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  1. I was under the impression the Romeo Max would have the DPP footprint. Could be wrong.
  2. Agreed, I think that was the intent with the new rule wording. But it seems oxymoronic to incur FTSA penalties for a target with 2 holes in it. But, that is what we have.
  3. Evidently it was visible somewhere else and was shot before the activator was activated. We shot a stage yesterday, that was very left-handed friendly, that allowed me to shoot before activating a swinger, which I did. I then activated the mover, and shot 2 static targets so as to not incur the above penalties. Appeared and visible are 2 different things.
  4. Yeah, store credit. I got an email response that said it could take up to 4 weeks to process. And, when you register your Legion with Sig, they send out a carbon fiber-looking hard case & some kind of coin. Whooptie do.
  5. Mounted my Deltapoint Pro 7.5 on my Legion slide today. The stock M4x.7 screws work perfectly & snugged down perfectly. Appears this is the only practical choice in dots for this gun at this time. With the sight mounted & a 21rd. mag with Springer base pad & Grams guts, it weighs 43oz.
  6. Not without great difficulty it appears. The 6-48 screws that come with it are under sized for the tapped holes in the slide. I picked up some M4x.7 screws tonight from Home Depot, and I can’t get them started in the holes either. They are too big & not threaded the same as the holes. And they are too big to fit through the holes in the Romeo 1. Not really sure what’s going on.
  7. I just submitted my info, and didn’t appear to have any problems.
  8. Thanks, forgot I was dealing with the ever-changing world of Sig. How long should they be?
  9. Picked up a Legion today, and had a Romeo 1 sitting on the bench. The 6-48 screws that come with the Romeo are not the right thread pitch. I recall reading that the M17 mount holes are different. Does the Legion have different mount holes than the old X5, possibly the M17’s size? Anyone advise what screws I need to mount my Romeo?
  10. I think the intent of the rule was to give those penalties, assuming the target had never been shot at all, because making the mover visible before activation is just lazy course design. But agreed, the wording says 2 mikes, 1 FTSA
  11. I quit handing off the flag after a major 3gun match where I my favorite flag got lost. It was one of the schwag flags Taccom would drop in the box with an order. My rifle ended up back on the rack, me holding my shotgun, and the private that took my flag somewhere. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, but I just handle it myself now. Plus, I just don’t want to deal with any grief from PCC hating ROs even if it makes the stage more efficient. Just make yourself more efficient.
  12. I have the standard yellow flags. I drilled a hole through the flag part, and put a steel split key ring through it. I use the magnet from my open rig to hold it while I shoot.
  13. Chrono the Syntech, then work up a load with Sport Pistol to match. That will be the closest you will get.
  14. I found a thread in the Classified for one that sold back in February for $175.
  15. Shield is so low you don’t need suppressor sights if you wanted to co witness. Same with Romeo 1.
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