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  1. Krilling, Park & Shelton ranges. Most of the match is at Krilling.
  2. OPENB

    3 Gun Kydex Holster

    I see alot of open guys using USPSA open holsters with active retention like Safariland 014, Ghost, DAA, etc. just because there aren't many other options than Nerd. And for the price of the Urn, you can get a great used USPSA holster (~$150). You just won't get much protective coverage around the gun.
  3. OPENB

    Romeo 1 Mount Footprint?

    I found mine very early when they were released on gunbroker. It's on my X5, love it. Had it on a Glock 17 MOS with an aftermarket plate. Sold the Glock, kept the Romeo.
  4. OPENB

    3 Gun Kydex Holster

    I have a kydex open holster a buddy made for me. It's on the aandabooks belt hanger, as bought on ebay. I have the retention turned up pretty tight. I don't know of any true security holsters for an open gun. The Nerd Urn might be the nearest commercially available option.
  5. OPENB

    To mpx or not?

    Has anyone tried the CMC 9mm trigger in the MPX? I run the flat single stage version in my 3gun rifle.
  6. OPENB

    TP9SFX Light Primer Strikes

    Pull out the firing pin plunger safety and shoot it. If it runs flawlessly, you're having interference with the safety plunger, robbing the striker of energy. Kinda common in other platforms, never seen a problem in the Canik.
  7. i just spent a week in St. George. We stayed at the Hyatt Place, I think it was exit 5 near the convention center. Great place, has a little bar. The Holiday next door has a great burger restaurant in it. As far as the party, I never found it. Mormon country! But, it's only 2 hours back to Vegas!
  8. OPENB

    The Right Gun

    Nothing wrong with that. Ltd. is a great place to improve your shooting skills. Lots of shooting, less reloading. I had a RIA Pro Match 40, probably one of the most accurate guns I've ever owned. Mine ran with Para & STI mags.
  9. OPENB

    The Right Gun

    A used Tanfoglio Stock III in 40 cal, maybe. Or a regular Witness. You could shoot production, limited, or limited 10. A SAO like the RIA, you won't be able to shoot production.
  10. OPENB

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yeah, around the front edge where the cover goes over the lens housing.
  11. OPENB

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    Are you guys shooting shorty guns or lots of barrel holes? I was at 170PF with 10.0 AA7 under a 115gr. Hornady thru my 5.5"KKM and Binary Engineering comp., no holes.
  12. OPENB

    No Stage Reset at Major Matches

    What I learned over the years, is bring a folding chair. Getting off my feet as often as possible leaves enough in the tank to keep working after a 10 stage day. The other standing shooters start out resetting like their hair's on fire, but by the end, you can't get them up to paste the closest target. I did enjoy the South Carolina Sectional where staff handled reset. Just concentrate on shooting.
  13. OPENB

    Sig P320 X5 Recoil rate

    I like the 12.5# ISMI 1911 spring on a Springer guide rod. Ive tried the 10#, and it worked ok too.
  14. OPENB

    WSF in a 40

    More than 20 years ago, WSF was the go-to 40 major powder, before all the VV nonsense. It was a long time ago, but I think I used 4.7gr. under a 180 FMJ at 1.18-1.20" OAL.