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  1. This thread got me thinking about my 140 9mm open mags. I’ve been using Dawson bases & Grams guts, getting 23 just by slapping it all together. I just got a Cheely E2 grip, and was concerned the Dawson’s wouldn’t fit, so I swapped some Arredondo extended bases onto them and I now get 25. The one Grams 11mm base I have gave me 24.
  2. This has been hashed before. USPSA is not tactical training. It’s not tactical practice. If you want to pursue the martial arts aspect of handguns, take an appropriate class from a respected trainer. Individual skills can be honed here, like the draw, grip, stance, reload. Put only a fool would go to a gunfight alone against 13 opponents with a handgun (or PCC ). I don’t shoot my duty gun in USPSA because I don’t want to mix my game with my life saving tool. Yes this game has drifted afar from its roots, and I’m fine with that. NASCAR drivers don’t haul ‘shine & run from Revenuers anymore either.
  3. Jeff Cooper resigned from IPSC February 4, 1997 in a letter to Nick Alexakos.
  4. That’s why Jeff Cooper disavowed IPSC toward the end of his life. I remember reading the org’s response along the lines of “though we can cancel your membership, we can’t change history or your contribution to the sport” or similar words to that effect. That’s also why IDPA came to exist, but that’s a different argument.
  5. Sig makes magwell grips that extend down below the grip frame to form a well. That’s the only thing I’m aware of.
  6. Well I’ll ask, what’s an ADM?
  7. I have not used those, but I have used the Everglades Ammo 124 JHP V2 and the RMR 115 JHP. They have a much more rounded profile & feed like FMJ bullets in my gun
  8. What do your bullets mic at?
  9. Pay your money, take your chances. Both sound great. I have the Gen 2 MPX, flawless so far. So much softer than my AR9 back up Frankenbuild, which has been 100% also.
  10. Thanks! For some reason, the pic I took was too big to post to the thread. Anyone seen one of those recently?
  11. 10 years ago, I posted a photo in a thread I started about the SV mag catch that had a rib of metal around the shaft to keep it from going through the left side of the grip. I got a little too aggressive with a file, & I need another one of those mag catches. Does any one have one or idea where I could get one. SV doesn’t have them anymore. I’ll try put the pic up if my phone will cooperate
  12. I actually didn't use the CMC pins either, I used KNS. When I turned the screws back just a smidge, the trigger reset just fine.
  13. So does the new package from Taccom include the short stroke kit that cost $19 seperately, including the wave spring? The pic just shows the other bumper head thingy.
  14. I found if the non-rotation retaining screws were overtightened, the trigger would not reset. Try loosening them a hair.
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