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  1. It lit off two full matches worth of CCI **magnum** primers with a 15.5lb PD hammer spring and no light strikes in DA, so far. The hammer comes back perhaps 1/8" farther than it used to, in DA. My bolo was rubbing on the frame quite severely.
  2. I hope it does. That would be awesome if the predominant gun in the sport were suddenly illegal. Maybe their shooters would ditch the vests and come have some fun on the dark side. I shot IDPA exclusively for 7 years. I don't have any desire to go back. Although I'm sure Robert Ray will publish a "nah that one's good" if pressed. His writings are about that formal.
  3. Going until you scrap one, then leaving a few thousandths more is the only way to know for sure that you're gone as far as possible. I achieved the reliability I wanted with .006" shaved off the nose, so that's where I stopped. (I took off .003" and shot a full match with it without a single hiccup, then removed another 3 thousandths because I felt adventurous. Returned to the range, it worked, so I've left it alone.)
  4. Sounds right. And yes with a Titan hammer and 1pc sear the bolo is a drop-in part in most cases. If fitting is needed, it's very minor.
  5. I love the radians do it yourself custom molded plugs. Under $15 on Amazon and they don't need f*#ked with, they just stay.
  6. Fundamentals is a great place for M's to realize what they need to work on if they want to be a competitive M, or make GM. We want to rush into running and gunning, but his fundamentals class will reveal weaknesses in a veteran shooter's game they didn't know they had. As a beginner you should take Fundamentals. As a veteran B through M, you should take Fundamentals. And add skills & drills if you the extra have time and money.
  7. You are wearing both plugs and muffs, right?
  8. Sounds like you might have just fixed your issue if you were only at 1/100 failing in DA strikes, to me. But yes the EGD Medium is the big bertha of the Tanfo world.
  9. @PrimaryBruce is worth a look!
  10. I keep my guns clicked in tight enough I can run without it shifting even slightly, much less think about falling out. They retain with a positive click. The draw isn't any slower on a timer either way. I tested it. The RHT body give you a cleaner release and draw with this tension than my blade ltech did when set really really loose. The bladetech bound up like a mother.
  11. IDPA isn't USPSA. As @waktasz said early on, factory features and aftermarket changes are treated identically there. If the feature isn't listed as okay, then any gun bearing it isn't legal. Persoanlly I'd find set screws threaded to fit those holes and locktite them down in there flush. Make it truly ridiculous for anyone to say anything about frame lightening. It'd look pretty cool too.
  12. TheRingOfImpossiblity. Until I get a 1050. Then it's on like Donkey Kong. In the meantime, my personal gun took four months to get there but it's able to run 100% on CCI Magnum primers loaded in a Dillon 650 with a 15.5 PD spring and everything polished/fitted perfectly. An honest 6.0/2.9 lb trigger and the ability to eat factory ammo all day long is all I was ever after. If trigger feel is less important to you than a gun that lights CCIs, installing an EGD Medium spring will cause your gun to hit so much harder than you can hear it in hammer-strike when dryfired. The trigger will stack at the back of the pull and be 3/4 pound heavier than a PD 15.5 but still quite shootable. That spring makes it pretty easy to set up a gun to run Tula and CCI primers 100%.
  13. What @OPENB said. That one. Pushes right into and out of a Tanfo frame with a punch and a tap or two from your palm - no more hammering. It will induce a little bit of side to side play in the trigger and a pinch of front to rear wiggle. Nothing you'll ever notice while shooting, but it drives some perfectionists nuts playing with a dry gun at home.
  14. It's time to play every highschool kid's favorite game. "Just the tip"
  15. Definitely return to the rate factory spring. I'm currently running one with 2 coils cut off, without issue. If you have any sort of issues in DA with these guns, make sure you return to full-length factory plunger spring before grinding on any internal parts. Or better yet, keep one in there to begin with.