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  1. Yes. That’s how you get the case and Legion coin, and access to Legion-owner only schwag on the website.
  2. Me too. Couple years ago, Cabelas was blowing them out for $15/1000. Went thru 20,000 in minor loads, worked great even in lightly sprung Tanfo.
  3. Same here. Even with an extended firing pin. Reserved for AR loads only.
  4. I just got an email from C-more, the C3 is on sale for Black Friday for $649.
  5. Several times at a Monday evening practice match, I’ve seen him in the waiting area. Kinda cool.
  6. He's come a long way since he was a small town cop. I remember him shooting locals near me when he was making a name for himself.
  7. I have 2 Legions, and they definitely aren’t Torx. Mine were also 5/64”. Be careful tightening and loosening it, it’ll strip easily.
  8. Shoots well. It’ll never be confused for a 2011, but for a quarter of the cost, it’s not bad. A real X5 Legion in 40 with a bull barrel, and adjustable sights would be better.
  9. I did this for an economical limited gun. Picked up a CPO P320 40 full size from CDNN, swapped on some Dawson sights, Springer guide rod. Sig makes 18rd. mags, put on TTI bases for 20rds. reloadable. Put the top end on my Legion lower with GG trigger, bolt the magwell back on.
  10. I’m currently using 135 TC Blues with 3.6gr. of Prima V. With the non-LCI replacement barrel, it’s 132PF, excellent accuracy. When the Prima V is gone, will switch to Sport Pistol.
  11. The issue of a plate or not won’t solve your Vortex breaking. It’s just not up to the task you are using it for. The gasket suggestion is the best option at this point, but I don’t believe it will solve your problem. That’s the issue with cutting a slide for one optic, you’re now married to that choice, so choose wisely. I do not believe a commercially available plate as you described exists.
  12. What good will a broken scope do you in a riot? Just curious.
  13. It’s been happening for several days now all over the site.
  14. I got a CH plate last week to mount an SRO. I have all of 30 rounds through it, just sight in and a few extra. From just mounting and handling, I like the thinnest of the plate, and the steel T nuts the sight screws into. The plate itself is secured to the slide with included screws through the bottom of the slide, but into aluminum, I wish there was steel there also. The included dovetail to put a supressor height Glock rear sight is needless for competition shooters, I wish there had been an option to get it without. It was $20 more than the Springer, but you get a little lower sight mount,
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