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  1. @philmadxx Thanks! I did swap out the stock grips for the thin Loks bogies as they fit my hand better and are really grippy. Fun gun to shoot - tough gun to own when I’m rationing ammo lol!
  2. @Hdiamond Thanks for the rundown! And also thanks @stock and @Apexer - very helpful!
  3. @Apexer and @stock (and anybody else who shoots CO with a Q5 SF): which dot did you pick and do you like it? Thanks!
  4. I was thinking about making some of these - side uprights are 4’ each
  5. @RickT I just bought the Shooter’s Connection ultimate competition belt and it is pretty much impossible to get my Bladetech Tek Loks to close on the belt - and the one that I was able to force the latch closed it felt like it is going to break off in my hand. I’ve seen a few posts where others actually have broken their tek loks trying to mount them to this belt, and also a few posts where people say the tek loks fit, no problem. So, you may want to reach out to customer service to confirm that your equipment will fit before ordering...
  6. @MemphisMechanic You had posted the link on another thread here on the BE forum - such a simple fix to an annoying problem!
  7. Just bought this gun as a training tool to conserve my 9mm ammo and I LOVE it! Shoots straight and was flawless in the first 100 rounds through it - a mix of CCI mini-mag and Aguila match. Trigger on mine is actually pretty decent out of the box. A little longer travel to the pressure wall than I’d like, but overall smooth with a clean break. One note: I never shoot a gun fresh “out of the box’ so I always field strip to give a new gun a once over before my first range trip. Did the same here and the recoil spring/guide rod/spacer were literally PACKED with grease. Globs fell out when I field stripped the gun. Curious to know if anybody else comes across this issue with their PPQ M2 22s? And a side note....Bonus, baby PPQ fits my Q5SF holster!
  8. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but figured that was preferable to starting a new/redundant topic? At any rate, I previously had shooter’s elbow so bad that I couldn’t straighten my left arm completely (in any context) and my left arm was fairly useless after a weekend of shooting - not even a lot of rounds, under 500. After completing these exercises almost every day for a couple months, in addition to the hand and wrist stretches prescribed for carpal tunnel issues, (knocking on wood here) I’m completely pain free. Left elbow is great. Carpal tunnel issues on right side 90% better. Shot a thousand rounds of some pretty hot 9mm over a 3 day class a month ago. Shot a thousand rounds, same hot ammo, over another 3 day class last week. Shot a steel challenge match yesterday. ZERO pain. Seriously, folks. If you’re having tendinitis and/or carpal tunnel issues, try these exercises. And I second @MemphisMechanic assessment to lift as heavy as you can while maintaining good form. Avoiding injections, surgery, and even doctor/PT visits....seriously...No exaggeration to say it is life changing.
  9. Longmire is awesome; House of Cards; Sons of Anarchy (although the last few seasons got REALLY dark); Ozark...waiting very impatiently for the last season to come out!
  10. So.....To follow up, I bought the Q5 Pro SF. 100 rounds through it to get the rear sight adjusted and I’m totally in love. It is one sexy hunk of metal and shoots like a dream. The grip is a little bit thick for me so I ordered the thin Lok Grips. Now I need to stock up on mags. And thank god I bought ammo before it all disappeared - would be SO SAD if I couldn’t actually shoot it!
  11. @MemphisMechanic I realize this thread is somewhat old, but wanted to thank you for posting the Chad Reilly PT video. I’ve been battling tendinitis in my left arm to the point where it is basically non-functional the day after I shoot. And compensating for the left was starting to create problems in the right. Been doing the exercises for a week now and already have SIGNIFICANT improvement. So, thanks for posting it!!!
  12. You have just ruined all my hopes and dreams.
  13. I shot both the gen 3 and the gen 5 before buying the gen 5. Both guns shoot well and to some extent (as always lol!) it will be personal preference. For me, the gen 5 shot flatter and just felt better balanced, which might be partly due to the grip. The gen 3 grip was ok, but the finger grooves just don’t align with my actual fingers, so it interfered with how I gripped the pistol. The gen 5 thankfully doesn’t have the finger grooves. As others have said, the trigger starts better on the gen 5, and I didn’t plan to replace the trigger anytime soon. Also, I figured I might throw a red dot on at some point so the MOS is a nice feature. I also used my Glock certificate and the cost to upgrade, for me, was worth it. Added Talon grips and swapped out for Dawson sights. Good to go. Good luck with your decision. Really, you can’t go “wrong”, per se, with either one!
  14. @ohsevenflhx How does the grip texture compare with the other types of Lok grips? More or less aggressive/“grippy” than the Bogie’s?
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