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  1. Actual LE duty? The conventional wisdom generally steers people towards flash hiders due to the excessive concussion from those brakes, especially the Lantac. It's brutal to RO for someone with a Dragon even when I've got double ear pro. Imagine lighting that thing off inside a structure/vehicle without ear pro. Say goodbye to your hearing forever. Are you wearing ear pro 100% of the time when you deploy your rifle? If not, you should probably consider the Surefire SF3P flash hider which can also mount the Warden Blast Shield.
  2. ClangClang

    S2 with SRO

    Is photobucket doing some weird fuzzy thing on your photos or are they all actually out of focus?
  3. Prepping the trigger is to press the trigger back part of the way (until you feel the wall, just prior to breaking the shot) before you actually complete the full trigger press to fire the gun.
  4. ClangClang

    Short funny jokes

    Hey bro, can you pass me that pamphlet? Brochure
  5. Welcome, Eltee! That's a pretty neat G36. Don't see too many of those around!
  6. Harris is the top budget choice for under $100 Atlas BT10 is around $250 and is a definite step up. Beyond that, the premium bipods like the Ckye and Thunderbeast bipods are $400-$500 and incredible.
  7. No one is doing it because it would put you at a disadvantage. The higher power your scope is dialed to, the slower your transition is to the next target. This is the same reason that 90% of the rifles at a PRS match are 5-25x (or thereabouts) but virtually everyone reports staying between 12-16x for most of the match. Zooming in too far just slows you down.
  8. Bumping this up. Anything new in the past year?
  9. I'm not a machinist, but I own about 5 (properly) milled slides, and all I can say is that slide looks completely FUBAR'ed.
  10. Another anecdote - I have two DPP. One on a SP-01 Shadow (~8k rounds) and one on a SP-01 Phantom (2k rounds). Never had any issues or any problems of any sort with either one of them. Of course, I'm almost certainly jinxing myself with A8 championships coming up in a month.
  11. Good advice in general, but TSA explicitly says that holsters are allowed in your carry-on bag. Yes, the agent has the authority to say no, however I frequently don't have enough space/weight to get my gun belt into my Pelican case and always carry my entire belt right onto the plane in my hands. I've never gotten so much as a sideways glance, much less an "enhanced pat down" in well over a dozen flights with my gun belt in my hands. I do have a printout of this page with me whenever I fly with my belt, but I've never needed it.
  12. @TonytheTiger Fantastic insights! Thanks! I knew there was someone out there who had put a lot more thought into mags than I already have. This is evil genius.
  13. SOLGW will build virtually anything you want. Call them and explain what's going on. High end, excellent attention to detail, lifetime warranty.
  14. I've been mulling over equipment choices for magazines. Is there any advantage to using a 30 round PMAG with an extended baseplate vs. just grabbing a 40 round PMAG? From my own testing, both are equally reliable. I can think of 2 main advantages of using a 30 rounder with a +6 baseplate: Slightly heavier weight for (theoretically) marginally faster mag drops Still manageable when dropping to prone. 40 rounder could be too long. I can think of only 1 big advantage for going with 40 round pmags: Significantly cheaper Higher capacity, if you really want 40+ rounds on tap Anything else I'm missing? I'm not necessarily asking which is better, I just want to make sure I understand all the implications so I can make the most informed decision depending on the match/stage/CoF.
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