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  1. OPENB

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I was having accuracy issues recently. I changed bullets to .356” Blue Bullets, swapped my X5 barrel with my Legion barrel, and put my Deltapoint Pro on in place of the Romeo Pro. I suspect the .356” bullets was the fix, but I’m back to ragged hole accuracy.
  2. It won’t add any more rounds, but it does give a little more room in the mag when seating a full 23rd. mag. Wasn’t worth $19/mag extra to me. I get 23 with the TTI and the stock spring/follower. This makes the TTI equipped mag cheaper than Springer.
  3. That’s because the Lim Pro is longer than a Stock II. That was the wrong holster.
  4. A Romeo 1, or a Romeo 1 Pro? If a Romeo 1, you will have to enlarge the holes in the sight body for the correct M4 screws to pass through and into the holes in the slide. A Romeo 1 Pro will mount up correctly with the supplied screws.
  5. When I had a Limited Pro, I ordered a Bladetech holster from BSPS. They sent me a Stock III holster.
  6. Doesn’t matter what the gun is called, whether Legion, X5, or whatever. If it’s cut for a Romeo 1 Pro, which all X5 Legions are, the Romeo 3 Max will not fit it without an adapter plate. In this case, the Legion plate would be the correct plate since the slide is cut for the Romeo 1 Pro, not a Romeo 1. It’s not really that hard, but you have to know what cut you have on your slide.
  7. I think the Elite Limited is a much better looking gun.
  8. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop or Patriot Defense.
  9. I wouldn’t recommend spending $1250 on a SA S2 that won’t be competitive in the divisions it’s legal in. Decide what division you want to shoot, then get the appropriate gear for it. If you want to shoot production, you could get a non-threaded barrel that will fit the box, and you’ll be set for as long as you want. If you want to shoot Limited, don’t get a 9. Too many points left on the table shooting minor. You can shoot Limited minor with what you have now.
  10. Based on the plates I’ve seen shown with it, none of then will fit Trijicon sights. I thought about asking Henning, but lost interest.
  11. I got this off eBay a couple days ago. It’s the Boraii Halcyon. I found the Slim Tuk moved around a lot on the one belt clip, and the butt of the gun printed a little more than I liked. The Halcyon has a Raven Concealment Claw to pull the butt into the body, and the center mounted clip keeps it from rocking around. Only $37, and lots of gun models to choose from. And the cant is adjustable for behind the hip or appendix inside the waistband.
  12. Yeah, those are the 3 plates that come with the gun. Wonder why they didn’t make one for the most rugged optic out there.
  13. That was the question that ended the Stock II Optic thread just down a little from this one. None of the provided plates are for Trijicon, and the slide cut itself will take the RTS2/STS2/Vortex Razor. I have not found any aftermarket adapters for the Stock II.
  14. You may need to use a LULA. They can be tight to load. You should be getting 23.
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