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  1. I wanted something really aggressive and decided to try these VZ rail panels. They're a little thicker than I would have liked, but think they'll work great.
  2. Today I read a thread from Dec 2019 where you posted results of buffer testing. Mind if I ask a couple of questions?


    Thanks, Alan

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    2. Hershel_Van




      I've been running a 115 gr. plated at a little over 1200 fps (140 or so PF) in a 16" barrel with the original 4 weight 9mm SCS. With this setup, recoil was more pronounced than expected and my red dot pulled off hard to the 3:00 position. We all perceive recoil differently and I thought mine could be better so I installed the short stroke conversion kit and now have 3 tungsten and 2 stainless. This setup is noticeably better and my curiosity is killing me, ie, could it be even better so I ordered 2 more tungsten weights to try it with 5 total tungsten and hopefully those parts will be here soon.


      Late last week I spoke with a rep at JP that shoots PCC in USPSA and he told me he's been on the same journey I'm on.  . He said his testing shows a carbine with a  longer barrel seems to benefit from heavier SCS mass and settled on 5 tungsten himself.  In the thread where you posted, if I remember correctly,  you like the 5 tungsten as well. I wondered if you're still running that setup? It seems to me that heavier mass would be good as long as you don't create bolt bounce.


      Understandably this will eventually boil down to shooter skill over equipment, but I'd like to have the best setup possible and am interested in your thoughts.


      Thanks, Alan 

    3. Fasthenk65


      Ok, its a long journey.


      We (me and roughly 6 other pcc shooters) tried so many things with one goal in mind; dot recovery! 9mm is 9mm and there will be recoil but it's always soft.


      We tried many buffer systems (MBX and Blitzkrieg eg.) we always came back to JP short stroked buffer system since less noise and overall quality feeling.


      Then for the JP buffer... all perceive things differently... but:


      low weight bullet (115 fmj in our case) + slow powder (VV N350 in our case) gives least dot bounce and was appreciated most : so: 115 bullet and 5,4 grains VVN350 = PF 129,7 and was super with both short stroke systems mentioned.


      2nd is a 124 bullet fmj with Swiss Reload RS12... more difficult in US to obtain so say VV 330 or 340..) at PF 134 faster then the 115 but groups still ok (15 yards double tap as fast as possible..)


      Coming Months we will try slower powder + plated bullets since we do not like the lead exposed open end of alsa fmj's...


      Hope this helps? If any question pls let me know!





    4. Hershel_Van


      Sounds good and thanks for the reply! I'll message you back after I've had a chance to try the 5 tungsten.

  3. I have done some similar testing. When I first got started in PCC my plan was to use my minor load which is a 147 plated Xtreme over 3.4 of N320 making about 134 PF. I can't recall what that load was running out of my 16" Faxxon barrel, but the recoil impulse was much more than I expected from a 9mm probably because of the reciprocating mass and there was a lot of dot movement. After testing various weights I settled on a 115 plated with the same powder charge as for my 147 minor load. It makes about 1200 + change for around 140PF. Felt recoil and dot movement is much less and
  4. Hey it's Alan in LR. How goes it?


  5. A recent search about a JP SCS recommendation turned up one of your posts and it said you're happy to discuss solutions/recommendations. Mind if I put a question to you?



    Thanks, Alan (just joined tonight)

  6. Hi everyone, my name is Alan. After years of mining info from the site, I thought it was time to join. For 10 or so years I've shot IDPA, started USPSA about 3 years ago and have been bitten by the PCC bug. Look forward to learning and participating.
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