. Thinking about getting another holster or a hanger for mine. Want one that sits out from my waist more than the one I have and more stable. Don’t have a clue what make mine is. I bought it used and I can’t fine any identification on it. sorry for the edit. Carry optics and production divisions
  3. Anyone have experience with these? At $25 for +4 in 9mm +3 for 40 seems like a good deal.
  4. I hate to hear that. I do see that leupold has been repairing them. I only have one. I need to get a backup one then.
  5. I would like to know more about the failure of the DDP? nevermind I found it
  6. In lead we trust. I had enough with the MPX. Sent it to them and it’s been perfect since.
  7. Ok how do you decide where to put you sight on the rail? If it makes a difference for targets fairly close like steel Challenge. Rifle or pistol.
  8. I have several PRP triggers in my XDM’s. Very happy with them. What parts are you polishing in addition to the trigger?
  9. That’s what I’ve noticed also. Might go a different route.
  10. 4.5” barrel XDM 40. Looking for some load data.
  11. I’m a big fan of the XDM. Wanting to get into CO but it looks like the optic sits higher on the XDM than other pistols.
  12. Canman


    CZP10F optics ready will be another option.
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