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  1. Hello I looking for a recommended 9mm bullet for my Mp5. Reading much positive about the 147gr FMJRN-BT Hornady ..............then what's so different about it than the Berrys; https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/yhst-19878442352198_2270_7693289 Too many opinions, too many options. Thanks in advance! Jerry
  2. Agree, longer would be better. I'm in Colorado! Bulging observed, but they passed plunk and twist test. Thinking this is not the right round for this gun. Went to the range with 10 test rounds you guys helped me with. No indications of excessive pressures observed. Two failures to eject (too light on powder?) Yes, I started at 3.6 grains and worked up to 4.0. The 4.0gr titegroup with the Hornady 124 XTP's @ 1.09" were no problemo in all respects. Thinking that I should scrutinize my cases better i.e. same manufacturer
  3. Thanks Everybody As mentioned above, the OAL's that work in my Springfield are 1.09" range and as recommended above I'll back off the power and step it up incrementally. Your inputs very much elevated my comfort level
  4. I'm using a Pace scale for measuring powder and a Dillon progressive with a powder check to load. Periodic checks of powder weights performed. Occasionally observing a +/- .1 grain departure from intended powder weights. Overall the system is accurate and reliable but I keep re-verifying weights. I'm going to follow; https://www.hodgdon.com/titegroup/ loading data. Plug in the numbers for 124gr bullet gives me 3.6gr starting and 4.1 max. BUT this is for a COAL of 1.15". Because I'm a chicken and erring on the side of caution I'll load a 5(ea) starting at 3.1 and work up from there. Chrono is in the mail THANKS ALL
  5. Hello........Rookie re-loader with a couple of thousand rounds of 9 and 45 under my belt. Know enough to be dangerous. Seeking advice on loading https://store.tjconevera.com/po9mm12fpplb.html bullets but unable to find specific information anywhere. Powders on hand are Accurate #2, #5, #7 and Titegroup. Historically my Berry's 115gr RN & 124gr RN; plunked, chambered, rotated and ejected just fine in my Springfield EMP @ 1.150" The PowerBond 124gr FP presented problems at 1.150". Shortening the COAL to 1.09"ish gave me the above results. Question is how to calculate how much to step back the powder charges to remain safe? I realize I need a chronograph. Would someone suggest a product for me? Thanks all!
  6. I am hoping to find load data for; Berry's 9mm 115gr RN @ 1.160" using Accurate #5. One publication I have states 5.2 to 5.6gr and another indicates 4.8 to 5.2. Seems to be too much as I recently loaded Berry's 124gr RN with 5.4 to 5.6gr. Can anybody chime in on this for me? Thank you
  7. Yes, in searching I came across this very data and was inclined to use it, except for the fact that the base of the bullet is flat. In my world of limited experience and wanting to be safe or push any envelopes, HBFP would indicate a hollow base. and I know enough to be dangerous. The bullets I have are flat base. I have sourced my data from ; http://blog.westernpowders.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/WesternLoadGuide1-2016_Web.pdf and this is my source of concern; https://loaddata.com/articles/PDF/9mm Luger.pdf and I see a significant disparities in suggested grains and COL, then recognize that different powders can be vastly more reactive than another and I wrapped myself around an axle. It's an education for me and I know enough to be dangerous. Every response is sincerely appreciated. Thank you
  8. Thank you.......................Ok. I'll base my loads on weight and type as recommended. Definitely a plunk test. I thought the shape i.e. FP was to be factored in. No chrono and my intention was target / plinking. My concern is that of safety and not sustaining injury or damage to parts
  9. I have a 1K box of; 9mm 124gr FP https://store.tjconevera.com/po9mm12fpplb.html and am unable to find specific load data for this particular bullet. I am holding off on loading for reasons of safety and uncertainty how much powder and COL. None of my loading publications / charts / tables provides me with 9mm 124gr FP data. Is there anyone out there who can direct me to a source of information? My on hand powders are Accurate#2, #5, #7, Titigroup, W231. I want to send the lead down a 3" barrel. Thank you
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