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  1. Yep, tie down rigs are illegal under USPSA rules unless exempt under 5.2.8. This was known in advance and handled appropriately. Not even remotely close, but thank you for your observation.
  2. Yep. Illegal holster in USPSA. I knew someone would spot it
  3. This is for registration, not scoring data. This is likely the route I will take if there is no import function. Just have to build out the formulas. Only reason to use practiscore is to save me the 15-20 minutes it will take to build the formulas and debug. I'm not an Excel whiz, but I can muddle my way through it.
  4. It was definitely just for fun but I do think it saved about a half second. Otherwise, when you approached the port you had to knock it open and wait for it to fall before acquiring sights.
  5. I've been asked to help run the scoring for a Time Plus outlaw match that is being held as part of larger multi-day field training operation. I'm the only person with any meaningful amount of Practiscore experience so I've been voluntold as the Practiscore "expert" even though I've never been a MD and actually done this before. Just assisted. The match is being held in a remote location with no cell service, power, or digital infrastructure. The stages themselves are 1+ miles apart from each other over rugged terrain. ROs will be recording scores on paper and then I will have to manually enter them into a digital format. Luckily, it's only 3 stages with 18 shooters, so the task will be fairly simple. Also, since it's Time Plus and all targets are steel, I don't need to log anything besides name and total stage time in seconds. There are no divisions, classes, categories, etc. I would prefer not to have to load them manually shooter by shooter on the single iPad. That will take forever. Instead, I'd like to just create an Excel sheet with columns for Name, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 and then import that directly into Practiscore at the conclusion of the match once I get all the score sheets back. Is this possible? Is there a better way that I'm not aware of?
  6. Just did this at a match 3 weeks ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/COWrInnDe2-/ It got a good laugh out of the squad and worked pretty well. Had the fastest time on the stage within my classification.
  7. 100% my own opinion. I don't recall ever seeing any official statement from CZ one way or the other. I doubt CZ would use the word "consumable" but I think we can all admit that high round count competition shooting is slightly outside the use cases for 98% of gun owners and we put more stress on our guns than almost anyone, including most (but not all) LE and .mil users. I'm not sure the slide stop issue is a design flaw, nor a feature. It's just a factor. All guns have consumable parts. Different guns have different maintenance schedules. It's just one of the many different tradeoffs each shooter/user should understand when making their selection. If a shooter's priorities are universal aftermarket support and as few replacement parts as possible, then a CZ might not be the right choice for them. There are other platforms that are probably better aligned with those requirements. If someone wants a heavy, steel frame DA/SA pistol with a highly customizable SA trigger pull and they aren't bothered by replacing their slide stop annually, then perhaps a CZ might be an excellent choice. Neither choice is wrong. Just gotta go with what feels right and matches your requirements.
  8. ETS mags are the least reliable mags on the planet. Nothing but issues. Use OEM glock mags with either Henning or Dawson basepads. I think Dawson might actually be my favorites. They have the easiest and most secure fitment of any of the aftermarket basepads and are still completely tool-less. Kind of genius, really. Dawsons are the only basepad I haven't had blow off the end of a mag after dropping it. The way it wraps around the entire bottom lip of the magazine is very slick, unlike all of the other brands I mentioned which just use a small pin at the rear. TTI and Springer have both blown off for me. I haven't practiced/shot enough with Hennings for that to happen but I think it's possible, although definitely less likely due to the spring-loaded pin, as opposed to the tension pin on TTI.
  9. It's a consumable so it doesn't peen the barrel. They impact on each other during recoil. I'd much rather have the SS break than the barrel linkage.
  10. Slide stops are consumable. They break. Always keep replacements handy. Same thing with the trigger return spring. On CZ's, these are the 2 components that should really be replaced every 5000-7000 rounds for preventive maintenance. Otherwise they will break and it's guaranteed to happen during a match, never at practice.
  11. Lifts are only necessary if you're really out there wheeling hard, in which case you'll need a lift AND sliders, skids, and other up-armoring. The 4Runner has plenty of clearance to handle any fire road in the USA. I drive a 2017 Lexus GX460 which is extremely similar to the 4Runner (it's a rebranded euro-spec Toyota Landcruiser 150, to be exact) and it has gotten me to some incredible places in stock form aside from some better tires.
  12. Glock is by far the easiest to physically take down and reassemble. What's a little harder for me to visualize in my head is the relationship of all the angles on the cruciform, sear, etc. But no doubt that's also because I don't shoot Glocks competitively (just a G43 for CCW) so haven't spent any real time playing with the innards and tuning it. CZs (especially decocker models) are probably the hardest to detail strip and reassemble that I'm aware of, but I'm also the most confident polishing and tuning them (thanks in no small part to @kneelingatlas's excellent guides). Then again, that's also due to familiarity after shooting CZs for ~7 years in matches and spending plenty of time fiddling with them. P320 is somewhere in the middle. Reassembling the FCU is certainly doable with 2 hands, whereas a CZ decocker sear cage really makes me wish I had 3 hands. Or even 4. I don't have much time with 1911s, but have detail stripped an old USGI 1911 and didn't find anything particularly challenging when following some random youtube video I found. Easily doable with these 2 regular hands.
  13. I was a new Carry Optics shooter playing in the provisional division when it was first created. Up until this point, I had only shot with my red dot at our local indoor range. I was sent down to ABQ for a work trip that ended on a Friday and just happened to search Practiscore and found a local USPSA match on Saturday so I stayed for an extra day, brought my race rig, and went to the match. I was really excited to be outdoors on a gorgeous day in the desert the middle of winter. It was one of the first opportunities I had to shoot the red dot outside and I was learning about how my red dot looked in the bright desert sun. We were all just standing with the squad watching the first shooter start on the first stage of the day and I was trying to look down into my holster and see if my dot brightness was adequate. I couldn't quite get the right angle to see the dot in the glass, so I simply just drew my pistol and was looking down the sight pointing it at the ground in front of my feet. Oof. I maintained excellent muzzle and awareness and finger discipline, but I was nowhere near the safe area and it was clearly an idiotic thing to do. I instantly reholstered just as one of the old timer regulars happened to glance over at me and saw me just putting it back in the holster. He shook his head but gave me a wink, and didn't say a word. I was somewhat new to the sport at that point, but I definitely knew enough to know that should have been a DQ, even though I didn't really know how to proceed with it. I assumed I just got lucky since no one saw and went about the rest of my day and shot a very nice match. These days if I did something that monumentally stupid, I would walk up to the MD and DQ myself voluntarily.
  14. Only real material difference to the gun are some unique serrations/machining to the slide and the inclusion of the Romeo3Max optic. And it comes with 4 standard 21-round mags instead of the 3 17-round mags with Henning baseplates. Otherwise it's pretty much the same as the regular P320 Legion.
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