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  1. I shot this drill with my new limited gun and sti edge. I have been shooting a g34 for a couple years. I have run the drill with my 34 but never counted it for a score. I shot a 20/36 on Sunday with the edge. Anyone have an idea of an except-able score on this drill? Thanks Matt
  2. I have been doing alot of dryfire with sti magazines. I load them with dummy rounds and do reloads on carpet with a yoga mat. Do you think the impact of hitting the ground could/would damage the magazines?
  3. Hello I have changed a good amount of Glock sights with no problem. I have a vice and punch for the rear sight and it was easy. However I struggled with the front sight of the Remington R1 1911. I know that front sight dove tail is a proprietary cut, but i bought a Dawson fiber optic that matched that cut. I sold that gun and have another 1911 I am going to want to install Dawsons on. Wanting to get a sight pusher tool as I am starting to prefer 1911 over Glock and the sights seem a little harder to install. Looking for a rec
  4. Hello I have an STI Edge. Starting to really like it and interested in limited over my previous experience in production. I do not find the recoil a determine shooting 40 major reloads in the Edge. I am interested in hearing the pros and cons of installing a metal grip onto this gun. The E2 seems to be a popular pick. If anyone has some experience with these they could share that would be interesting for me. Thanks
  5. Hello Are there any suggestions to making the Glock 35 more of a limited gun? I have done a trigger job and sights but other than that what could I do to improve performance? Most people shoot 2011's in limted but I feel I may prefer the Glock to a 2011
  6. Red Hill tactical makes one. Also some people use the Ghost one holster but I have heard some filing is required. But if you add an extended mag release most holster require some filing
  7. I have a two car garage I usually dry fire in. With the novel corona virus my live fire has been limited. Is there any added value to outdoor dry fire that you feel you get over indoor? I am looking for ways to improve with training with less than ideal live fire conditions. Thanks!
  8. I would suggest any book by Ben Stoeger, they are cheap and will make you better. I feel the blake drill and accelerator drill are very good. If you practice these you can not help but improve.
  9. same here...sometimes I carry the Glock 30s if I'm feeling patriotic. My first competition gun was a G34. But after awhile I messed up and tried a 2011 and haven't looked back since...
  10. This is a stupid question but i can not find the classifieds. Can you point me in the right direction?
  11. I can take some. I have been doing lots of dry fire and am getting more comfortable with the 2011 platform. Before this my experience had been with the Glock. There are a few difference that felt weird at first but am getting used to it now.
  12. Hello A few weeks ago I decided to switch from a Glock 34 to a STI EDGE. I am struggling with getting my grip on the new platform specifically my weak hand. With the Glock I was in the habit of getting my weak hand palm as high as possible on the frame to help control the gun. When I do think with the STI my palm under my weak hand thumb rubs on the thumb safety. After some dry fire I am developing a callus on the spot of my weak hand. When I lower my weak hand slightly to sit just underneath the thumb safety it feels like I do not have good c
  13. I would mill my slide only if i was 100% sure i wanted to switch to carry optics. I would probally have to switch my carry gun to a dot aslo.
  14. I am having a hard time finding fired 40 brass at my range. There is some but 9mm is very plentiful. Any suggestions about how to acquire once fired 40 SW brass?
  15. the main difference in the gen 3 and gen 4 is the recoil system and the back straps. most shooters buy the adapter to use the single recoil spring in there gen 4s. i think it is easier to get a good trigger in a gen 3. the gen 5's have the best trigger. i have a gen 3 34 and 35 if that tells you anything
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