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  1. OPENB

    P320 X5 Legion Mags

    Not sure what I was thinking, my mags DO say Made in Italy. Mec-gar made.
  2. All P320 9/40 slides, grips and FCU interchange.
  3. I have the same hangers, and find that the right spot on the belt makes all the difference. If you put the hanger closer to the 3 o’clock position rather than closer to 2 o’clock, it won’t dig in. You’ll get used to the draw pretty quickly.
  4. OPENB

    P320 X5 Legion Mags

    I don’t think the 320 mags are. None of mine say Made in Italy on them. I’ve heard the ACT mags are as good as factory SIG mags. I’ve heard the ETS suck.
  5. Like Max had us in mind. Getting a Shadow 2 this week, wish they had similar magazines.
  6. Huh, sounds familiar, kinda like, this combo works.
  7. I thought it was night and day different, and don't regret getting the GG trigger kit. Shoot his, and see if you like it. It's not that expensive of an upgrade.
  8. I think the best thing about this platform is the 21rd. mags. Max knew this gun would be popular for CO, and designed a tube just for us. And so easy to get to 23 with just a base pad swap. I have 8 21rd. mags with TTI bases, stock guts. I get 23 reloadable in all of them. There is a thread going where guys are only getting 22 reloadable, and I admit the 23rd. round is tight, but with a LULA, it goes in. I have no issues loading it on the clock, and the gun will feed it reliably. YMMV. Before I got the TTI bases, I used Springers with the Grams guts to get to 23. Those worked for me too. Charmed life I guess.
  9. I use a Hornady seating die. It has a floating sleeve that aligns the bullet in the case mouth.
  10. It says it in the page title bar when you look up the correct TTI base pad. You see it to the left of the BE page title in this screen shot. I didn’t make up that link, I just copied it in. Trust us, we’ve done the leg work for you, all you have to do is as we’ve suggested, get the TTI small base pad (they only make 2 sizes for the 320) add it to your 21rd. mag, load with a LULA, and you’ll get 23. Or not, whatever.
  11. I think most that use Gray just buy his trigger parts and install themselves. If I were going to send it out, I’d look at The Sig Armorer.
  12. I originally set up my mags with Springer base pads. I could only get to 23 if I used Grams guts. I tried the TTI bases, and 23 was easier to load to, but I was curious if I could get there using the stock spring and follower, and sure enough, 23. I have 8 mags set up this way, and all work as they should. Good luck, but I didn't find it hard to get 23 at all. Borrow someone's LULA, load them to 23 and let them sit, they should loosen up. Like I said, I can do it by hand, but I wouldn't want to do it all day at a major. Plus I hated that little set screw in the Springer pads.
  13. Sig Sauer P320 +2 Base Pad (tarantacticalinnovations.com)
  14. I have 8 21rd. mags with TTI bases, stock spring and follower, and get 23 reloadable. I use a LULA on the last round, but I can do it with my thumb if I want to. Don't want to do it all day though.
  15. Mods, please bear with this post, I hope to save someone from being ripped off. If anyone here is bidding on Gunbroker item #902299768 for a Shadow 2, it's a fraud. I came across it by accident yesterday. The listing says SP01, but the pic is of a Shadow 2. The seller has no feed back, says the gun is in Akron, but in the description he mentions Armed in America in Texas. I called them, they have no GB auctions going. He looked at the listing, and said they screen shotted a gun he has on Armslist, and created a fake auction on GB. It's new old stock (?) with a buy it now of $1000. The auction ends at 5:08, so please don't get ripped off. I've reported it to GB.
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