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  1. I got several Slim Tuks from Midway recently when they were on sale for $16. I have the P365XL, so I put a little heat on the muzzle end to open it up for the longer slide. Then I found the XL works in the Glock 48 Slim Tuk as is. Decent holsters for the price, but would be better with a claw to pull the butt in.
  2. Just got an email from C-More, the C3 is on sale for $699.
  3. This. Matches around me are at capacity, and I fear walk up registration will soon be a thing of the past. There was an attempt at a competition oriented magazine called Gungames back in the mid 90s. It was glossy and I even got a letter to the editor published in an issue, but it fizzled out. I don’t think USPSA magazine would sell off the rack. Just not the readership out there that isn’t already getting it with a membership. We used to get good press in American Handgunner, which was the last magazine I subscribed to.
  4. OPENB

    Legion accuracy

    LCI is short for loaded chamber indicator. The LCI barrels had a slot in the hood thru which one could see the case if the chamber was loaded. The original P320 X5 did not have this feature, but the first Legions on the market did. Sig swapped these barrels out if contacted and asked to do so. Many of us noticed improved accuracy with the replacement non-LCI barrels.
  5. OPENB

    Legion accuracy

    Yeah, my replacement barrel was much better too.
  6. My opinion only, the use will drive the choice of which dot to get. The gold standard for defensive use dots is the RMR Type 2. The SRO is said to be “not for duty use,” and is Trijicon’s effort to cross over into the competitive world. The Holosun 508 series gets great reviews and appears to be rugged enough for defensive use. For competition, it’s pay your money, take your chance. I have Romeo 1, Romeo 1 Pro, DPP, C-More RTS2. Just get 2 of whatever you choose. If I were starting from scratch, I’d probably go SRO 5moa. As rugged as you can hope for, big lens. Carry it or compete.
  7. I have one in my SBR lower that splits time between 9mm and 223, and works great with both calibers. Great trigger for the price.
  8. I put a Freedomsmith trigger in my last Canik, definitely a huge improvement over the stock trigger. Great guns for the money.
  9. I have these safety glasses I got on eBay. They come in clear, gray, and yellow. Pick your magnification.
  10. My new VR is doing the same. I’ve only ran 50 rounds of Suprema 1315fps. bird shot and 10 Remington Sluggers through it, but every round has been bolt action. I’ve got a couple 308 buffer springs coming, and will open up the gas ports with a #32 bit tomorrow. See if that helps.
  11. If you use the 21rd. mags with the factory basepads, be sure to check them in a mag gauge. All of mine were too long to gauge. They’ll fit with a little Dremel work.
  12. OPENB

    X5 Legion accuracy

    X5 FCU with Gray Guns trigger kit.
  13. Ghost pouches are ambidextrous.
  14. OPENB

    X5 Legion accuracy

    What base pad is that, and does that mag fit the gauge? Assuming you shoot carry optics.
  15. How many times have you torqued the screws? I read somewhere that the DPP screws will lose their thread strength with repeated torquings. Maybe try a new set, not very expensive.
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