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  1. New data. Just did some more testing for Silhouette in my czechmate. Had the barrel throat reamed so I can now load out to 1.175. These were done at 1.160 My old load at 7.9 grains with the longer OAL and also changed the weight to 124 precision delta. Full spreadsheet attached. CZ Czechmate Silhouette 115 and 124 grain long OAL.xlsx
  2. I also had both of my barrels reamed out to 1.175 did not even occur that the barrels being hardened would stop it from being reamed. I have had both barrels in and out of the gun they both will thread to the same point. 1/4 turn past where it sits in that photo and then a hard stop. So I guess I will order up a tap and die in M14X1. I was able to look inside the last port on the comp and it looks like it would thread in further without the comp being a stoping point.
  3. Got the new bullets, Sent back the mixed weight bullets for PD to try and diagnose what went wrong. New bullets are all 124 grain. Now off to ladder test my new load. K
  4. Kind of digging up a older thread here, but my compensator has a 1.22 mm gap. It seems to run well but that gap has always concerned me when I see photos of other guns with minimal gap. It will turn a 1/4 of a turn past where it is now but then stops, I am unsure if the compensator is out of depth to screw on further, or if the barrel is out of threads. I figure if I had one more turn on there the compensator would be pretty much perfect with .22mm gap. I know it is a M14x1 die. I do not know if the barrel is hardened and would preclude being further threaded. Thoughts?
  5. Mine got here in two weeks. USPS is taking longer to get a letter from AZ to MD….
  6. I got one from Sebow and thought it might be too short, but upon installing it I am quite happy with it.
  7. Glad to hear it. PD is standing behind their name on this one so hopefully it is just a fluke. This does seem to be my luck though…
  8. Well they are going to ship me two fresh cases. They want to do a QC on the Bullets since the 115s and 124s are two different products so this should not happen. So they are having me send them back when the new cases come.
  9. I found that setting a caliper to .563 inches and if the bullet passes through it is 115 grains. If not it is 124 grains. Still sorting 2K in bullets is not my idea of fun times. Even while on a con call.
  10. Talked to them this morning. Opened the second case and stared weighing this time it was a hundred or so 124s and 13 115s… They are looking at things and will call me back. Guess I will be sorting for a while…
  11. Hey, if you guys ordered anything from Delta Precision lately you might want to get the scale out. I always spot check 30 or so projectiles out of a new case from various places in the bag. I did this with my latest case of 124 grain FMJ bullets from Precision Delta, They were coming up 115 grains and an occasional 124 grain bullet. So I kept weighting them until I had one hundred 115 grain bullets. I only had 17 124 grain bullets when I finished the hundred 115 grain bullets. This was ordered on the 24th of June. I have emailed them and have yet to open the second case. I will probably do that on camera. Hopefully I will hear from Precision Delta in the morning or sooner… Kirk
  12. I picked up one of your 8MOA dots. Any chance I can special order a 3MOA dot?
  13. I just got my mag release for my Czechmate from Seboweapons. It is pretty good, I think a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I won’t know until I install it. Will do that when I swap over optics.
  14. Thanks guys… Will be ordering the CZC mount next week. Now just the optics choice left to make. Might be a XL just because the Alpha3 6moa is sold out… Don’t think I will be throwing an RMR on it any time soon…
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