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  1. Bill, Your the Man. 10.5.2 is it. Not that I want to go challenge the local club or go against their practices, but now I can take about it with out speculating. Thanx!
  2. Im not trying to be combative at all BTW. Im sure you have much more knowledge about this than I do. That why I'm asking for the book, to get educated.
  3. That at all is not at all how the clubs around here run their matches. Its called a dry table for a reason. No ammo at the table period. On you, on your belt, loose or in your hand. Dont know what the "book" says, but at least here they run it that way. It makes sense California would be different. Do you know the sub chapter where it identifies you can have ammo at the table?
  4. I use 5 gallon buckets also. Lowes for my blue atlas Major brass. and Homedopot orange for my CO and minor loads.
  5. Watch this video!!!! It explains and charts the difference from all the different primers. Best testing around!!!
  6. Are there ever any group buys with them?
  7. I shoot a lot of PRS locally and make the two day "national" shots. I think you get this toxic crap in every sport and every practice. Its not just PRS. I have shot a couple USPS where the squad leader had complete double standard and even made excuses why he could be at the "safe" table with a belt full of ammo and mess with his gun. The winner of that shoot was for ZERO dollars and people just as sweaty for the notoriety!! Just saying that crap is everywhere. some places more than other but you can't blame the establishment, unless its SNIPERSHIDE!!!
  8. I have a 6.5 PRC barrel and have ran a good amount of rounds through it. At first I wasn't sure I like it until I found the bullet it wanted to shoot. I have beaten it up in Alaska, rain, caribou hunt and sheep and it has held 1/4 minute of angle with any hundred rounds. I honestly don't think there's a difference between carbon or steel once you find the load it wants.
  9. Oh also. do your self a favor and get you one of these electronic air dusters. Will save you money in the long run!!! https://aax-us-east.amazon-adsystem.com/x/c/QvGQPMNTKvPmLmhe0890H1MAAAF3ltUUpgEAAAH2AbbOvzs/https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07W4QJ78C?pd_rd_i=B07W4QJ78C&pd_rd_w=rZsAj&pf_rd_p=2e62cf0a-1323-46ac-bbb9-19dc851997c6&pd_rd_wg=v10Jt&pf_rd_r=XDV8KNEFF0ADDDANZ13Q&pd_rd_r=38b6d910-a8fd-4c63-bb9f-bb9f8bd412b7
  10. For sure man. Its a bad machine and once you take the time to set up it runs like a champ. I say also get familiar with it. Don't be afraid to take the shell plate off as you will need to clean it once you have a major powder spillage. The machine is so well engineered and over built that a couple of grain of powder can stop the priming or indexing. They have some very good videos they can send you a drop box link to that goes over every breakdown and cleaning of all parts. Mark 7 has a really good Customer Support, ask to speak to Misty Kapke!!!
  11. +1 for the FX120i. I know it’s way over kill for what he wants or needs. But I never planned on using anything other than a charge master. Thought it was sufficient enough and now use it for my ELR rifle and soon to be FClass rig. Buy once cry once. Besides it will always have value. Promise if he posts it here or accurateshooter it sill be sold with in couple days.
  12. I actually have experience with that machine, the TNT die as well as the Lee under sized die. PICTURE ATTACHED. I highly recommend you use One shot. I have tried the Dillon, super gunky and sticky, I don't want to do chemistry and cut lubes and have to pour into sprayer so or bottles. Spray one shot into a big ziplock bag with the case on there. shake them up and throw into a container to let dry. wait 15 minutes before loading. it will make your machine run smoother and keep it from "jerking" I will also agree with NXFED that the lees run just as good on that high end of a
  13. Wont see a difference unless you are shooting off a rest, at long distances, and group by primers. Most shooters will have more human error running and shooting that what you can tell in two different brand primer
  14. I dang sure did. Rowdy is beyond knowledgable and can actually translate it to a teaching. Highly recommend. Lets get together soon man. Ill hit you up after this cold front crap!
  15. Btw. WAC was dirty, and felt snappier at 1120 fps ( 5.9 gran) @129pf than the Titegroup (3.9grn) at 1060 and 122pf. Titegroup would come back down to zero, while WAC pulled the dot off the top. both did not run 100%. The slide is not opening up all the way making the round get stuck and not going back into battery. I need to either drop a spring size to a 6# or add .2 grains of powder. As of now I’m going to run Titegroup as well as try to MG bullets, see if that changes anything.
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