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  1. I agree with this. There is no such thing as more stable in bullet. There is only "Is it stable or not stable. " I'm honestly not sure what caused topics to deviate. All I wanted was some input on my situation which I think got lost in translation. It's all in the past now. I shot the match and I finished ok. Thank you all.
  2. I don't think there is an advantage in speed necessarily. But I'd like to believe that 127PF gives an edge in confidence and accuracy. I do play safe by staying around 130PF though
  3. My buddy who shot Thur/Fri scared me by saying that a lot were getting lower muzzle velocity. I loaded 147gr to 920 and clocked in at 906 so it wasn't a huge difference for me. So yeah a couple PF lower but not something to be concerned about
  4. I appreciate that you are voicing your opinion instead of just calling out names. I genuinely believe that everyone (excluding extreme groups) has the protentional to reach GM, with time and effort put into it of course. I think the ones who put in the work but don't make it don't have the proper coaching and mindset or know what actually needs to be done to reach GM. e.g. a B class would simply dry fire classifier stages over and over for weeks as fast as possible in the hopes that he'd do well on it. A lot of us know that's just not how it works. I truly believe that all the pros and champions shooters out there weren't born with natural talents. They were blessed with parents who introduced them to the sport early on with proper coaching. These people go through Junior camps with the most premium instructors and coaches to set them in the right path early on; so they know what they are doing down the line. The information that actually legitimate instructors--there are tons of bogus instructors in shooting industry--provide are esoteric. Most people don't have that luxury or blessing to begin with and that's what sets them apart. The clubs I've been to allow shooters to reshoot the classifier for additional fee which the subsequent classifier scores after first score does not count in the overall score of the match but are submitted to USPSA.
  5. I see it all the time. A class shooter going 150% speed of their capability on classifiers to achieve GM status then get absolutely destroyed at major matches. Getting paper GM status is really not hard. All you have to do is take hero or zero approach at super classifier matches and get lucky. Or pay extra for as many tries it takes to get one classifier right at each match. I know guys at retirement age spray to get GMs all the time. They don't shoot major matches because they already know it won't turn out good for them. To assume one is an A class based on his opinion and asking how old I am is asking for arguments with no merit. I'm not gonna go that direction. Besides, CO and PCC classification % are still fresh and they are not shot out. And no, someone starting at 65 has obvious limitations in physical aptitude. I don't think it's reasonable for people as old as 65 to start shooting and reach GM. By anyone, I did not include extreme groups
  6. Oh so is this specifically designed for ipsc optic light division? Sorry if this has already been discussed, does the xfive legion slide fit the metal frame or is it incompatible?
  7. I've settled at 22+1 for now. I did not like how weak the spring felt after 23+1 with grams follower. The reason is that the slide movement at trigger break was quite significant with weak magazine spring. Most striker fired pistols require good spring force to keep the slide kept up.
  8. Dude. Please. If you can afford it, they will let you shoot. I've signed up for a nat 5 days before it started. Never worry about not getting in it. You are paying 300+ dollars. They like money.
  9. This isn't really about health. It's about distraction. No one should be talking to (except RO) or cheering the shooter when they are making ready. This is a given. Everyone is aware of that. Everyone should be silent to allow the shooter make ready to their fullest potential. If you wanna come shoot and hang out for fun, that's perfectly fine. But there are some serious shooters who are dedicated to push their best at every match. Let's not use "if you don't like this country, leave" attitude. There is already over 1/3 of voters silently voicing out that it is in fact a distraction. Put that into perspective in terms of classification, only 5% is GM and 10% are master. And keep in mind, this is a biased poll since nearly all smokers are going to hard vote on No.
  10. I don’t think banning is an ultimate solution either but it should be a well recognized etiquette in USPSA. And If I have to turn around and ask someone to get out of the bay while making ready, that alone throws off my focus.
  11. asking an RO to stop smoking would probably have a negative impact on scoring as a lot of times things can get highly subjective... I'm fairly confident no cigarette smoker would ever take that request delightfully no matter how polite it is.
  12. I'm probably gonna receive hate for this... Let me preface that we are in a free country and anyone should be allowed to smoke whatever they want, without disturbing others, of course. I think burning/smoking cigarettes and cigars at matches or in an active bay should be banned. I'd like to think that USPSA/IPSC (action pistol) is a legitimate sport with real athletes requiring agility and high physical performance. I cannot be the only person to think that cig smoke impedes 100% focus before and during the run. When there is no wind, the smoke just stays in the bay, sometimes making others difficult to breathe. I don't think I've heard of any pro golfers or spectators smoking while at a golf tour... The worst is when RO's are smoking... Where is the damn etiquette?
  13. It's become a disadvantage to go light with the most recent USPSA rule updates. Glock is 27oz. That's nearly half of a CZ. Most glock shooters now run a light to compensate for the lightweight. I don't see a benefit in going back to polymer guns, especially when they have not improved in design in 10 years, Glock specifically. If you perceive that you are shooting better with Glock, it might just be a perception. Running a Glock is inherently harder.
  14. Literally, anyone can make "GM", paper GM. Not everyone is a true GM. If you make GM through classifier then show up to a major and lose to an A class, or finish at the rock bottom in class, What's the point? I never understood why people get so caught up in the classification status. I think it's possible but it'd take 3 to 5 times more effort and time to achieve than to achieve at a young age. You'd have to be retired and train full time, then you will easily hit GM.
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