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  1. smsnyder

    938 question

    ACCURACY WAS GREAT WITH THE p938. A friend of mine shot half dollor size groups with the gun at about 20 yards.
  2. Can;t seem to find the rules on Factory class/Production Guns. What you can and cannot change on the gun to stay in factory class shoots?. Thanks
  3. I haven't seen any For sale Ads?
  4. Were do you find used race guns or other pistols for sale on this site?
  5. What size dot on a C MORE dot scope do you guys suggest to shoot steel targets and other games? THANKS
  6. Got a phone number for Carver? Thanks
  7. Just bought the Sig 1911 22. Shots well with no problems. Neat 1911 22.
  8. Got a Glock 34 and i am planning to put a c more red dot on it. What mounting system do you suggest? Thanks
  9. Considering a 45 cal in a 1911 gun. What gun do you suggest for target shooting? Sig, Colt, Kimber OR Smith? Thanks
  10. smsnyder

    Slide handle?

    Thanks , going to install c more on my glock 34
  11. smsnyder

    Slide handle?

    Were do you buy that slide handle used to open slide easier on Glocks. I see them on many race guns. THANKS
  12. Thanks guys. Very good info on Glock 34. Went to a steel shoot for the first time and saw a few other people shooting the Glock 34.
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