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  1. So my prescription glasses are bifocals with the lowers set for the dot and the upper portion set for distance(target). I've been shooting with tape over the dot to force my brain /eyes to to mix the two images, my transitions seem faster with the target focus. So the glasses have sharpened both far and near vision.
  2. It's not just the size of the dot, you should also consider the brightness of the dot especially in sunlight and the size of the glass.
  3. The tso is heavier and larger than the shadow. They are also sao. I would agree that whatever fits your hand is probably your best choice. Determining how your going to shoot the gun, competitively or just at the range for fun will also help you decide.
  4. i now practice with no warm up, just as you would start a match. Yes a few draws from the holster maybe but then getting right into the stage or a part of it. Learning to go from zero to 100 is part of the game .Practicing your more difficult stages cold prepares you for the experience in match time. Your physical and psychological parts of the game need to be ready to go at the buzzer. Even if it's been 48 hours since you fired the last shot
  5. Very helpful to be able to break down the stage and specifically point out techniques that will save time or better prepare you for your next shot. I am always amazed at how nuanced the efficiency of movement can be. So much to learn but having the visual presentation works best for me, especially in slow motion. Having a video you can refer back to makes it easier to remember the advice and training tips. More stuff to work on.
  6. Yes, shooting into your body(left to right when shooting left handed) WHO helps. And putting the non-firing hand on my chest seems to improve balance. I also extend the corresponding leg forward (right leg forward with right hand, left leg with left hand)--helps my stability. Like anything else finding the dot WHO is a matter of practice and repetition.
  7. Not to hijack this thread but I've always struggled with mag changes on my Ruger Mark 3. I know you can't shoot 22lr in USPSA but in local speed steel and bowling pin matches I always flounder trying to hit that skinny mag well. Flipping the gun almost upside down so you have a better look at the magwell seems to help. Any secrets/ideas you'd like to share.
  8. I run an eleven pound recoil spring on my Czechmate shooting 145 grain bullets at minor power factor. Works great the heavier bullets and lighter spring seem to lessen felt recoil. On softer loads in 124 grains they will not consistently cycle the slide. especially if the comp is on. I don't shoot major power factor very often so the 11lb spring seems fine
  9. I think the pandemic will lead to even higher long term prices for ammo and reloading supplies as we have already seen. More new shooters in need of ammo and supplies plus the backlog of preexisting shooters wanting to replenish . I don't think higher costs to participate in a sport in a good thing. My guess is people will shoot fewer live rounds. Folks who don't compete don't dry fire much in my experience. So i think overall the pandemic has been a negative for the sport.
  10. alex thumb rest does fit the tso. dropped in. no alteration.
  11. Draw is faster. Probably cause I practice it more often than reloading .Draw is also more consistent than the reload
  12. I hired three big guys to move my safe . They were nice enough and motivated but had no professional safe moving equipment . After forty five minutes of trying they had slid the safe 20 feet to the door looking at nine concrete stairs going up from the basement , I knew I was in trouble when the head mover asked to borrow my iphone so he could google --how to move 800 pound safe. Not good. I went into the garage with a sledge hammer and wacked out some shelving my father in law had installed. Got some one inch plywood three feet wide and eight feet long placed it on the stairs and slid the safe up. More challenges from there but gravity and grunt work won out
  13. routine is different than superstition. I love the former and no belief in the latter
  14. Watching helps me decide if my plan is best. You can learn from others mistakes or good ideas
  15. Finally got prescription shooting glasses made a huge difference with my 8moa dot
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