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  1. My GG trigger was a massive upgrade over the Legion trigger. 4.5# down to sub 2#. The trigger bar geometry is just part of it, the sear springs, trigger bar spring, and pin make a system.
  2. Curfew in Kauai? That’s funny. Middle of summer, there’s no one out in Kapaa after 8. Couple of bars, that’s it. I wouldn’t mind being in Kauai for all of this. No shooting, might as well be in paradise.
  3. I went ahead and got the Sig P320 40 Red Box full size from CDNN. It came with 3 14rd. mags, and I bought 4 18rd. mags. I dropped the top end on my Legion bottom, and ran a couple mags of 200gr. round nose Berry’s Bullets reloads. No hiccups. Maybe I got lucky with a good one.
  4. I got one outdoor match in this season, and managed to throw up a M classifier. Guess that’ll have to tide me over for a while. Good time to load ammo, dry fire, and work on guns. I’m only retired 5 month, I ain’t going out this quickly.
  5. +1. The K9 is the giveaway.
  6. OPENB

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    The heavier recoiling 40 is the reason the 3 pin frame came to be, according to my Glock armorer course.
  7. Yes I did! Got a black MOE pistol. ATF just emailed me that my Form 1 is approved, so going to get it engraved and pick up a CTR stock. I got the ALG trigger from you, just haven’t put it in yet. I saw all the goodies are available now at PSA. Look great!
  8. Sig 320 40 from CDNN for $350. Keep the top end, sell the bottom. Legion grip for $299. 18 rd. mags are $35. Gray guns trigger for $129 if you want.
  9. OPENB

    P320 x5 legion 40 s&w?

    I got my 40 full size today from CDNN. Put the upper on my Legion lower and ran a mag. I like it. Any one make adjustable sights?
  10. Me too. Proven Arms?
  11. OPENB

    23+1 wont run

    I get 23 in mine with stock springs/followers and TTI bases. I load with a LULA, and don’t have any feeding or reloading problems. I use the 12# spring. 8 mags set up this way. I’ll count myself lucky I guess.
  12. OPENB

    Picked up a 320 XFive

    My answer to the OP was about the X5, which comes with 21rd. mags. I have no experience with lengthening the 17rd. mags, but I assume the TTI +5/Grams guts combo is the best way to get to 23.
  13. When the Velcro stops sticking.
  14. Has there been any word from a BoD member or the president about why this was necessary?
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