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  1. I have let the moderators know in the past but the response I received was rude and dismissive. In summary, a member referred me to a seller he could vouch. The seller sent me clearly fake pictures to deceive me. The evidence was rock solid but the mod refused to take any actions or investigate the member who referred because he said the seller wasnt the member himself.
  2. So this is my third time running into a scammer with fake post it notes photoshopped into the picture. I'm pretty convinced this one is fake. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/xt0jtchlgjilhuuuonk9w/h?rlkey=4rcmrhu87atdue159g5tu8my4&dl=0
  3. Picked up a DS9 O, wondering if anyone is using alpha x holster. If so, which insert block fits best? I don't want to pay for the flex
  4. Got mine back from stonebridge gunworks.
  5. Ahhh. It’s not like it improves reloading speed or shooting.. it’s like removing the front sight but I understand
  6. I understand that dehorning in USPSA for CO or production is allowed as many have done Is dehorning like the following picture deemed illegal in IPSC? Or could this be deemed as minor detailing and removing sharp edges
  7. Looks great. Whats your load recipe? I was told the side holes dont impact the velocity. Im very impressed with the hole spacing of the mpa
  8. you got pics? you got pics? And please don't count comp ports as holes
  9. I'm starting to see guys with a barrel hole cut into the comp and the muzzle thread. I know SVI has been cutting holes half way into the comp but now I see guns with an entire hole drilled into the comp before the first comp port starts. I guess the benefit could be that the holes drilled are far away from the chamber making it easier to achieve power factor. but then that's not how pressure works and things start to behave strangely with slow powders we use. what are the thoughts on the first barrel hole drilled into the comp and the muzzle thread? My initial take was that this could hurt the integrity of the comp or the barrel as it drilled into both but SVI has been doing it for a long time so it must be reliable.
  10. I acquired a CZ S2 regular, not OR. CZC offers options for a direct mill and for their proprietary plate mill. Has anyone done direct mill for SRO? They mill as far down as possible and actually cut clearance for where the glass sits. I asked for a picture of the cut slide without an optic installed but they don't have any. Anybody got a pic of it without the optic. I'm curious what it looks like. Also, do they do anything to cover up the bare steel or is it left as machined?
  11. I'm based in Nevada. I am looking for a custom 2011 builder who could build one in a relatively short period of time. I am also looking for someone to fit a new barrel on an existing gun I own. Mod please kindly let me know if I'm in the wrong channel.
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