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  1. ClangClang

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    Phantom, Shadow, Tactical, and P-09. All with a DPP on top.
  2. ClangClang

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    I've had multiple decocker CZ's milled by Primary Machine. Fantastic work, absolutely impeccable, great height in the slide, etc. Nothing but good things to say about them and their work. They're also an Enos forum sponsor and have a 10% discount code. At least, I think they did. @PrimaryBruce is that still going on?
  3. They're close enough to be functionally the same. I don't find the the Legion grip gets chewed up noticeably faster than Glock frames. At the end of the day, they're both made out of a comparable plastic. And I'd much rather be able to replace the frame hassle-free, especially considering I live in Maryland and we have to pay $50+ in transfer/registration fees with a 7 day waiting period to replace a serialized frame. I'd much rather be able to buy a barely used Legion grip for $150 with zero hassle.
  4. ClangClang

    Moving to CZ?

    Between the Shadow and the X5 Legion, if we're talking specifically about USPSA Carry Optics, I would unquestionably go with the Shadow. If you want to use the same pistol platform for USPSA and other more "outlaw" disciplines (3 gun, multigun, run and gun, etc) then I would lean towards the X5. I think the Shadow is the superior platform, but the Legion is pretty pretty close and the modularity/ease of swapping parts out makes life a little easier. But the SA pull on a tuned Shadow is just unbeatable.
  5. Nope, the "ban" refers to the original 1994 AWB I believe. In the case of Glocks, you need the old early 90's U-notch mags. It gets murkier with the CZs, Berettas, etc where the original mags look more or less identical to the current production ones.
  6. Maybe every 3-4 matches.... and that's a BIG maybe. And my "cleaning" usually consists of blasting some gun scrubber into the action, giving a vigorous shake, wiping any visible gunk off with an old T shirt, then liberally squirting some ALG Go Juice into the sear assembly and ALG 0000 Grease into the rails. I probably disassemble the slide and clean the extractor and FP channel once per year. That's really it. I'd rather be shooting than cleaning, and my [non existent] cleaning regimen does not appear to have any negative effect whatsoever.
  7. I've never even heard of the Skeleton until this post, but it looks wild. Very nice. You might want to look into the Guga Ribas holster. It is an IPSC style holster but instead of having inserts, it is completely adjustable in every dimension and designed to fit almost any gun. I was able to switch mine from a 2011 to CZ TSO to Glock. I'm fairly confident it will be able to fit the X5 Skeleton trigger guard. You can easily email Guga Ribas and ask the maximum width the holster will fit.
  8. @waktasz is talking about the aftermarket Sig P320 grip module from Wilson Combat. Not talking about Gen 5 glocks.
  9. Yes, the early slides had a very deep channel milled into the slide for weight savings. This left the top of the slide so thin there was not enough metal remaining to perform the slide cut. You can easily tell with a photo of the inside of the slide. This is not a great photo, but it's the best I could find online in a couple seconds. You can see the full length channel cut into the slide. (Ignore the red circle) Newer slides do not have that channel cut. It is all steel.
  10. I wouldn't institute a formal ban. This competitor simply owes you the amount of the chargeback. Until he settles his tab, he is unable to enter any of your matches. It's up to this joker whether he wants to stand on principle and give up USPSA or he wants to shoot.
  11. My Gen 1 Sub2K was a jam-o-matic. Couldn't get it to run reliably even after some polishing work at ~1000 rounds down the pipe. Sold it off. I've heard the Gen 2 versions are a little better, but haven't ever shot one.
  12. Highly unlikely. Not gonna happen for a gun designed directly for a USPSA division where SA isn't allowed at all.
  13. This is one of the most intense, challenging, complex, and emotional matches I've ever shot. In 10+ years of competitive shooting all around the country, this match stands out as an absolute highlight and I'm more proud of my finishes here than anything else I've done in my shooting "career." As @Matt in TN mentioned above, the stages emulate real battles that 5th group has endured, often paying the ultimate price. Jimmy Moriarty was one of the Green Berets killed in the ambush on King Faisal Airbase in Jordan in 2016. Receiving an award from his father James Moriarty (who ran and shot the entire course, in his 70's, while wearing his late son's web gear) had me on the verge of breaking down in tears in front of 150 strangers. It's something I'll never forget. More on his story: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/06/world/middleeast/jordan-us-military-shooting.html I can't stress enough how unique this match is and I encourage everyone to consider adding it to their calendar. FYI, even in a COVID-19 year, it will probably sell out in just a couple minutes.
  14. This is exactly what the Associated Gun Clubs range in Maryland has done. About ~20 different gun clubs across the entire region got together and created a range for members of any of the clubs to use. All the clubs have different "flavors" (one is for members of the local military base, one is for vets, one is a church-centric group, one is a Jewish group, one is action/practical-shooting focused, a couple are shotgun/clay focused, etc). To get a range badge, you need to be a dues-paying member any of the clubs (around $20-$30/year) and then go through the safety orientation, and pay for your range badge (~$185/year). The range has been around for 75 years and the board has historically been very "fudd" but that is slowly but surely changing because of the exact suggestions made in this thread - dedicated shooters got on the board of directors and drove the change. After 50 years of boring bench shooting, this past year they finally completed 4 action bays and now host IDPA, outlaw steel, and 2 Gun/3Gun matches. More info about how they're organized is on their website: https://associatedgunclubs.org
  15. Better yet, get a Pelican Air 1615 which is suitcase-sized. Doesn't look like a gun at all. The case is 29"x15" and the hypotenuse is 32", long enough to fit a complete 16" AR with a muzzle device (as long as it's got a collapsible stock) and will fit just about any shotgun barrel. Only "negative" is you have to break down the shotgun and possibly your rifle, but for me, the benefits far outweigh the minor annoyance of 2 minutes of disassembly. NB: Even if your AR "fits" the case will probably pack better if you have it broken down.
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