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  1. Definitely possible. I know they are "manufactured" in Japan but who knows about the smaller electrical components they use to make them.
  2. Mine says Japan on the bottom of it (3 max xl).
  3. 3.1 grain clean shot 147 blue bullet 1.12 OAL Makes 130-132 PF out of my X5.
  4. Is that the "standard" (not aggressive) texture on the LSI?
  5. AZ123456

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Has anyone else had issues with their R1 pro's? Mine lost it's zero at about 2k rounds. Both windage and elevation adjustments maxed out in either direction would make little to no change in POI. It's currently at Sig for warranty repair.
  6. Has anyone heard of any reliability issues with the 507C?
  7. AZ123456

    Romeo 1 Pro

    I got my 6moa Romeo 1 pro today. Dot looks great and super bright. I really hope this thing is more durable than my DPP. I'll be putting 1500-2000 rounds a month on this thing and will post if I have any issues.
  8. AZ123456

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Thank you for posting this. 6moa on the way to replace my failing DPP. I really hope this thing holds up.
  9. This is excellent info. I've already modified my current Legion but I'll be getting another soon as a back-up.
  10. I totally agree that Sig should have discovered and remedied this issue before releasing the pistols. That being said, I've already got 2 DPP and will continue to run them until the Romeo 1 pro becomes available. It looks like the lead time on them has increased according to optics planet...
  11. LCI no longer an issue on my Legion. I had a buddy tig weld it today. After some minor fitting it seems good to go.
  12. That's what I'm doing to mine next week.
  13. AZ123456

    X5 Blue bullets

    Is this with the truncated cone 125's? TIA
  14. AZ123456

    Romeo 1 Pro

    You should be able to slide that contact forward under the tape they use to secure it. Mine recently did the same thing while practicing. I moved the contact forward and used the eraser end of a pencil to push the adhesive tape back into place. Not a permanent fix but will get you by for a bit. Sad this is a common issue given the price point of the DPP.
  15. I chronoed my .40 major loads this morning in AZ at 95 degrees and didn't notice a large difference in PF compared to 65 degrees or so. My loads usually come in about 171 PF and I had most around 170-171PF today (one oddball came in at 168). I can't speak to colder temps as we rarely get them here.
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