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  1. $200 credit to use in the online Sig store for purchases made July 1 thru July 31.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. 40 full size 320's are cheap used. Put the 40 top end on a Legion bottom, 40 mags with TF extensions, Gray trigger, easy limited gun. If only I could see the sights.
  3. I changed squads to am/pm/am for same reason. And for some reason I booked a 6:30am flight home the next day.
  4. Anyone get their rebate yet? Still waiting here.
  5. Because he might want to shoot Production too?
  6. When the slots are released, get with a local MD, and see if their club earned any slots by club activity, and if they are available. That’s what I did, going to Open Nats for the first time. Any unused slots go back, and are made available to the general membership on a certain date, first come first served.
  7. Unfortunately the two smallest windows. Buddy is shooting the 507c, and he likes it.
  8. Talked to Max today at Area 5. He said it would have the Legion grip, and direct mount his Romeo Max sight, and he wants to get rid of the LCI.
  9. Not a USPSA rule, maybe IPSC?
  10. Two is one, one is none.
  11. My X5 barrel dropped in my Legion, and ran fine.
  12. The Romeo 1 if you arent averse to drilling out the mounting holes in the body so the correct M4 screws can fit through and into the slide.
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