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  1. First time seeing a Lee APP. I currently have a 650 with two heads; one to size, deprime, and trim. The second to load on. Primer pocket swaging is on a Dillon Swagging press between runs. Prep the brass in one run, 510 in a run. Stage the primer pockets if needed. Clean to delube. Then load.
  2. Just add a few more calibers. Or don't pull the handle as fast.
  3. I would start with Kick Eez, $30 to $40. Wide variety of pre-made sizes. I'd probably try cutting the mount lugs in the stock or sand off the back of the recoil pad.
  4. Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong.
  5. Boy it sure would be nice if we had some grenades don't you think? From Firefly: Zoe: Preacher, don’t the Bible have some pretty specific things to say about killin’?Book: Quite specific. It is, however, somewhat fuzzier on the subject of kneecaps. PS: insomnia sucks, and Unforgiven was quoted way to many times.
  6. Did you ever find dummies? I just reseated a used primer and used clean kitty litter for powder. Shells were to cheap to load after I did my first batch. We loaded 400 shells the day I bought the press. I bought it from a club when they upgraded to a progressive. I got the press, a bag of wads, a bag of shot, powder, and primers with it. I got a great deal but lead went from $17.00 for 25 pounds to $25.00 a bag. Now shot is at $45-50. Winchester bulk is cheaper than loading. I save hulls still, you never know when a deal on shot will show up.
  7. Thinking of either rifle or ghost ring sights on my M3K. Does any one have a recommendation for who? Or a thought about not doing it?
  8. Bought the M3K Freedom ready to go about a year and a half ago, about $650. I haven't got to shoot it enough to break it, I've only got a couple hundred rounds through it. They couldn't advertise it and sell it if it wasn't 922R. PS: I had concerns with the extended magazine. After thinking it through and learning some gaming. The extended mag is also a bumper for the muzzle and choke.
  9. Haven't got one yet but the Brass Goat looks pretty good. Use as a deflector or the box holds 30 cases. The only deflector I've used is the TC one at High Power Rifle Matches.
  10. Can't answer that but if you have Amazon Prime the answer is $36. Scheels doesn't list the Dillon large rifle plate right now but check them every so often. scheels.com
  11. Brilliant! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I'm definitely doing this.
  12. It was supposedly cheaper than therapy...
  13. At High Power Rifle Matches you set up the pits(targets), pull pits, score targets, and tear down the pits. In Bull's Eye matches you make target frames, hang targets, and score targets. If you don’t want to do the work, don't shoot the match.
  14. Mr. Bf on the way. Almoat time to roll some .45 ACP.
  15. Yup, I guess Dillon doesn't sell your motor? There are a few changes to them. My wife looked at me yesterday when I found out Scheels was out of stock and said, "You always tell me order it when you see it."
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