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  1. I broke out my S&W 610 to shoot revolver in USPSA competition, as I haven't shot revolver in years. I am curious as to what cylinder modifications can be done or what should be more closely checked for smoother reloads. I have heard, since this is a moon clip revolver that you can aggressively chamfer the cylinders....how much and at what angle? will honing the cylinders help as we;;? Thanks in advance for the suggestions
  2. BiteTheBullet

    lowering Comp-Tac International holster

    I wasn't familiar with that holster but on their website they show that they have a drop attachment for the holster that is 2 inches
  3. BiteTheBullet

    new be shadow 2

    I don't shoot a CZ I shoot a TP9sFX but when it came to a holster I did some research and I ordered the The Super 'Nova from LAG Tactical. The fit is great and they are well made they make it for the Shadow 2 as well.