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  1. Cooling towels that you wet and snap, wrapped around my neck and tucked into my shirt. Golf straw hat when I use plugs, trucker ventilated ball cap with muffs.
  2. If the auto wake function is working correctly, it'll go to sleep, then wake up with movement. Have heard of folks where it didn't work correctly though. I shut mine off between stages. Same with my Aimpoints with 50,000 battery life. Can't sleep knowing it's on sitting in the safe.
  3. No, Cheely magwell is your only option. But it is fine.
  4. I made it with a Stock II. Aluminum dovetail mount from Primary Machine, original Deltapoint 7.5, Shadow polymer guide rod, SSI Scales grips, TF or Henning +5 base pads with Grams guts. 44.5oz. I have another Stock II coming in next week, plan to do it all over again. The FFIII is reasonably light, if you go LimPro, you’ll have no problems. With a Stock II, you’ll need to pick part more judiciously. The Stock III will need milling. I’m thinking of getting the Henning mount for the Romeo 1. Henning lightens his mounts with lots of holes, it’ll weigh very similar to the solid aluminum mounts.
  5. Amen brother! MPX mags are nuts, considering Lancer makes them.
  6. I got in too big a hurry because I had 10,000 to do. But, I did get an RCBS Collet bullet puller, and semi-retired my hammer style puller.
  7. I tried a 14 and went back to an 11. I liked the way the dot tracked better. Try them, & see what you like, recoil springs are cheap.
  8. Might get more help if posted in the Shotgun forum in the 3 gun section.
  9. For those with FM uppers/bolts, FM advertises Colt only & Glock only bolts. My understanding was Glock bolts would work in Colt styles, but not the other way. Can anyone confirm this with FM’s Glock bolt?
  10. Just did a quick search, & Natchez is going to be selling the 22rd. mag for $17.99, whenever they become available.
  11. Phil, for your CO guns, I like Blue Bullets. They smoked less for me than other coated bullets. Sport Pistol is the new hotness powder for coated bullets these days. Not much to be saved with plated bullets vs. jacketed when you buy 2000 or more from Precision Delta. Congrats on the 650, you’ll love it. I’ll give you some tips I’ve learned about mine tomorrow. Bob
  12. Before I rebarreled to 9mm, I used N350. But you’d probably have the same issue getting it as 3N38. I bought 10# of Major Pistol last month, and am liking it. AA7 works well too. HS6 is always available, kinda like the Unique of open powders.
  13. I got a case of 135 Blue Bullets, just to try something different.
  14. You don’t need it, unless you need it. I guess don’t fix what ain’t broken. I got one when I had a Dan Wesson PM9 with a really tight chamber. Even then I had to run some cases thru the Bulge Buster. So it still lives in the tool head even though the DW is gone.
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