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  1. Can't answer that but if you have Amazon Prime the answer is $36. Scheels doesn't list the Dillon large rifle plate right now but check them every so often. scheels.com
  2. Brilliant! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I'm definitely doing this.
  3. It was supposedly cheaper than therapy...
  4. At High Power Rifle Matches you set up the pits(targets), pull pits, score targets, and tear down the pits. In Bull's Eye matches you make target frames, hang targets, and score targets. If you don’t want to do the work, don't shoot the match.
  5. Mr. Bf on the way. Almoat time to roll some .45 ACP.
  6. Yup, I guess Dillon doesn't sell your motor? There are a few changes to them. My wife looked at me yesterday when I found out Scheels was out of stock and said, "You always tell me order it when you see it."
  7. OCD, they dont look the same. I ordered a newer one (looks like the new one but listed as 650/1050 version 2, probably a new hopper and 2 speed drive) for $269 shipped. Most places have the new one listed but not in stock.
  8. Is the hole through the middle the same size as the screw?
  9. Bought a used 650 and the previous owner lost the case feeder a couple months ago. No big deal, Scheel's had them in stock. Went to buy one and Scheel's is out of stock. So is everyone else. There are a couple of the new variable speed case feeders out there but I'm looking for the two speed. Has anyone seen one in stock new or for sale used locally? I will gladly pay shipping. (My post count is too low to put this in the Classified and I'm not going to comment on things just to get it there.) PS: Call it an OCD thing but the new to me 650 is going to sit next to my 650 one
  10. Thank you, exactly what I need to space out my presses and not have to move one and patch holes in a few months.
  11. Stupid question time, how wide is the 650 with a Mr Bulletfeeder on it? More accurately how wide is the case feeder and bullet feeder? I am building a new loading bench to mount two 650s on and am trying to figure out how close I can put them. I want to make sure I have room between them so the Mr Bulletfeeder fits with out touching.
  12. Thanks, lot of good ideas. Never thought of looking on Practiscore for matches.
  13. Looks like a couple of good matches. Keep them coming.
  14. Where are there matches when we aren't under COVID Home Arrest? Lafayette Gun Club has a monthly IDPA (1st Sunday) High Power Rifle (3rd Saturday), and Tactical Shot Gun (4th Saturday) matches but no three gun or two gun, pistol and shotgun. Does any one know of matches within a few hours of Norfolk?
  15. When we get practical pistol matches back I want to try my Keltec P11 in a match, 12+1. I have several handguns, one is Beretta 92 that I've swapped springs and a trigger on, I use it for the annual Navy 3 Gun and want to shoot local action pistol with it. It still makes weight for Service Pistol, also as a loaner. I've carried it once or twice, but i typically don't carry full size pistols. Recently picked up a G19 and have 15 and 17 round mags for it to use in action pistol. Probably the largest pistol I'll carry again unless I put on the G21 or 30.
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