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  1. In a very real way stage planing is not my biggest strength and i have only gone to two competitions, it is good to know it is something we all struggle with so i will pay more attention to it and try to learn strategies to be better prepared for planning decisions
  2. The new hobby syndrome hits hard and close to home... But it is very encouraging to see many of you have been shooting for a long time!!! I totally see things that are super similar in myself to everything being said so that is really nice
  3. So I have been shooting for about 6 months. I loveit. I have never been so into a sport in my relatively young but not so young life (30). Idk if this is something that has been talked about but I have a couple theories. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult (about 3 years back) and I think it is: 1: actually an advantage in the sport to have ADHD for practical shooting because of a sectret superpower us adhd-ers have called hiperfocus (awareness, anyone???) 2: the shooting sports and ipsc/scsa/idpa in particular are high-adrenaline high-speed ADHD-haver m
  4. Lord forgive me i had not understood the area 2 tjing until i just looked at the image again after battling the BOLO these lase few days... Not much i can do now I'm afraid, the bolo looks more like an R5 at this point I will get another one and try again in a few weeks now that i know this can happen, thank you all so much! At the very least I learned a lot and my DA strikes are igniting the ammo every time with the new hammer and firing pin!
  5. Allright so, I have been doing what memphis mechanic says in a different thread: Sand a little material off the curve, put gun together, test trigger, Repeat until it all works fine. I have done this a NUMBER of times........ The bolo is starting to look like my normal interruptor i have taken that much material off... and the DA is still not engaging with it (in particular) when the gun (the slide) is completely assembled and it pushes down on the trigger bar I might post this on a different new thread to see if I can get some answers.
  6. Allrighy, got my parts and everything is great except the bolo is not engageing the DA... I started sanding off the excess in the curve under it as that seems to be the problem (I have read so in other threads). I have not had time to get it to work, but I am a bit worried because it seems like I would have to take out A LOT of bolo for the little wing to engage the trigger bar??? I know it's not a super expensive part but before i sand a whole milimeter i wanted to check with you it's not a different problem.
  7. What hammer do you have? Is your firing pin and spring lubricated? Is it happening in SA or DA only, or both?
  8. Can confirm about the factory basepads and Armanov ones will work too but make sure you get the right ones for tanfo mags lol i cab fetch the model if you want
  9. thank you all for the replies! It seems like I am on the right path then! I will report on the next few days with results (no exact numbers sadly... I don't have a trigger break weight measuring thingy (yet!)
  10. I will try to get a moment tomorrow or Tuesday to take mine off, compare and see if i can help you out... Although i have no idea if there are any visible differences between SF and LF but worth a shot maybe
  11. Sorry about the title, couldn't help myself ... anyways, I SHOT MY FIRST MATCH TODAY! Not a single problem with my Stock II (strange since yesterday practicing i had 2 faliure to ignite moments...) so obviously I AM EMBOLDENED. I am thinking about continuing with the tuning, just because it is so much fun tbh I am not really at a shooting level where I "need" it. I'm planing on polishing the f*#k out of it, putting in the titan hammer, changing the two piece sear lever by the Xtreme one piece sear lever, and finally putting in the BOLO interruptor. My questions are:
  12. Oh my goodness THE PART ARRIVED!!! On other news i have determined i will need to buy rollpin punches (???) or whatever that tool is called Memphis uses in the videos because i nearly destroyed the brand new one trying to put it in there...... any suggestions on those? By the way I have changed all the springs to lighter ones (the Xtreme ones) and im very happy with the results and excited for my first competition on Saturday!!!! I will probably polish a bit more after it but that's just because i enjoy the tinkering, it really has awakened something in me hahahah!
  13. Just a couple of roll pins hahah i posted about it in it's own topic, your help would be amazing tbh
  14. Im a huge fan of the videos I had no idea what the hell i was doing but following them i barely messed it up
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