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  1. Great work and congrats on the personal best! Glad to hear that some logistical adaptations were possible to allow you to shoot the match. And sweet holster! Also, I'm amazed you're still in triple digits in mid october. That's nuts.
  2. Yup. I spend enough time training with an optic that it makes sense for me to carry with an optic as well. I've settled on the Aimpoint Acro, so there really aren't any concerns with lint, moisture, etc. I have no BUIS. It's cost me on 1 stage ever in my life, when somehow the adjustment buttons got pressed and turned the brightness down a couple clicks between "Make ready" and "Standby." I might get some low profile BUIS in the future. Maybe. I prefer an uncluttered view. The Acro isn't the ideal competition optic, primarily due to the smaller glass field of view compared to any
  3. Point of information: I'm not the match director, but I am match staff and happy to answer any questions you may have. Just post up below!
  4. If you've ever wanted to try out a Run and Gun match, there are still some slots for the upcoming "Run For Your Life" Run and Gun next month at Lucas Oil in Cross Timbers, MO. This is one of the best matches of the year, hands down. It is halloween/zombie themed with all the shenanigans and fun targets that you would expect, and a costume contest! There is a 10km option on Saturday and a 5km on Sunday. Note: There is NO requirement that you run the entire thing, or even any part of it. Roughly half of all participants just hike from start to finish. This year is a TEAM format where you run
  5. No pistol optic is immune. I have 4 DPPs, two have had to go back. I've had 3 RMRs, one had to go back. I have a Romeo 1 Pro, it works, but the "down" button no longer clicks and sometimes it fails to register the press. It's going back soon. The only pistol optic I own that hasn't had a problem (so far) is the Aimpoint Acro and I really beat the crap out of it. Very, very pleased with my purchase so far.
  6. Appreciate the response to my inquiry Sarge, but I asked that question 2.5 years ago
  7. Get a GX Products holster. Best holster on the market, hands down. www.gxproductsusa.com - not cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for.
  8. Phantom, Shadow, Tactical, and P-09. All with a DPP on top.
  9. I've had multiple decocker CZ's milled by Primary Machine. Fantastic work, absolutely impeccable, great height in the slide, etc. Nothing but good things to say about them and their work. They're also an Enos forum sponsor and have a 10% discount code. At least, I think they did. @PrimaryBruce is that still going on?
  10. They're close enough to be functionally the same. I don't find the the Legion grip gets chewed up noticeably faster than Glock frames. At the end of the day, they're both made out of a comparable plastic. And I'd much rather be able to replace the frame hassle-free, especially considering I live in Maryland and we have to pay $50+ in transfer/registration fees with a 7 day waiting period to replace a serialized frame. I'd much rather be able to buy a barely used Legion grip for $150 with zero hassle.
  11. ClangClang

    Moving to CZ?

    Between the Shadow and the X5 Legion, if we're talking specifically about USPSA Carry Optics, I would unquestionably go with the Shadow. If you want to use the same pistol platform for USPSA and other more "outlaw" disciplines (3 gun, multigun, run and gun, etc) then I would lean towards the X5. I think the Shadow is the superior platform, but the Legion is pretty pretty close and the modularity/ease of swapping parts out makes life a little easier. But the SA pull on a tuned Shadow is just unbeatable.
  12. Nope, the "ban" refers to the original 1994 AWB I believe. In the case of Glocks, you need the old early 90's U-notch mags. It gets murkier with the CZs, Berettas, etc where the original mags look more or less identical to the current production ones.
  13. Maybe every 3-4 matches.... and that's a BIG maybe. And my "cleaning" usually consists of blasting some gun scrubber into the action, giving a vigorous shake, wiping any visible gunk off with an old T shirt, then liberally squirting some ALG Go Juice into the sear assembly and ALG 0000 Grease into the rails. I probably disassemble the slide and clean the extractor and FP channel once per year. That's really it. I'd rather be shooting than cleaning, and my [non existent] cleaning regimen does not appear to have any negative effect whatsoever.
  14. I've never even heard of the Skeleton until this post, but it looks wild. Very nice. You might want to look into the Guga Ribas holster. It is an IPSC style holster but instead of having inserts, it is completely adjustable in every dimension and designed to fit almost any gun. I was able to switch mine from a 2011 to CZ TSO to Glock. I'm fairly confident it will be able to fit the X5 Skeleton trigger guard. You can easily email Guga Ribas and ask the maximum width the holster will fit.
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