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  1. www.gxproductsusa.com is what you seek for your next USPSA holster. Finest holsters on the market, with the first real innovation in kydex in a very long time.
  2. Shoot all alphas and then Minor scoring won't matter That's not a helpful answer though. In reality, all of your alternative scenarios are equally good choices . People don't become better shooters by buying new gear, even if new guns are fun. There's an active thread right now "Anyone go back to Glock after trying CZ/Tanfo?" and there are a ton of people who have. If you like Glocks, get another Glock. If you want to try something new, get something new. If "you're not the best shot" by your own admission, then it doesn't sound like you'll be in the running for a podium spot anyway, so you might as well just shoot with what you have and compete against yourself exclusively. All that actually matters is whether or not you put in the work to get better.
  3. That's atypical. I have a very healthy mix of MecGar 17s and OEM 18s and all run flawlessly. If you aren't able to replicate the issue, it sounds like the mags required a small break in period to smooth out some burrs on the feed lips, and now you're ready to rock.
  4. The TXG grip module is readily available directly from Sig and for considerably cheaper from multiple vendors online.
  5. Differences between X5 and X5 Legion: "Regular" X5 Four 21 round mags, plastic baseplates, CO legal, but not Prod legal. Flat trigger, about 6 lbs Magwell included but IIRC no frame weight (can someone fact check me on this?) Slide is cut for Deltapoint Pro and Romeo1Pro X5 Legion Three 17 round mags with very nice aluminum Henning baseplates - Production legal. (Get TTI +5 pads for CO) Tungsten grip with grip weight and magwell Improved skeletonized trigger, about 5 lbs Slide is cut for original Romeo1 only
  6. Warning: Unpopular opinion incoming. Firearms shouldn't be left in vehicles, period. This applies to everyone from military, to civilians, to sworn LEO's. There have been multiple incidents in the news of SBRs and even post-sample machine guns stolen out of cop cars, not to mention the tens of thousands of guns stolen every year out of regular cars. But to answer your actual question: anything big enough to hold a rifle and multiple pistols will be big and heavy enough that you won't want to remove it once it's been installed. I doubt anything is even on the market that could accommodate a rifle and also be capable of quick removal. Every rifle vault I've ever seen requires a bolt-down process that usually requires pulling out internal panels to expose the sub frame, etc. Keep in mind that the average home safe which weighs 500-800 lbs only needs to withstand hand tools for a whopping 5 minutes to achieve its "RSC" certification. Vehicle vaults are considerably less thick and less secure. A prybar will rip one open in 2-3 minutes, tops. The cables they come with can be clipped by just a good pair of shears. Of all the laws that infringe upon the 2nd amendment, car storage laws bother me the absolute least.
  7. In Limited, you can have mag pouches on your belt in any location like you describe above. Most (but not all) people find the 11-12 o clock position offers the fastest reload. In Production, you carry them with 5 or 6 kydex mag carriers on your belt. I found a photo on the web that shows a pretty common Production belt setup. In Production, you can have mags at any angle you prefer and that works with your arm/shoulder, but your mag pouches (and pistol) must be positioned behind your hip bones. My production belt has 5 pouches on it and I keep a 6th mag in my rear pocket with 11 rounds for the "make ready" command (you are allowed to start with 10 in the mag + 1 in the chamber). I agree that retention on Esstac KYWIs is a bit too strong for USPSA. I have a set of them which I really like, but use them for Run N Gun biathlons (2 gun match integrated with a 5k-10k trail run) where making sure they stay in your belt is more important than a sub 1 second reload.. Typical Production belt:
  8. Yes. Generally speaking, the maximum number of rounds you'll see any course of fire is 32. You will want to enter Limited division so you can load your magazines to capacity. In Production division, you can only load 10 rounds, which won't be enough. Most people in Limited shoot .40 which lets them take advantage of Major power factor scoring. You'll be shooting 9mm I assume, so you will be scored as Minor power factor. This article is a pretty good summary of USPSA divisions and understanding scoring: https://www.targetbarn.com/broad-side/uspsa-scoring/ As you gain more experience and improve your skills, you may want to get more magazines (5 absolute minimum, 6 ideally) to realistically compete in Production. The bigger concern here isn't really about the total number of rounds you can carry on your body, but instead having enough actual magazines that you can drop mags that are only half empty to strategically reload without having to worry about "wasting" magazines. If you only have 3 mags in Production, you won't have the flexibility to proactively reload. Additionally, if you get serious about improving and start doing daily dryfire practice, you'll want to have 2-3 separate practice mags to take the abuse of hundreds of reloads each week. But don't worry about that until you've gone a month or two of dedicated dry fire practice 3 or more times per week. That's around the right time to think about making the next round of investments in the sport.
