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  1. OPENB

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    Buddy has a Shield RMS. Made in England by the people that make the JPoint. Aluminum body. He had a Walther slide cut for it. Not enough rounds to say how it will stand up, but appears to be quality.
  2. OPENB

    pcc starts

    Unless you are grabbing a barrel, you are grabbing a handguard.
  3. OPENB PCC muzzle

    i never did carts til i started 3 gun. then, since i have one, nice to use for uspsa etc. nice having your crap off the ground, not taking space up on a loading table, etc. in no way do i equate cart = weenie. easy and smart certainly doesn't mean weak. Me too. I take my cart to all matches that I can drive to with it. So convenient to be able to have everything I might need, and not have to go to the truck to retrieve. I still think It should be mandatory that everyone has a chair. Be a lot less wore out people at the end when it's time to tear down, and they're sneaking off.
  4. OPENB

    Carry Optics Thread

    Not for CO, no box. Just maximum length on mags.
  5. OPENB

    Most reliable slide ride optic...

    I have a DDP 7.5 & a Romeo 1 6moa. Like them both, but for the money, I’ll take the R1.
  6. OPENB

    New Sig2019 Catalog frustrations

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Sig! If you find something you love, buy 2 or 3, cause Sig will discontinue it. Don't be afraid of the Romeo 1, the 6moa is great. How about 320RX, replace the grip module with the X5 module for $40.
  7. OPENB PCC muzzle

    That is the "dead stick" concept we use in 3gun. Too much twisting of undergarments to be ever be done in USPSA.
  8. OPENB

    IFG Lim Pro came in today

    What’s the DA/SA trigger pulls out of the box?
  9. OPENB

    Consumer interest in a steel P320 X-Five grip module?

    Wouldn’t an M17 have the ambi safeties or the cut outs where they should be?
  10. OPENB

    IFG Lim Pro came in today

    My old style frame LimPro had the overtravel screw trigger, same one that was in my Stock II.
  11. OPENB PCC muzzle

    Nothing requires you to wear your pistol all day. You are free to bag it after every stage.
  12. Florida and Arizona come to mind. Weather should be near perfect in both places. And plenty of matches available in in both.
  13. OPENB

    IFG Lim Pro came in today

    Is that large or small frame?
  14. OPENB

    Consumer interest in a steel P320 X-Five grip module?

    Looks like an XCarry grip with stippling. What else do you see?
  15. OPENB

    Sig's 2019 releases leaked

    XCompact appears to be a shorter grip than the XCarry (15 vs. 17rd. mags). Nice.