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  1. A little late to the party here, but for future reference... rather than pick a zero out of a hat, so to speak, you can use JBM or Strelok Pro to calculate your Max Point Blank Zero and Max Point Blank Range. Basic idea is you put in your load data and the maximum acceptable radius (or diameter, I don’t remember for JBM) for your application. Like, if you’re shooting steel plates that are 8x8, Max radius is that of the inscribed circle... so 4 inches, maybe 3.5 to be safe, and the calculator will give you both the maximum range that you can get away without holding over/under shoot
  2. Hello! I recently returned to Florida after spending a couple of years in the northeast... visited my parents and went shooting outdoors for the first time. (Prior to moving up north I went to the indoor range every couple of weeks; I bought an XD 40 just before I moved, but left it here because I was moving relatively frequently and didn’t want to deal with the variations in laws across four or five states.) The outdoor range just kind of clicked for me, especially the steel targets, and I figured I’d get a rifle, pistol, shotgun, and get into 3 gun (once the plague se
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