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  1. Montana Bullet Works has a coated 135 grain. https://www.montanabulletworks.com/product/9mm-noe-135gr-rfn/ Does anyone have any personal experience?
  2. My Tisas / MAC has a tight hammer pin as another user noted above. The sear pin is snug but not unreasonably tight. The safety is also very tight. I was thinking I might have to cover the left side lever in electrical tape and pull it out with pliers. Interestingly enough the LFA Apollo I picked up recently also has a very tight hammer pin. The sear pin in this pistol will almost fall out under its own weight.
  3. I got to mess with a Night Stalker the other day. The general fit and finish was pretty solid. Controls worked nicely. The trigger was crisp but rather heavy. I'd guess above five pounds. The owner said he hadn't shot more than 150 or 200 rounds through it but it had been working just fine for him.
  4. Budget 2011 roundup vid https://youtu.be/7LW0Goh83-Q?si=Nx21Gr_woiyDE_e1
  5. That's probably the thing I like the least about the LFA. The grip is 3D printed and has sort of a cheap feel. The texture itself isn't bad but the overall quality feels sort of janky.
  6. The new 4.15" model. Fit and finish is decent. The trigger is just under 4 pounds but is kind of spongy and indistinct.
  7. He's probably not seen the Girsan.
  8. Hilton Yam has his hands on the new SIG. He hasn't had time to really get into the gun yet. His initial comment is that the trigger on his sample is "the worst trigger that I've felt on a 1911 in a very long time."
  9. Aaron Cowan has his 2,000 round review of the MAC available for Patreon subscribers. He likes the gun. It shot well for him and he had no issues with the mount holding zero through his drop tests. The only thing he really complained about is the heavy factory recoil spring. Also the trigger on his gun is five or so pounds. Both issues are pretty easily corrected but he's going to leave the gun stock. At least for the time being. He's also maybe going to send it to Joe Chambers so a gunsmith can get a good look at what's inside.
  10. I was playing around a little with options on the Caspian website. A checkered Recon Rail frame and a slide cut for the RMR Trijicon adapter plate with front and rear cocking serrations is pretty close in price to this complete pistol from SIG.
  11. Sub compact tiny 45 Autos fall into this category. "Yeah that would be cool! I'd love to see an ultra tiny 45 Auto!" This is followed by, "Hey this thing kicks like a mule!" With all that said, adding an optic cut and/or rail to the legacy 1911 is a pretty conservative step. This was radical or blasphemous ten or fifteen years ago but I think the market is ready now.
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