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  1. AZ123456

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Glad to hear yours is working well. I had two that both lost zero so i sold them after Sig replaced under warranty. I've moved to the Romeo 3 max unit and have had much better luck with it in terms of durability. What type of gun is your romeo 1 pro mounted on?
  2. I've shot an X5 Legion in CO for a little over a year but recently switched to a Tanfo Stock Master. I chose the Tanfo over the Shadow 2 due to grip size as I have large hands. I find I shoot the Tanfo much more accurately and the index is more natural to me over the X5. As others have stated, try shooting the guns you're interested in buying if you can. Sounds like it's Shadow 2 vs X5 and both these guns are prevalent at most clubs so getting your hands on them shouldn't be too hard.
  3. If you purchase it from Patroit Defense they'll ream the barrel to accept longer loads.
  4. I've been through multiple units of all the majo optics shooting CO and the Romeo 3 max/XL has proven the most durable. I had mixed luck with SRO's but the warranty service was excellent. If I couldn't run a Romeo 3 I'd be using the SRO.
  5. AZ123456

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I've switched from 147 grain .355 blue bullets to 125 grain .356. Running these at 135ish PF seemed to help considerably but I still find myself struggling with consistent accuracy. I'm by no means a bullseye shooter but I just don't seem to be able to shoot my Legion as accurately as other pistols I've tried in the same division (CO). It's a shame because I love the ergonomics of the gun. It looks like your issue was slide related, I guess that could be another option. Possibly a non Legion one (X5 or full size p320).
  6. AZ123456

    X5 Legion accuracy

    This would not surprise me but I'm trying one last option before I switch platforms.
  7. AZ123456

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I'm currently having a Barsto barrel fitted to my backup Legion for similar accuracy issues. I'll report back as soon as I get it back and test it.
  8. I appreciate the info. I've managed to kill pretty much every major optic out there in the last year or so. The SRO seemed to be one of the more durable options but so far I'm having better luck with the Romeo 3 max (although they've been replaced under warranty too). I take it you're sticking with the RTS2 on the stock master since it's milled for it. I currently shoot an X5 Legion in CO but recently picked up a stock master with a dovetail optic mount to experiment with before taking the plunge of having it milled and changing platforms. So far I really like the gun(after a few trigger impro
  9. Are you running a shock buff? Curious about this as it might relate to dot longevity. How many rounds do you currently have on that optic?
  10. I have had 2 R1 pro's replaced by Sig but it was about 6 months ago and nobody had them in stock including Sig. Both of my R1pro's failed in the exact same manner you describe. It took them several months to replace them. In my experience Trijicon (2 SRO's repaired) and holosun(2 507c replaced) have the fastest turn around time on warranty work. I've heard vortex is even faster but I've never owned one so can't personally attest to this. I would definitely purchase a replacement immediately if I were in your shoes.
  11. Definitely possible. I know they are "manufactured" in Japan but who knows about the smaller electrical components they use to make them.
  12. Mine says Japan on the bottom of it (3 max xl).
  13. 3.1 grain clean shot 147 blue bullet 1.12 OAL Makes 130-132 PF out of my X5.
  14. Is that the "standard" (not aggressive) texture on the LSI?
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