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  1. OPENB

    P320 X5 Thread

    That “lift and drop” on my Legion seemed much less noticeable after Sig changed out my LCI barrel.
  2. Seems once you buy all those pieces individually, you could have sent it to Burke for the same or less money.
  3. Not without an adapter plate. The M17 cut fits the DPP & and Romeo 1 Pro. And the Romeo 1 if you drill out the scope holes a little.
  4. Why doesn’t the 40 slide work on the Legion FCU?
  5. A really good local CO shooter recommended I get the best optic from the company with the best warranty, because they all break. That translated into the Vortex Razor. Have to admit I haven’t taken the advise because I’m invested in other sights right now, but if I were starting from scratch, that’s probably what I’d do. Japanese optic, not Chinese or other, and when it breaks, Vortex will have you taken care of in days.
  6. OPENB

    Legion accuracy

    Mine really tightened up after I got the non-LCI barrel swap from Sig. I’m using 135 Blue conicals, .3555”. I bet I could get even more with a .356”. I have my X5 FCU with Gray trigger in it too, so that helps.
  7. If you want a SS get a SS, but realize it is a dying division. Participation is nearly zero around me. Brooke's advice is spot on.
  8. Has anyone heard about the early background checks as in years past?
  9. $934 out the door, not too bad. I know I wouldn’t waste a bunch of time and energy for $20 or so.
  10. I’m still waiting on my 1 Pro from Proven Arms. $282.
  11. Well, shipping, no taxes. Gunbroker.
  12. Trigger return spring would help. My pull went up a pound cause now it’s under tension from the new trigger/bar position. But the take up issue is long gone, reset is great.
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