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  1. Interesting front sight. Is that some method of making the dot from the fiber even smaller?
  2. It depends. While grand bagging is almost universally frowned upon, I'm an avid practitioner of it. I found it to be the one thing that makes me agressively improve, because I hate finishing in the bottom half of my class. If I manage to eek my way out of A into M? You'll see a sudden flurry of practice at my house.
  3. Hey. I don't mind if he practices with bullets. He can even add primers and powder just to keep things interesting. It's not my living room that he'll be dry live firing in.
  4. It really is amazing how much it helps to avoid feeling hungry during a match. Small meals and snacks help me a lot. Staying hydrated is the only thing that helps more, and is more under valued.
  5. You guys are spending many hours a week searching for information on this one specific model. They sell hundreds of different models of guns in dozens of brands for 40 hours a week... and then they go home and spend zero hours that night glued to this forum, or all the SIG-centric Facebook profiles. It's pretty typical for a dealer or distributor to learn they can get something when a knowledgeable customer comes in and tells them who and how to ask.
  6. (It should look like the left side of John's picture, not the right side.)
  7. Just remember to focus on being safe in your first match pretty much exclusively. If you forget a target, fine. You'll fit in with everyone else in match #1! Just have fun and learn how things work as safely as possible.
  8. Also, one of the trickier things is when half the targets can be viewed from two or three places - but not the same two or three - and the other half are visible at one position only. This invites you mix things up: To shoot target A twice, and leave target B totally unengaged. Step 1 is knowing how many paper targets are in the stage. Circling around behind the stage is often helpful here. Step 2 is ... knowing what to shoot from where. Make sure you have "airgunned" the correct number of shots, and look for ways to identify each target so that you know you have accounted for every target. Color of it's target stand, a particular plaster placement on it, or the way one of the sticks is warped... those things help. Only after that's complete do you even begin to think about reloads. And this is coming from a Production shooter. Once you know where ad I need what order, it becomes obvious where you need to change mags. Nothing makes me shake my head more than watching a guy on his first walkthrough trying to decide to load before or after target #4 when he hasn't even seen the middle portion of the stage yet.
  9. That is very much allowed, yes. Personally I do that mentally. Sketch it in my mind as if viewed from directly overhead.
  10. The BOSS hanger is to be a dozen times preferred over the floppy plastic Blade-Tech DOH. I was saying that 1) the BOSS is an incredible improvement over the BT hanger. 2) The RHT double thick holster body is stiffer than a normal body. Not a total overhaul in rock-solid feellike a BOSS hanger is... but still a definite improvement.
  11. You realize you just told all of us what you should be spending 15-20 minutes a day practicing in dryfire, right?
  12. My recommendations: Spent primer chute. Tape empty 12ga hulls under the debris outlet holes on casefeeder. Shellplate bearing and low mass detent ball. Done. (Also keep a small box of resized and deprimed brass handy next to the press. Anytime something fails to run through station 1, you can insert one in station 2 after it indexes and press that waiting primer into it. Keeps you from needing any kind of chute to catch live primers.)
  13. It's just another stage. Shoot it like any other stage: don't fall into the "all A's or it's death!" trap, either. The last M classifier I shot was 8A, 1B, 3C. Fast. Push for the best combination of points and time just like any other stage. And practice draws and reload and one handed shooting in dryfire each night until Saturday, or whenever your match is.
  14. Pick the simplest possible stage plan. No no, I mean the simplest. Even if you have to leave a port, shoot something, then run right back to that port or past it... do it. Pick the insanely slow path through the stage that makes execution half as challenging. Do that. Then go back to being smart about things in the next bay.
  15. Walter pays the best. But you have to not suck in order to actually get a few hundred $$$ for winnning a major with one.