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  1. If you're new to Cary optics what you have to do is look at the target and raise the gun. Don't try to find the dot it will be there. So again look at where you want to shoot, a light switch works great and practice
  2. I am good at math so yes please explain. I have never researched the math for scoring. It still kills me that someone can have 14 misses on a stage, shoot it really fast and finish high in scoring.
  3. I shot a match this weekend and another person finished overall in the same division I shot but I beat him in division that is what I dont understand
  4. I don't understand exactly how it works in Practiscore that someone can finish higher in overall but you beat them in division. Can anyone explain how it works? Thanks
  5. I feel that I am zero'd correctly at that distance but the groups were between approximately 2.5 to 3 inches.
  6. What distance would you shoot at to check grouping accuracy of different diameter bullets? I tried 3 different diameters same bullet weight powder charge and manufacturer and shot them at a distance of 50 feet. It looked like I was getting the best group with 1 of them but slightly better. I wonder if that is too far that human error is a factor because I was using sand bags and not a fixed rest.
  7. Here is the link https://www.cabelas.com/product/CABELAS-ROTARY-BRASS-MEDIA-SEPARATOR/2195139.uts I have sorted thousands of cases with it. You just have to re adjust by turning a knob to let the smallest out first then larger and larger. It just wont separate 380 from 9mm
  8. I also use the Cabela's Rotary Brass/Media Separator I find it faster than the 3 trays
  9. I have not used the plate but I take a 40 S&W 100 round cartridge case and dump my mixed 9 mm and 380 in it then pull out the short ones which are 380.
  10. Which brand of Moonclip checker works the best as a case check as well? I see there are 3 top brands Speedbeez, Revolver Supply and TK Custom, the last two look alike.
  11. I want to thank everyone who replied and I was calling it the wrong thing. It is what moves the cylinder stop and I left it alone. Thanks again for all of your help
  12. Where the hammer engages the sear there is this bump on my 627 trigger. Should it be stoned flat so that the engagement is across the entire face or leave it alone? All the instructions I have seen say that the face should be stoned smooth not really removing material.
  13. Should this raised portion where the hammer sear engagement is on a S&W 627 Revolver be stoned down flat or leave it alone? Seems to me that it should be stoned flat so that there is more surface area to ride but I don't want to mess things up.
  14. TRIGGER.jpg.4f54447cfbd271116c837ab5305613d0.jpg

    The raised portion on the trigger should it be stoned down flat?

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