  9. The GXP holster is fantastic, but I really wouldn't consider it an actual "retention holster" because there's no way to disengage the lever as part of your draw. You wouldn't want to have to flip the lever in the middle of a COF. The 578GLS "should" work with the X5 assuming you got the right size. They have 4 or 5 different size models, each one fitting a wide variety of guns. Or in other words, I've never seen the GLS not work. It's a pretty ingenious system. My only concern with it is the fact that a rifle sling which slips under the holster will easily disengage the retention lever and lift your pistol out of the holster as if there was no retention at all. All of Safariland's ALS retention holsters (the gold standard for all competitive/duty use) were molded for the M17/P320 when it was first released. The barrel/slide on the X5 is 0.3" longer than the standard P320 and so the X5 doesn't fit into any of the ALS holsters. You have 2 options, you can either buy a standard P320 (or 3rd party) slide assembly for your Legion grip, but then you lose the nice bull barrel from the X5 series. Or you can use a heat gun and mush the holster to accommodate the X5 slide. Both have pluses and minuses. If you decide to go with a custom kydex holster maker as listed above, make sure they use the BladeTech WRS retention assembly. Some use Safariland SLS which is far inferior. SLS needs to be pushed out of the way manually, WRS is spring loaded and actuated by a thumb button - much, much faster.
  10. ClangClang

    Mixing SEAR springs

    No, but I'll be following this thread with great curiosity. For a variety of reasons, I've switched from tuned CZ Shadows into X5 Legions for the upcoming season. Didn't care for the stock trigger, so I installed GG kits. Still not satisfied with the triggers mostly related to length of pre/over travel, so I just received 2 Keres triggers to try out - hopefully I can make it to the range this weekend. I can feel the vagueness you're talking about as well, but it doesn't bother me nearly as much as the travel issue.
  11. Go for option 2. The Comptac holster included in Option 1 is a fine holster (it's what I have on my 3gun belt) but the included drop/offset hanger from CompTac is objectively horrible and universally hated. It points the gun inward directly at your thigh. That alone is reason to ditch it, not to mention it's a strange angle to draw from. You'll eventually spend $50 to upgrade it to the BOSS hanger anyway. Option 2 is a much better value, even though it's more money.
  12. The strangest thing about the LCI is that with the design of the X5, you can still see brass through the side of the ejection port. There was no need at all for the LCI notch.
  13. I don't know enough about IPSC Rifle to really give an informed position on this, but I would probably argue with your last point. The surging popularity of high-cap divisions in USPSA leads me to believe that most people don't want mag limits. Fast is fun. I'd rather see no limits, or at least a "practical limit" (I dunno, maybe 35 to take regular PMAG with baseplate?) and then use the COF's to allow competitors to choose the right equipment. You can easily make a stage where a big stick would be disadvantageous like low ports or a VTAC board with challenging angles. 2 gun matches are exploding. In fact, there are several monthly options, all within 2-3 hours of you. Thurmont MD, Shadow Hawk WV, etc. I believe I recall seeing some 2 Gun in PA as well. Not to mention Run N Gun biathlons and Tactical Carbine matches.
  14. A8 has a new location and new MD this coming year. Best airport will probably be Dulles now. I still expect the match to be fantastic though.
  15. Anyone try the regular extended release and then decide they still needed the extra length of the paddle? I'm looking to try the standard profile extended version. Figure it's worth checking here before ordering direct.
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