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Interesting Blurb about Max Michel


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I can see him shooting a Sig GSR 1911; or some combination of it. Can a sponsored shooter shoot a gun with a different brand upper and lower combination?

Things may be changing some now, but It looks like Jerry Miculek's Open equipment in 3 Gun is anything but S&W... STI Open Pistol, DPMS Rifle, Remmy 1100. But , I could be wrong.

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I've known Max since he was 10 years old. He shot with us at a club in Amite, LA. He was always a very polite young man, and I'm glad to see him do so well. He's still the same nice guy after all these years.

I remember a match in 1994 we had there. It was a Limited gun only format the club was trying out (Limited was new at the time). We had about 50 shooters and Little Max came in 5th overall shooting an EAA 9mm. That meant 45 grown men had to go home and tell their wives/girlfriends they just got beat by a 12 year old shooting minor. :roflol:

He'll do very well for Sig, or anybody else he represents.

Keep going Max! :cheers:

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It would be good to see Max shooting Production - a nice addition to the Area 2 family of regular top notch shooters who make the November trip.

And if this rumored SIG thread has any truth to it, it could provide credibility for SIG in this game and feedback to SIG about what is viable.

A win-win situation for everybody.

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Max is a hell of a nice guy and a great shooter, great to see him doing some different things in the shooting world.

When he taught a class I attended a little over a year ago it sounded like he was considering leaving the army.

From what he said AMU shooters aren't allowed to be sponsored by any outside companies. While shooting open in the AMU he shot an STI but wasn't technically sponsored by them.

There is at least one other very good production shooter that shoots a Sig, Roger Sherman.

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Without going back through my emails I'm thinking it was a robotics company that develops stuff for the military, I don't remember the name though. He likes getting equipment to the guys in combat that will help them the most. Yeah, it was VERY recent.

I do know Ernest Langdon works for S&W now though.

Not any more.....

Did he quit over the holidays?

His VM still says says S&W, not the generic office voice mail either, I have his cell phone number ;)

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